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Christianity Admin on 06 Dec 2006 08:45 pm

Satan doesn’t want you to read this letter

If you are a rational person, this article is fascinating in the same way that a train wreck can be fascinating:

The author of the article is writing a letter to the “Holy Spirit”. The author says that the “Holy Spirit” is a real person who “lives inside me and wants to be my friend.” The author puts it this way:

…as God you know everything about me – more than my family, more than my other friends, even more than I know about myself! And as a real Person, you know everything I’m going through – the good, the bad, and yes even the ugly. You feel joy when I feel joy. Pain when I feel pain. You even know when I’m lonely and feel like I don’t have a friend in the world.

The idea of someone or something “living inside” another person is uncomfortable, isn’t it? It immediately conjures images of the pod people in “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” It is even more uncomfortable when you take into account the fact that the “Holy Spirit” is a complete figment of the author’s imagination.

How do we know that the “Holy Spirit” is imaginary? Because the author himself tells us that this is the case:

How do I get this whole friendship thing going? After all, you are invisible; you don’t speak to me out loud; and I’m pretty sure you don’t even have a cell phone! So how do I “connect” with Someone who I can’t see or hear???

The reason why people are unable to see or hear the “Holy Spirit” is because the “Holy Spirit” is imaginary. The author is pursuing a “relationship” with an imaginary being, and stating this publicly.

Since the “Holy Spirit” is imaginary, the author creates a letter “written by” his imaginary friend. The “Holy Spirit” tells him things like this:

  • “the more you talk to me, the more comfortable it [our “relationship”] will feel.”
  • “Speaking of being your Friend, I can’t wait to grow deeper in our friendship! I know it’s a little different than other relationships in some ways since (like you said) I’m invisible and don’t speak to you out loud, but I think you’ll find that since I live inside you and ‘speak’ directly to your soul – those issues won’t get in the way of our friendship.”
  • “Basically, even though I am God and I am all powerful, I will not *make you* have a friendship with me. You are free to choose to let me fill you and control you…” And then, “What I’m saying here is ask me to fill and control your life. Ask me to guide and direct you … shield and protect you. Ask me to deepen our friendship. Ask. Ask. Ask … then ask again.”
  • “Just like any other friendship, we need to talk. So talk to me early and often. Tell me what’s good, what’s bad, what’s confusing you. I’m never too busy to listen, and I’ll never grow tired of your voice … I made you, remember?”

Knowing that the “Holy Spirit” is imaginary, I think we can agree that these passages are downright creepy.

The irrationality of the author’s thinking comes through in statements like this:

The moment you realize that you have sinned, simply tell the Father about it and admit that you were wrong. It’s not like He (and me too) don’t know about it already, and the longer you wait to exhale, the less you’ll be living in my power.

If the “Holy Spirit” is all-powerful and all-knowing, if the “Holy Spirit” knows “even more than I know about myself”, and if the “Holy Spirit” lives inside you and “controls you,” then how can you possibly sin? The whole idea is ridiculous.

Here is the part that is truly frightening to all who think rationally. The author imagines the “Holy Spirit” saying the following:

Oh yeah, and let me talk to you through the Bible. The words of the Bible are not the words of men … they are mine. They are living and active, and I will make them come alive and active in your life.

Christians believe that an all-knowing, all-powerful being wrote the Bible and that they should follow what the Bible says. Unfortunately, the Bible says things like this in plain, straightforward language:

These same kinds of verses in the Koran are what brought us 9/11/2001.

What is society’s appropriate response toward this level of delusion? Shouldn’t we offer treatment to people who are this delusional?

If you are a Christian, and especially if you are a casual Christian, how do you feel about the level of delusion displayed here? Does it make you comfortable or uncomfortable? Please understand that millions and millions and millions of your fellow Christians believe what this author is saying.

For more information, please see Understanding Delusion and Understanding Superstition.

12 Responses to “Satan doesn’t want you to read this letter”

  1. on 06 Dec 2006 at 9:24 pm 1.Adam said …

    Oh really, the Koran brought us 911?

    Are you sure it wasn’t the Bible or the Talmud?

    Because quite a great deal of evidence points that way.

    Certainly, it suggests that the hijackers were patsies.

    The Koran didn’t cause the air force stand-down, or plant bombs in WTC 7, that’s for sure.


  2. on 06 Dec 2006 at 10:50 pm 2.Brian said …

    Good one Adam. Use a delusional site full of bogus information regarding the 911 attacks as an argument against the delusion of religion. Seriously, is there anything rational going on in your head?

  3. on 06 Dec 2006 at 11:00 pm 3.Jimson said …

    Just because you do not believe what Christians believe, it does not make Christians delusional.

  4. on 07 Dec 2006 at 6:38 am 4.Happy Evolute said …


    Even if you are right (you’re not) we have people influenced by delusional books flying aircraft into skyscrapers.

    What is your point?

  5. on 08 Dec 2006 at 10:31 pm 5.Adam said …


    Make your point by disproving any part of that site.


    I posted a comment, not the article.


