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Christianity &Islam &Judaism Thomas on 21 Oct 2011 12:50 am

Newt Gingrich Says No Atheists in the White House

Here is how a majority of Americans look at the world:

They are looking at the world through insane-colored glasses. Gingrich asks: “How can you have judgment if you have no faith? How can I trust you with power if you don’t pray?” The only way to believe in prayer is to be completely delusional, as demonstrated here:

3 Responses to “Newt Gingrich Says No Atheists in the White House”

  1. on 23 Oct 2011 at 6:02 pm 1.Lou (DFW) said …

    This time we don’t require the prayer videos. All we have to do is consider what Newt said, and then compare it to reality. As far as I know, we’ve always had a US President who had faith and who prays. But look at the condition of the US economy and the federal government. They’re one big miss. So much for Newt’s nonsense. Faith and prayer obviously don’t help, and anybody who believes they do is simply deluded.

  2. on 23 Oct 2011 at 6:05 pm 2.Lou (DFW) said …

    1.Lou (DFW) said …

    Correction: They’re one big mess.

  3. on 27 Oct 2011 at 8:07 pm 3.benson abraham said …

    I was very much eager to see something like this. Because i am such a person or may be the only one who is currently doing his PG in biotechnology, but still believes that earth was formed in 6 days.
    You may think that i am a true christian believer , but it is not so, I am a polythiest. I believe that all religions and science is from God, so that he can decieve us.
    1. God is all powerful, so only someone like HIM can be a threat to him.
    2. Man had that potential. RECALL : when moses went to pharoah, he dropped his stick, which became a snake. But the other magicians also did the same. The only difference is that God’s power overpowered.
    If mankind would have gone in the same path, maybe a day would have come when our powers would have overpowerd God’s.
    Tell me what is he supposed to do to hide his power (technology) away from us? The answer is simple, somehow make him believe that he is created not in the image of God, but some kind of a monkey.
    3. Time is applicable to man, but not God. We cannot change the past, but God can.
    RECALL : In the wedding of cannan, jesus converted water into wine. First there was water in the jar,which is the truth. Second, after the conversion there was wine in the jar, which is the truth. Now how much you test, you can never come to know that initialy it was water in the jar. So what will you believe to be the truth?
    If God change the history of earth, then in wat will you believe, the one that was intially created or that has been altered.
    [In the whole bible, there is only one place, where is a mention of particular word or a spell (which we are all familiar off) which would have probably change the history of the earth.]
    4. I am a polythiest, so i believe that other religions from the same God. Because if, there would have been no concept about good, bad, sin, heaven etc. no body could have understood what the apostles meant by saying Jesus has sacrificed his life to save us from our sins.
    If i am wrong please correct me and follow me on bensonabraham86 in TWITTER
    THANK YOU!!!

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