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Christianity Johnson on 04 Dec 2008 12:51 am

Episcopalians prove that God is imaginary

This week we have witnessed the attempted creation of ANOTHER new branch of Christianity. The Episcopalians are splitting into a light and a heavy variety:

Conservative Episcopalians Vote to Create Alternative Branch

Conservatives from the Episcopal Church voted yesterday to form their own branch of Anglicanism in the United States and said they would seek new recognition in the worldwide church because of their growing disenchantment over the ordination of an openly gay bishop and other liberal developments.

The problem?

The conservatives remain upset about the 2003 ordination of Gene Robinson of New Hampshire, the role of female clergy, the church’s definition of salvation and changes to the main book of prayer.

Why does this prove that God is imaginary? Because if God were real, we could simply ask him and he would tell us what is right and what is wrong. Should people with alternative sexual lifestyles be allowed in the church, or should they be expelled like lepers because they are going to burn in hell for eternity anyway? If God were real, we would all know. Should women be allowed to act as clergy or not? If God were real, we would ask him and he would tell us. What is the definition of salvation… WHAT IS THE DEFINITION OF SALVATION???? You don’t even know what the definition of salvation is? That is proof positive that God is imaginary.

To have a “god” that does not answer simple questions like these is an affront to a central tenet of Christianity. In Christianity, God is supposed to act as an absolute moral authority. As this article points out: “God is not arbitrary; He is the source of all life and therefore the source of all truth.” Truth is not arbitrary, or ambiguous, according to Christianity. Yet what we see in the Episcopal church is complete ambiguity on everything. It is impossible to answer even the simplest questions. That ambiguity is occurring because God is imaginary.

The fact is that God, Jesus, Heaven, Hell and all the rest of it are imaginary. The reason why there are a thousand religions and denominations is because God is imaginary. Anyone should be able to see this. If God were real, there would be obvious answers to every question because God would tell us the answers. Thus there would be one denomination and everyone would follow it.

If you would like to learn more about the salvation question – The description of this video says, “Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori clarifies her views on salvation. A partial quote in The New York Times on the subject has upset conservatives.”

Yes, God is imaginary, because the Bishop can make up anything she likes about God, and so can everyone else.

Would you like to learn more? Try this free online book:


God is imaginary

18 Responses to “Episcopalians prove that God is imaginary”

  1. on 04 Dec 2008 at 3:54 pm 1.Anonymous said …

    You believe you have a releation and are leading people astray. You are decieved. I ask that you seek God and pray for Him to give you wisdom. If the whole world is saved their would be no reason for Jesus to come as God in Flesh to reconcile man to himself. In his word it would not specify- I AM (Jesus) the truth the way the life and NOONE COMES TO THE FATHER BUT BY ME.
    You do not understand because you do not have the spirit of God to be able to understand.

    The bible tell us that His ways are not our ways.
    The bible tells us that the man without the spirit does not UNDERSTAND the things of the spirit it is foolishness to him because they are spiritually discerned.

  2. on 04 Dec 2008 at 11:30 pm 2.Hermes said …

    Anonymous, I found a FAQ on your god God. It explains all you need to know. Enjoy;


  3. on 04 Dec 2008 at 11:47 pm 3.the loved one said …

    anony moose,

    I was brought up in the delusion and have made it out alive. I can tell you from experience: GOD IS NOT THE ANSWER! no sir/ma’am. since I left christianity, I have a new appreciation for life and I have learned to think critically and question things that defy reason. I have never been happier in my life.
    Humans will buy into whatever myth they’re fed if they’re fed it early enough or vulnerable enough. It’s amazing to me that despite the staggering number and variety of religious mythologies extant, people will still insist that somehow the one that they happened to be born into or stumble upon later in life is THE one. the arrogance is incredible!

  4. on 05 Dec 2008 at 12:21 am 4.iesvs said …

    Anonymous, what grade are you in?