    My point is that my country just spent half a trillion dollars mass-murdering Muslims for reasons that are all lies.

  6. on 13 Dec 2006 at 8:11 pm 6.yanging said …

    Quote: If the “Holy Spirit” is all-powerful and all-knowing, if the “Holy Spirit” knows “even more than I know about myself”, and if the “Holy Spirit” lives inside you and “controls you,” then how can you possibly sin? The whole idea is ridiculous. End Quote.

    Becuase you choose to. You are seperate. He talks to you, but you don’t have to listen.

    Maybe you should learn more about Christianity before you bash on it. Maybe then you’ll realize you’re pulling bits and pieces out the Bible without looking at the whole message.


    I like pie, but I don’t like pie when it’s really hot.

    What you did:

    I don’t like pie.

  7. on 13 Dec 2006 at 11:40 pm 7.sherwin fiedacan said …

    Man in his finite mind cannot understand the Bible without the help of the holy spirit. holy things are discerned by the help of the holy spirit, who helped write the Bible.
    So what you’re trying to do in your site is explain holy things that pure human logic cannot fully explain.
    The world is under Satan’s grasp and he will try his utmost best to discredit God and your website is helping Satan fulfill his mission.
    May God have mercy on your souls.

  8. on 14 Dec 2006 at 9:31 pm 8.Earthcalm Scientific said …

    I have just discovered the site God is Imaginary and I am so relieved and proud of the person who not only founded it but has taken so much time of himself to do the research for all of us… all humans. If he has colleagues helping him, congratulations to all of them too.

    I had done studies and written papers similiar to theirs on a limited scale drawing attention to the bible passages that describe mass murdering, baby killing, rape and abuse of women, etc,etc and pointed out that no where immediately after these homicidal atrocities does God Speak up to denounce this seriously un-Christian behavior and for example denounce Moses in Numbers for using his name (God) to both justify and direct these strategically military acts of murder. Because, after all, it is his book, he is the author.

    I encourage everyone to carefully and patiently read the complete contents of the God is Imaginary website and by all means not only link them but begin to spread the word to the kids as young as 10 years of age. I like the idea of printing out simple printer available business card paper stock with:

    God is Imaginary.com on one side and the other in brackets put:

    (You can put and End to Global Religious Brainwashing)

    I will help in any way I can. I live in an eastern Canadian province with a very high bible believing population and you know what, we are also coincidentially the poorest province, the lowest wages, highest per capita smokers, heavy drinkers, wrecked homes, dissproportionately high single mothers, used clothing stores are the norm, poor rundown and very old rental housing stock, etc etc.

    I suppose when practically everybody is brainwashed to turn the other cheek and to love your enemy, your oppressor you probably accept this behavior from your slumlord and your boss who takes glee you are a drunk and chronically broke so he can expect you to put up with his abuse.

    And in closing, if you follow the media closley you will have begun to see a trend with American Christians trying to infiltrate and brainwash the most vulnerable of society. Huge companie operating prisons taking federal govt money and Slipping in programs into prisons and reform schools where if you dont accept their lord and savior, they have the power to hinder your parole or reccomend keeping you locked up.

    In a way, the Christian behavior in the USA is beginning to resemble the methods used by the Taliban extremists to extend their tentacles into every facet of american society. Is that going to make your country better or is it going to harken back to the punishing mentality of the Old Testament.

    And I bet you there are powerful Christian leaders scheming in back rooms deciding that is exactly what america needs to repel the fear induced Muslim menace they have created. And that if they can eventually get Born Again Christians to strap on body explosives and become Christian suicide bombers, they will have reached a threshold of faith compliance they long for. A total psychological control of their believers.

    Best regards to the Atheists and Christians who see that God is Imaginary!


  9. on 18 Dec 2006 at 11:48 pm 9.Dorf said …

    “on 06 Dec 2006 at 11:00 pm 3.Jimson said …

    Just because you do not believe what Christians believe, it does not make Christians delusional.”

    You’re absolutely right. Just because someone believes something different from someone else doesn’t mean that the other person is wrong or “delusional”. This is a logical fallacy.

    No, the problem here is that Christians are delusional because their God doesn’t exist in reality and the Bible was written by man. Some very sick men from what I’ve read. Science can prove this but it doesn’t take a scientist to see that the Bible is bunk. All it takes is a little common sense. This appears to be lacking in society so I totally understand why religion is still so popular. Very unfortunate. I wonder how far we could have advanced as a society if it wasn’t for religion. We probably would have cures for all diseases and have wiped out poverty.


  10. on 19 Dec 2006 at 8:06 am 10.Earthcalm Scientific said …

    Good point Dorf,

    When I was enrolled in a Drafting Certificate Program we touched on Surveying and measurement as it pertains to civil engineering, urban design and the history of mapmaking.

    One of the least interesting things we learned is that the church made every effort to deny and punish early cartographers who were making surprisingly accurate contributions to understanding global geography.

    It was mentioned that the church was able to thwart both their work and the knowledge of the earths size, shape and positioning of continents for some 500 years!

