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Christianity Johnson on 09 Dec 2008 12:46 am

Dueling God Ads

Christians have developed an ad designed to counteract the AHA ads running in the DC Metro system:

Pro-God Christmas ads take on atheist bus campaign

Two Christian-based groups have purchased advertisements with Washington D.C. Metro buses to counter the atheist “Why Believe in a God?” bus campaign with their own pro-God Christmas ads.

The Center for Family Development, a Catholic-based non-profit in Bethesda, Md., plans to raise $14,000 to run a campaign called “I Believe Too,” which consists for 10 buses with side posters, 10 buses with tail posters and 200 interior bus posters.

The pro-God ads will read: “Why Believe? Because I created you and I love you, for goodness’ sake – GOD.”

The pro-God ads are interesting in three different ways:

1) There is no evidence that “God” created anything. There are mountains of scientific evidence that humans evolved like all other lifeforms on the planet.

2) There is tremendous, easily seen evidence that “God” does not love people, unless you redefine what the word “love” means. For example, there are tens of thousands of children who will die of starvation today. A “loving God” would feed them. There are thousands of people who will die of various forms of cancer today. A “loving God” would heal them. And so on.

3) If “God” really existed, he would not need an ad campaign to speak for him. He would speak for himself.

Christians will see the pro-God ads and agree with them. The pro-God ads will comfort Christians. The question is: Why? Why do Christians ignore the evidence showing that the pro-God ads are obviously wrong?

One Response to “Dueling God Ads”

  1. on 09 Dec 2008 at 6:18 pm 1.the loved one said …

    >”If “God” really existed, he would not need an ad campaign to speak for him. He would speak for himself.”

    This is the most important point to point out on this silly campaign. Christians are incessantly boasting their own humility, yet again and again we get this kind of ‘know’*-it-all behavior.
    the answer I so often get to the biggest questions about the gaping holes in reason and the many contradictions in the bible is “we mere humans cannot understand God’s ways.”
    And then in a heartbeat, they’ll tell you *exactly* what God thinks of you and even put up billboards that put words in God’s mouth. It is the absolute antithesis of humility, and it makes Christians look pretty hypocritical.

    *and by ‘know’, it can only be of the 7 year old’s “I know because I KNOW…” variety. this being because ‘knowledge’ that cannot be verified is baseless.

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