  5. on 07 Dec 2008 at 5:16 am 5.sistermercy said …

    The things you say are valid. I detect lots of anger,pain,resentment..so on and so forth. I’ll be perfectly frank and honest. Religion is a HUGE problem. God isn’t a religion. Jesus wasnt even a religious man. People think because they can quote the scripture and attend to a building every sunday and wednesday night..they are saved. In the kingdom of God,.. all the things that Jesus said would happen..will happen. The reality is that the kingdom of God isn’t everywhere upon this earth. Satan really is the major influence. Chill out for a second and hear my words. Satan isn’t like a typical hollywood persona. He is a spirit just like God. The spiritual realm defies all the laws of scientific nature. (thats a whole other debate.) back to my point.. The Kingdom of God is within those who believe on Christ right? Well we are living amongst the kingdom of this earthly world. It’s influenced and pretty much ran by …that’s right..Satan. Satan who hates God, his kingdom..his rules. Unfortunately his pride decieves him and throwing out the simple commandmants of God’s kingdom..creates all the death and destruction you described so very well above. You live amongst the kingdom of darkness. And the things you requested..shall be recieved when the Lord returns with all his angels (Angels arent cute and fuzzy either..they are God’s military for defense and communication occasionally. Angels are completely misrepresented by religion and society.) Another news flash. Churches are corrupted. We are in the end times. It’s something that God’s real followers have to deal with. I quit going to church because the hypocrites are too much for me. The money..the hate ..the twisting of the words of God and his kingdom. Dead churches..that are a huge trend now..(As mentioned in revelation) Jesus tore down the ‘temple’ and rebuilt it. His temple is within us (if you invite him of course). You need to get your head out of religion and just focus on seeking the kingdom first…then other things will be added to you. (Even body parts.) Yeah. I’ll be bold enough to say it. It would take some solid faith and a major petition to the King for that. Real solid faith is far and few now! Don’t compare this healing stuff the fake evangelist programs. Don’t look for an answer with science. Don’t look for an answer with a church. You can’t prove miracles with science. If science is your preference..then go ahead and join the earthly king and his science. And you know what?..when the time comes for the mark of the beast..he’ll heal cancer..aids..and much sickness. Real faith and belief will be put to the test. You know what?..Many will fall out their faith when the going gets tough too. This is the truth. When Jesus comes back with all his angels to desolate this God forsaken place.. He’ll give everyone knew bodies and there will be no death. No sickness..destruction..hate or pain.
    A person isnt a member of a kingdom unless they submit themselves to a King and his will. Adam and Eve stepped out to his kingdom and died the spiritual death when God went back to heaven. Without God present…sickness and death were able to manifest. And here it is all around you. Jesus healed while he was here to demonstrate the glory and the power of God. He did this to show people what the kingdom of God will be like. You simply don’t believe in God and therefore you do not submit yourself to him. You won’t experience healing to you submit yourself humbly before him. And the beginning of your healing wont have anything to do with body limbs. You have brokeness that is much worse in other areas. Our earthly bodies aren’t the first priority to healing in the beginning ….with the exception of some fatal illnesses that kill the body before God can heal that persons soul. My words do not hold any malicious intent. You talked. I listened. I replied. And God does hear you.

  6. on 07 Dec 2008 at 12:53 pm 6.Hermes said …

    sistermercy, that is what is called a word wall.

    It hurts my eyes trying to figure out how you organized your thoughts if at all.

    One thing did leap out at me, though. You talked about your creation story^^ with characters that did wrong and lead to our current condition. Specifically, you said…

    “Without God present…sickness and death were able to manifest.”

    From that, I take it that you see your deity as a localized entity; one that is not omnipresent.

    Additionally, you don’t see your deity as all knowing either as it did not know that the scenario it set up would turn out as it did. Yet, maybe that’s not what you are saying. If you think your deity did know what would happen in your creation story then that makes it the planner of the results as well. Unless, it was unable to … and not all powerful. Maybe it had good intentions and just made that mistake among a tsunami of others.

    No matter what your answer, to me it looks just like a silly supernatural/superstitious belief that denigrates the good work people do each day. It cheapens life and our abilities to improve our place — our small place — in the astoundingly large universe.

    ^^. I also call the Greek creation story a story as well, though I find them as credible as your creation story.

  7. on 07 Dec 2008 at 5:59 pm 7.the loved one said …


    your creation story is not unique. it is one of millions and not very different. if you learned the history of these spirits and men you bandy about so readily, you’d begin to see that your very own dear beliefs are merely based in ancient astrology as most monotheisms tend to be.

    I can see your earnest approach, but you must realize that there are a few rational thinkers here, many who have escaped the delusion of the very beliefs you’ve attempted to describe. this means that there is no more reason to accept jesus as a valid god then zeus, allah, santa claus, buddha, and the millions of other gods that have come and gone (without the need to prove that they don’t exist – (ie. can you PROVE that zeus doesn’t exist? that he isn’t real? – I think you get the point..))

    so to communicate intelligently to those outside your bubble of belief, you need to make an attempt to use the tools of logical, rational thought. otherwise we will never see eye to eye.
    where would we be if we couldn’t use the powerful tool of reason? should I believe this bum at the corner bus stop who’s convinced that he’s God? he SAYS he is and he seems absolutely convinced. likewise, there are thousands of religions and non-religious belief systems (ie. conspiracy theories, false histories, UFO stories, etc.) and countless people who believe and swear by them. should we believe them all? could we? follow me? belief is not a reliable source of knowledge. it’s precisely why we’ve ended up with so many contrary systems of belief – none of which agree and all of which can NEVER be verified. belief based reality is frail and impotent in the face of evidence based reality.

    if you can come up with a shred of evidence that jesus:

    a) existed
    b) answers prayers (evidence, not hearsay please!)
    c) performed any supernatural feats (again, evidence – not a verse in the bible!)

    then I may take you more seriously than the muslim, jew, scientologist, UFOlogist, or even the dude who thinks he’s Elvis reincarnated, because you all have the exact same amount of evidence for your claims.

