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Christianity Johnson on 22 Dec 2008 12:07 am

Favorite theist arguments

In the Forums there is a thread that discusses favorite theist arguments for the existence of God. Here is a condensation of the arguments:

1) Without God, life is meaningless and atheists should be “suicidal”
2) Without God, there are no moral standards
3) The Ontological argument (i.e. if we can conceive of God, then God must exist)
4) Pascal’s Wager (i.e. – there is nothing to lose by believing in God, but atheists go to hell if they are wrong)
5) Saying that God is performing miracles, even though there is no evidence
6) The argument from design (i.e. – nature is complicated, therefore it must have a designer)
7) God exist because the bible says so. The bible is accurate because it is God’s message to us.
8) If you do not believe in Jesus you will burn in hell forever
9) God loves you but if you don’t love him your going to hell.
10) The bible is a book of morals.
11) That bible verse directly contradicting what I said doesn’t count because I like this one better.
12) You must be born again to understand the Bible
13) Any Christian who does something bad or doesn’t agree with my specific interpretation of scripture isn’t a True Christian
14) It’s okay that you’re an atheist. God still loves you.
15) I know God exists because I can “feel” his presence.
16) When a kid plays with an imaginary friend, he needs counselling. When people from other religions talk to their own God, they are heretic. But when I talk to God, I am being religious.
17) Original sin (i.e. – a “just and fair” God punishes everyone for something that they didn’t do)
18) That an omnipotent being would create worshipers, hide, then expect faith
19) Science is constantly being revised, ergo it must be wrong
20) All science has is THEORY, when you have some LAWS come talk to me
21) If there wasn’t a flood, how do you explain the seashells on top of Mount Everest?
22) God works in mysterious ways.
23) God causes all blessings (but none of the problems)
24) You can’t see the wind, but it exists. God is just like that.

On evolution:
1) Evolution violates the 2nd law of Thermodynamics.
2) Carbon 14 dating is worthless.
3) Evolution can’t make something as complicated as life, because it’s random.
4) Evolution is a crock because you don’t know what started life.
5) Evolution is a crock because you don’t know if the Big Bang is true.
6) There is no way a Fish can evolve into a Man!
7) If evolution is real, why are there no transitional fossils?
8) Natural process can’t result in an increase in information
9) Anthropic Principle (i.e. universal concepts are set so that life/humans can exist)

This video is called “Top 25 Creationist Fallacies”:

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