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Christianity Johnson on 24 Sep 2008 12:02 am

God’s Master Plan is a disaster

“The Master Plan” is a film that “explores evangelical Christian youth culture in America.”

As part of the PR for the film, they released this clip called “How to Witness”


April: When I told you I found something much more meaningful than sports, that was an example of a transitional statement. It’s a way to delicately turn the conversation from something worldly to something spiritual.

Kristi: Yeah but my friends are so not into this.

April: I know, they’re always talking about drinking, sexual stuff.

Kristi: Yeah but they’re all gonna be blah blah… Kristi

April: Well do you care about them?

Kristi: Yes

April: Witnessing to your friends isn’t easy, but neither is getting nailed to a wooden cross. Jesus paid for your sins with his blood. Kristi, you have to take the initiative to share Christ. Just like the apostles did, and if you don’t, who will?

April: When you witness, you can feel his power come over you. You’ve felt his power, haven’t you Kristi?

Kristi: I think so…

April: Well then you can do it. Be courageous. And remember, God is always with you.

Kristi: Oh, gotta jam, practice.

April: And I will see you in youth group, right?

Kristi, Yes

April: They laughed at Jesus too

Fade to “The master plan – God has a wonderful plan for your life? TheMasterPlanFilm.com”

This sentence is interesting: “When you witness, you can feel his power come over you.” A non-Christian would obviously ask, “feel his power come over you? What does that mean?” This implies that Jesus is a real, active being with “power” to spare. It echoes another Christian concept called the “Christ-directed life”, as seen in this image:


In this view of the universe, you “yield to Christ” and Christ in turn “directs your life” so that everything you do is part of “God’s Plan”. You become God’s puppet.

Why would you want to “yield to Christ”? Because, according to the film, “God LOVES you and offers a wonderful PLAN for your life.” This is “The Master Plan”.

This analogy has been used before, but it bears repeating. Today, on planet earth, 30,000 kids will die of starvation, dehydration, etc. So today let’s imagine that they pray this prayer: “Dear God, please show me your wonderful PLAN for my life” The answer from God will be, “Well, 30,000 kids, my PLAN is for you to die of starvation today! Have fun!” Then all 30,000 kids die. And then we repeat that same process EVERY SINGLE DAY.

That is not a wonderful plan – it is a disaster.

– One in three Americans will suffer from cancer, and 500,000 will die from cancer this year. That is not a “wonderful plan” – it is a disaster.

– 650,000 Americans will die of heart disease this year. That is not a “wonderful plan” – it is a disaster. And if God is the “intelligent designer” of the human body, it shows that God has no idea what he is doing.

– More than 100,000 Americans will die in accidents this year. 13,000 of them will die because of drunk drivers. 30,000 of them will die from gunfire. That is not a “wonderful plan” – it is a disaster.

To believe in a “wonderful God” and his “wonderful plan” in the face of such obvious counter-evidence is at least ridiculous, possibly insane. If, in the transcript above, April “feels his power”, that would be a hallucination worthy of a visit to the therapist.

The only way for Christians to believe in God is to completely ignore reality. They have to ignore all of the facts, and the lack of a “wonderful plan”, as shown above. They have to ignore the complete lack of evidence for God. They have to ignore the fact that prayer is a superstition. They must ignore all of the ridiculous garbage in the Bible. Et Cetera.

Why do so many people choose to believe in the imaginary? This page offers one possible explanation:

The Push to ‘Otherize’ Obama (NYTimes.com)

According to the article:

What is happening, I think, is this: religious prejudice is becoming a proxy for racial prejudice. In public at least, it’s not acceptable to express reservations about a candidate’s skin color, so discomfort about race is sublimated into concerns about whether Mr. Obama is sufficiently Christian.

The result is this campaign to “otherize” Mr. Obama. Nobody needs to point out that he is black, but there’s a persistent effort to exaggerate other differences, to de-Americanize him.

Raising doubts about a candidate based on the religion of his grandfather is toxic and profoundly un-American, cracking the melting pot we emerged from. Someday people will look back at the innuendoes about Mr. Obama with the same disgust with which we regard the smears of Al Smith as a Catholic candidate in 1928.

Christianity, in other words, is a socially acceptable crucible of prejudice. Christianity by definition is religious prejudice. Here we see Christianity as a platform for racial prejudice as well. And we have already discussed Christianity’s endemic sexual prejudice. Christianity gives people who enjoy discrimination and prejudice a socially acceptable way to partake of their prejudice every day.

If you are a Christian and you would like to begin to experience reality, rather than a prejudicial hallucination, please visit:


4 Responses to “God’s Master Plan is a disaster”

  1. on 24 Sep 2008 at 11:00 am 1.PSR said …

    What was God’s wonderful plan for all the people who died on 9/11, or all the people who died in the tsunami? The fact that many of these people were religious did not stop these tragedies.

    The idea that God “planned” 200,000 deaths in one day is ridiculous. But if God has a wonderful plan for every life, he must have.

  2. on 24 Sep 2008 at 4:12 pm 2.Daniel Florien said …

    Yeah, that video is pretty funny. I love your sentence “If you are a Christian and you would like to begin to experience reality, rather than a prejudicial hallucination…”

  3. on 24 Sep 2008 at 6:55 pm 3.Z said …

    There is something to be said for cultural prejudices. Christianity is a kind of eugenics in our evolution. It attempts to prune from the local gene pool anything that is not like itself, effectively becoming a virus to the larger community, both socially and genetically. You would be both surprised and not to be able to study the racial makeup of various sects of christianity. Religion, like other socially divisive clubs, divides us along cultural lines that we would otherwise have divided along. When you imagine that one church believe their god loves them better than another church, then see the natural prejudices outlined in the cultural divides evidenced in church population, you have to wonder if god is prejudiced. Sarah Palin’s god doesn’t seem to like black people, or so it would seem. That’s just one example, there are many more.

  4. on 15 Jun 2011 at 5:39 pm 4.Jedediah said …

    Those two chicks need to get laid

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