  8. on 07 Dec 2008 at 11:09 pm 8.sistermercy said …

    “It hurts my eyes trying to figure out how you organized your thoughts if at all.” -Hermes

    Hermes..This just reenforced the reason why you don’t understand our Father. You live by what your eyeballs see. When you look at a person..you see their body. When you look at nature..you see what the big bang eventually evolved into.
    I don’t expect you to understand my thoughts. I live by the spirit and not my flesh. When I look at someone..I see another soul beautifully created by my Father in heaven…when I look at nature , I see the artwork of God. God created us for fellowship. You don’t understand the kingdom concepts. God could have just destroyed Adam and Eve if he wanted. He never goes back when he says something. He isn’t a liar. But because he is God..he can fix any problems that arise. He told Adam and Eve ” If you eat from this tree..you will surely die.” That was a fact. God lets things roll out so people can have freedom of choice. If we didn’t have freedom choice..we’d be slaves and his credibility would be kinda crappy! He quit walking on the earth with man and returned to his heavenly realm. Man didn’t follow his commands anymore! He still loved us though. He then made a promise. I’ll be back. Man essentially commited treason with their king when they went against his will. Death was to take it’s toll without the presence of God on earth. God doesn’t want his children to die…so he rolled out the promise of a messiah to die as an offering for repentence of all the treason commited. All that accept this offering will be given back the kingdom of Heaven.
    Omnipresence..God sees and knows all. He’s the alpha and omega. He’s God. He knows exactly what he is doing. People that don’t know him or his kingdom can’t understand him or his righteousness. That’s why Jesus said..”First seek ye the kingdom of God and all of his righteousness and then these other things shall be added to you.”
    How can I prove he is there? Have you ever been in love? Prove it. Sometimes we can’t give physical proof of something that we just know. Once again the spiritual realm defies all the scientific nature of the physical realm. You’ll just be going round and round on that.
    I have these talks again and again with my atheist friends. Ha ha! I enjoy it.We meet at starbucks and have these talks for hours on end. I love my God and I have the knowledge that my Father in Heaven loves everyone. Even the ones that scoff at him and his kingdom. Jesus was crucified by the flippin church because he was bold enough to speak the truth to people. All of this is nothing new.

  9. on 08 Dec 2008 at 12:16 am 9.Hermes said …

    sistermercy, I was talking about your atrocious formatting … and you ignored the rest of my post.

    Might Christian of you!

    As of now, I am going to return the favor.

    If you have anything thoughtful to say, and want an actual discussion, join the forums. Otherwise, blow.

  10. on 08 Dec 2008 at 3:12 am 10.sistermercy said …

    Oh…He’s mad now and has invited me to join a forum. I prefer to work with people in person. My work is done here. Others will be along I’m sure. Have a nice day all!! :D

  11. on 08 Dec 2008 at 4:05 am 11.Hermes said …

    You’re funny.

  12. on 08 Dec 2008 at 8:11 am 12.the loved one said …

    sister, I had a feeling you wouldn’t pull through. food for thought, I hope. food for thought (that is, if you even bothered to read my comment).

  13. on 11 Dec 2008 at 1:17 am 13.ActualChristian said …

    I’m sorry, but i can’t help but think about how some people here don’t even understand Christianity! Now prepare to cry since I have an arguement to support God and I’m in Grade 7!
    1.Why would God, the most powerful being in the universe compared to us, answer one pitiful question, when people are starving in the world?
    2.I know Loved One here actually red the Bible, so I’m sure he/her, sorry I don’t know your gender, could tell you that the answers to homosexuality are in the BIBLE!
    3.What do you believe than? That monkeys ssslllooowwwlllyyy turned into humans?
    4.Did you know that the no.1 best selling book in the WORLD, is none other than the Bible? Our religion has lasted since the beginning of time, they just didn’t call it Christianity
    5.Salvation is sometimes hard to describe, it’s knowing that your saved, afterlife covered, that sort of thing.
    6.He (God) answers every single question about our religion in, once again, the Bible! But just like no one has ever red all the books in the world, not everyone has red he Bible.
    Well thats it for now, you have any counters, feel free, just please don’t insult me or my religion in anyway, please.
    P.S Allah is the Islam version of Christian God, and Santa isn’t a god at all, in caseyou didn’t know that.