    Could we assume the church confiscated and destroyed these labour intensive and meticulously hand drawn maps or handed them over to governments who swore allegience to them.

    I wonder how they explained away the moon.

    It was no doubt the churchs political agenda to effect damage control like government spin doctors today, however, they didnt count on the masses rising levels of intelligence with a corresponding lowering of their belief in superstition.

    The churchs desire was to have the people reject all of the other idols and rituals and supplant them with their own. Does anyone out there consider the staggering amount of money extracted every Sunday from believers and transferred into church coffers.

    where does that money go.

    Do you think it just sits in some Crystal cathedral or Vatican safe!

    hell no! Does it build five thousand houses in Somalia that we can see on CNN being erected and flown in by transport jet. No

    Let us assume that Robert schuller has financial planners too and they say we will show you the money. Would it be discovered that his religious machine or the hundred other mega churchs put their money into lucrative defence contractors that are merchants of death. Is it possible that 95% of the wars in the middle east were started to make defence contractors, close friends of Washington (rich multi millionaires) richer and that 5% is about regime change.

    Since almost every woman in the developed world takes contraceptive birth control pills and women comprise 51% of the global population, do you think the churchs have heavy investments in pharmaceutical companies that keep women from getting pregnant contrary to their pulpit trash.

    And do these churchs have shares in sugar companies and coffee companies that grossly exploit the third world poor for their labour while at the same time evangelizing them so the churchs can recoup some tithe money despite the peasant living in a 100 sq. ft tin shack made of used pallets.

    And while they are at it, forbid by the wrath of god these same peasants from using birth control so that their prodigious offspring will in turn take their righful place weilding a machete like generations before them cutting sugar cane!

    And to the missionaries who go in first. Are they educating the locals in math and science as a priority or or they establishing the groundwork of further abuse by ramming the bible down their throats as their first contact with higher education.

    Religion is a money making exploitive industry foremost using the fear of eternal punishment as the guilt inducing sales pitch.


  11. on 19 Dec 2006 at 5:45 pm 11.Dorf said …

    “where does that money go.”

    Well, we know that a good portion of it goes to settle those pesky child molestation lawsuits.

    – Dorf

  12. on 19 Dec 2006 at 9:53 pm 12.Earthcalm Scientific said …

    Hey Dorf,

    Those pesky child molestation settlements are hardly a droplet in a tanker car of liquid gold!

    Think about Catholic churches throughout all of N. America forwarding a substantial percentage of electronic cash to the Vatican Bank which actually does exist in Rome.

    Now Google: Gods Banker+found hanging from London bridge

    Roberto Calvi, a 62 yr old man was found hanging from scaffolding underneath BLACKFRIARS Bridge in London England in 1982.

    Dont you love the irony of Black Friars!

    Links between the Vatican, Sicilian Mafia and an illegal Masonic Lodge known a P2 are under ongoing investigation.

    Banco Ambrosiano collapsed and while the Vatican refused to admit legal responsibility, they did acknowledge MORAL INVOLVEMENT and paid 241 million dollars to creditors.

    It had massive debts, run up, by front companies in Latin America controlled by the Vatican Bank and The Institute for Religious Works headed by Archbishop Marcinkus.

    The Vatican which is a state within a state has shall we say diplomatic immunity and does not have to comply with any local or international police force issuing extradition requests. Not FBI, Scotland Yard, Interpol,
    MI5, no one- whether he remains behind its walls or parties in Vegas.

    They refused to hand over Archbishop Marcinkus to authorities and he now works in a parish in the United States.

    Their have been rumours that banking services have also been provided for international arms dealers and drug trafficing.

    Some single Diocese units which encompass XXX amount of churches operated by XX number of priests, controlled under a Bishop or Archbishop in areas encompassing New York City have been reported to be forwarding in the neigborhood of $ 146 million dollars per year.

    Doesnt it seem a tad coincidental that both the Mafia and the Catholic Church operate their global operations from the same turf.

    Do you think PERHAPS a few mutually beneficial business synergies are thrown together once in a while .

    Naw, not the church!

    The cash flow is staggering. They could afford to charter fleets of Antonov cargo jets loaded with humanitarian light weight housing, agricultural seed, 12 volt refridgerators for food and medicine, breeding livestock, tools, well drilling rigs, methane from animal dung generators, greenhouses etc

    Has anyone stopped to consider why it is that those energy infrastructure poor countries in hot sun drenched 3rd world countries are not being actively outfitted with solar power farms on local scales at least where the massive refugee camps are located. Where they die under ripped tarps!

    Pure indifference from those in power. The Church and Governments.

    Who will only put their money into play if the deal lets them taxi their Gulfstream private jet next to the one dropping off the Director of Eli-Lilly Pharmeceutical who is going to pay for a Lifetime membership at Agusta National Golf Club for the good senator from Delaware who will be having drinks later that evening with the Section Head of Integrity Drug Testing Corporation to confirm their discreet flight to Bliss Island from a tiny airport just outside of Monaco where they will both be coincidentially meeting at a lavish soiree on Ending Child Poverty hosted by Prince Rainier!

    Bling Bling

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