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Christianity &Islam &Judaism Thomas on 24 Jul 2012 12:10 am

The insanity of religion, Batman shooting version

This article is notable because so many Christians agree with it

A miracle inside the Aurora shooting: one victim’s story

For any intelligent person, the most amazing part of the article is this section:

It seems as if the bullet traveled through Petra’s brain without hitting any significant brain areas. The doctor explains that Petra’s brain has had from birth a small “defect” in it. It is a tiny channel of fluid running through her skull, like a tiny vein through marble, or a small hole in an oak board, winding from front to rear.  Only a CAT scan would catch it, and Petra would have never noticed it.

But in Petra’s case, the shotgun buck shot, maybe even the size used for deer hunting, enters her brain from the exact point of this defect. Like a marble through a small tube, the defect channels the bullet from Petra’s nose through her brain. It turns slightly several times, and comes to rest at the rear of her brain. And in the process, the bullet misses all the vital areas of the brain. In many ways, it almost misses the brain itself.  Like a giant BB though a straw created in Petra’s brain before she was born, it follows the route of the defect. It is channeled in the least harmful way. A millimeter in any direction and the channel is missed.  The brain is destroyed. Evil wins a round.

As he shares, the doctor seems taken aback. It is an odd thing to have a surgeon show a bit of wonder. Professionally, these guys own the universe, it seems, and take everything in stride. He is obviously gifted as a surgeon, and is kind in his manner. “It couldn’t have gone better. If it were my daughter,” he says quietly, glancing around to see if any of his colleagues might be watching him, “I’d be ecstatic. I’d be dancing a jig.” He smiles. I can’t keep my smile back, or the tears of joy. In Christianity we call it prevenient grace: God working ahead of time for a particular event in the future. It’s just like the God I follow to plan the route of a bullet through a brain long before Batman ever rises. Twenty-two years before.

“In Christianity we call it prevenient grace: God working ahead of time for a particular event in the future.” How does an intelligent person even begin to respond to such nonsense? If there were a God, an intelligent person would note the fact that this god’s “grace” left 12 people dead and dozens injured in this tragedy. To say that a god saved this one women while killing all the others wanders straight into the realm of insanity. Yet millions of Christians somehow agree with it. How is that possible?

213 Responses to “The insanity of religion, Batman shooting version”

  1. on 29 Mar 2013 at 7:46 pm 1.Todd said …

    I asked mean christians why God allows evil. The answers were there are many good things we would never experience if bad things did not happen. God did not want puppets so he allowed people the freedom to do good or evil. We can’t know why everything happens. We just have to trust God.

  2. on 29 Mar 2013 at 8:06 pm 2.alex said …

    “We can’t know why everything happens. We just have to trust God.”

    yet here you are, fucking with atheists, with nothing to offer but to trust in god? wear seatbelts or look both ways before crossing the street? why not follow your own advice? no, you rather fuck with people, you damn hypocrite.

  3. on 29 Mar 2013 at 8:52 pm 3.DPK said …


  4. on 29 Mar 2013 at 10:07 pm 4.The messenger said …

    Brother, .Todd, ingnore Alex.

  5. on 30 Mar 2013 at 5:10 pm 5.Todd said …

    When shootings like the batman shooting and school shootings occur believers ask how could a loving God allow such evil? Good question. This loving God supposedly allows the evil for a good reason. Why allow the evil at all? If God is so powerful why allow the evil? And evil could only exist if God made for the possibility for evil. And why would an all knowing and loving God allow something to mess up the perfect creation? I am told because God wanted angels and people to have free will. So people suffer disease and evil because God wanted them to have free will? Children suffer from neglect and abuse because someone has the free will to abuse them. What kind of love from God is that? To allow it? I am told they will not get away with it because in the end they will be punished. I am told the greatest evil of all was what was done to Jesus. If we did not have free will, evil or disease we would not miss it. I don’t believe in a god who allows evil.

  6. on 30 Mar 2013 at 5:11 pm 6.Todd said …

    I can’t explain why things happen. I just believe christians only have excuses.

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