  14. on 11 Dec 2008 at 2:43 am 14.the loved one said …


    I’m still waiting for your argument…

    (oh, was that it? oops…)

    you’ve successfully argued nothing.

    1) God does not exist.
    2) The Old Testament states that we should stone homosexuals to death. good book indeed!
    3) I realize you probably haven’t yet touched on the subject of biology in school at your young age, but if you pay attention in school, you will learn that there are mountains of EVIDENCE supporting the theory of evolution, whereas creationism is pure pseudoscience. There’s good reason that 99.8% of practicing scientists treat evolution as a Fact of life. There is a direct correlation between a person’s level of education and their acceptance of pseudoscience (fake science).
    4) Sorry, but zeus, bacchus, poseidon, shiva, buddha, and the millions of other gods were not part of the christian tradition. Yes, they did come from the same place (hint: the Human Imagination!). Yes, religion has always been with us, and it probably always will in some form, but you are lying to yourself if you think that christianity is eternal. The bible is not very original. popular, yes. But there was a time when Zeus reigned in terms of popularity. SO WHAT? He’s dead now – and nobody had to prove that he didn’t exist. They just invented a new god to replace him. As has alway been the case. If you look back far enough you’ll find that most major religions are based on ancient astrology. the word SUN has slowly shifted into Son and the important dates of the calendar are relatively universal.
    Popularity does not equal correctness. it was once popular belief that the earth was flat. didn’t mean it was right. get it?
    5) alien abductions, alchemy, magical spoon bending, walking on water, miracle healings, prayer, etc. are all hard to describe, too because they are fakes as well.
    6) I’ve read the bible several times. several different translations. I’ve read many other religious texts, as well (have you?) some of which were far more interesting and ethical than the bible. most buddhist writings are far more peaceful in their message and intent than the sprawling stories of religious battles and the vengeful God of the bible. I realize you’re young, but it’s never too early to expand your horizons. I recommend reading every religious text you can get your hands on. It will help you see that your myth is just one of many.
    PS my point is that there is exactly the same amount of evidence of santa’s existence as there is any God. sorry if that confused you, but it is an irrefutable fact, my friend. good day.

  15. on 11 Dec 2008 at 2:46 am 15.the loved one said …

    (just want to clarify “good book indeed!” was chock full of sarcasm lest you think I am a hater – which I’m not)

  16. on 11 Dec 2008 at 9:56 pm 16.ActualChristian said …

    You say there is a mount full of evidence proving that evolution is a ‘fact of life’? Well think of this, there is a bunch of holes in that mound too! Even the scientists themselves admit that! Our Bible, you say is more violent than other books of religion, you say that you red many versions of it, well apperently you didn’t get it, He destroyed because of wickedness that was so bad, its like a ‘every man for himself’ nation! Stoning happened at a different day and age, where they found that unless you did that, people would just follow their example, He doesn’t expect us now to stone and kill every homosexual out there. i may be young, but I have faith, something you do not have. Besides evolution happens when you lose something you need (example losing water and having more land) apes and monekys and the like, are almost like humans themselves, in Japan a monkey watched a man serve beer, wine and the like so much, he found out when people wanted these items, and how to serve them! So why would a group of these more than capable creatures, all evolve?

  17. on 12 Dec 2008 at 12:58 am 17.Hermes said …

    ActualChristian, why do most other Christians accept evolution as they accept gravity?

  18. on 12 Dec 2008 at 2:37 am 18.loved one said …


    >”Stoning happened at a different day and age, where they found that unless you did that, people would just follow their example, He doesn’t expect us now to stone and kill every homosexual out there.”

    oh, just *some* of them. right? is that it? get a grip, man! And if the bible is so outmoded, then why wouldn’t god update his books to make them a little less contradictory and confusing?

    >”i may be young, but I have faith, something you do not have. ”

    scary. if that’s supposed to be some kind of insult, nice try. it would be the equivalent of me saying to you “I may be old, but I *know* that I’m the reincarnation of Elvis, which is something you never will be.”
    but I have hope for you. I was once young and full of faith, too. don’t give up on intelligence.

    which brings me to my last point:
    >”Besides evolution happens when you lose something you need ”

    well, it becomes clearer and clearer that you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about when it comes to the subject. every time you’ve attempted to refute evolution it comes out as childish gibberish. don’t worry, they’ll teach you about it in school and if you listen, read, and research it will begin to make sense to you. It’s really not that complicated. good luck.

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