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Christianity Johnson on 22 Sep 2008 02:02 am

“There is a God, and he has a plan for our lives”

According to one person in this article, “There is a God, and he has a plan for our lives”:

Texans look to the heavens as they rebuild, heal from Ike

Under this view of the universe, we have an insane demon in heaven who “plans” hurricanes, “plans” to kill tens of millions of children every year through starvation, dehydration and disease, et cetera. Being all-powerful and able to stop these tragedies, God instead chooses to plan these things. He planned for hundreds of thousands of people to lose their homes in Hurricane Ike.

The alternative view of the universe is rational thinking. In this interpretation, there is no God. Instead, good and bad stuff happens to people regularly. There are hurricanes, yes. There are reasons why hurricanes form and track the way they do. If you look at things through the eyes of statistical analysis, this is the interpretation that is true. But you reach the same conclusion if you use common sense. Why would anyone want to believe in an insane demon in the sky who plans hurricanes and all their destruction?

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