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Christianity &Islam Thomas on 16 Nov 2010 12:44 am

Seen on Reddit: A Christian praises the Atheist mindset

A thread from Reddit:

To Atheist Redditors from a Christian: Thanks.

I’ve not been a Redditor for long, but I’ve been a Christian for decades. Over the past couple weeks, I have been entertaining myself on the Atheist / Christian subreddits, and I wanted to say something:

I have some close atheist friends with whom I sometimes spar; however, until recently I still had some preconceived notions about why atheists argue and debate Christians. The compulsive need to be right, for instance; or the need to humiliate people who lack critical thinking skills; or the desire for affirmation that Christianity is full of selfish, foolish hypocrites. All negative things.

What I didn’t count on is the number of you who simply want Christians to “see the light.” Who don’t want us to waste our lives chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, believing fairy tales because we’re scared not to. You care about the quality of Christians’ lives more than many Christians care about yours. Sometimes much more.

I’m sure this post will be met with some ire; there are those of you who are apt to feel as though I’m mollycoddling, and a few will no doubt wonder why I continue to live in ignorance if I’m so appreciative. Try to take what I say at face value: I mischaracterized many of you ridiculously and I feel bad about it. Thanks for being so cool.

The subsequent comments are all over the map, as is the norm on Reddit.

10 Responses to “Seen on Reddit: A Christian praises the Atheist mindset”

  1. on 16 Nov 2010 at 6:07 pm 1.Marla said …

    I do know there are answers to your Jesus is Imaginary….As far as him speaking to us and it being a hallucination: We could post all day long FACTS of how the person hearing ended up doing what God told him to do and the person receiving it knew it had to be God. So what you post is ALL still a debate that’s it..You have no more proof then the rest of us.
    Many people do hear from God and it takes the human mind time to learn his voice due to us living in a flesh body. It is foreign to us as humans to realize that we are made up of spirit and soul as well as flesh..so to know there is more to your being, takes a maturing in Christ,by spending time in prayer and allowing God to speak.

    Many Christians dont ever hear from him because they dont pause when they pray…they rush in a prayer and “use” him to get their needs met thats it. If they would spend Quality time they would hear of him. I have ,since I was 13 yrs old and Im now 40. I could pray over you and God MAY tell me things that only YOU know so to prove to you that he does exist. BUT, he doesnt have to. First off, all that you qoute from the bible is taken out of context..What that means is that you need to read the whole scripture from that Book of the Bible before you can interpret it. Thats just how they did it back when. Im NOT a genious with this stuff Nor do I care to “Convert” you…for If God chooses you to come to him, he will send you the answers that you seek.

    As far as seeing Jesus…My thought is #1- HE IS A SPIRIT NOW..not a flesh man…so if he did appear, Could you handle it? Prob not!
    #2- You must BELIEVE is the key …Do you believe? NOPE
    #3- There are scripture that mention not seeing Jesus until he appears in the sky when he comes back to receive his own.( I believe they are in Revelation)
    Again Im not a sholar etc..just an average human being trying to answer a question of Jesus’ existance.
    If I wanted to open a can of worms here I could really throw you for a loop and tell you that JESUS may not even be the name that we should be calling upon anyway. For this name is a Transliteration not a translation of his original name so, that being said…broken down Je means what ? and Sus is of greek methology closest meaning being Zeus…so this Jesus name ,may not even be his rightful name to which people get saved by. So heres my point: If we are using the wrong name for the son of GOD then why the heck would he appear anyway if you cant get his name right? If I were the son of God…I would have no reason to prove to you that I exist, I would only think that you are a foolish human in asking and thinking that you know everything ..so the message that my father God would want to teach (Faith) would not be put into play if I appeared to everyone who asked.
    We cant say why God wants things the way he does..we are NOT him ,so someday we will get the answers..if we knew all them we would all be no differnet then the GOD who made us…Now if I made the world, WHY would I want you to know as much as me so I no longer had control? Think about an invention…would you want to give away your recipe or plans of it to the world so you are kicked out of the race?

    GOD is a jealous God and wants to be a one of a kind…even our selfish minds would feel the same, so him being all knowing ..dont you think he is no different that us that way?
    Actually he knows more than we would be able to handle..it would cause a HUGE catastrophy on earth to know all at this point. Remember also that there are sciptures missing from the Bible..(Proven over and over again..just ask the Government)..and we will never know what else was said that may have cleared up our questions of the spirit relm. As I said before this is all debate for everyone on earth…NO one has all the RIGHT answers, for if we did..we would be GOD and equal to him!! THanks for listening…

  2. on 16 Nov 2010 at 7:09 pm 2.Burebista said …

    I am an atheist and I thought all along Christians were just trying to be right and make atheism look ridiculous. Know I know you only care about our quality of life and our eternal life. I apologize for my fellow atheist. Thanks for being so cool!

  3. on 16 Nov 2010 at 7:58 pm 3.Boz said …

    Check out this response from an atheist on Reddit:

    “Speaking for myself only, I must admit that my motives are not as altruistic as you indicate. I don’t give a damn about you personally, or close to it. I’m only marginally interested in improving your life situation. My biggest concern is to stop you from voting, responding to polls and reproducing as a Christian, because you guys are all making the world worse, and I am one of those who stand to suffer from the incorrect actions informed by your incorrect beliefs.”

    He doesn’t care about people.
    Stop Christians from voting.
    Stop Christians from giving opinion.
    Stop Christians from having sex.

    This is why we can never let ourselves become an atheist/communist nation. Such hatred.

  4. on 17 Nov 2010 at 1:43 am 4.Xenon said …

    Sad, such hate and intolerance from an atheist. I though they were suppose to be the tolerant ones?

  5. on 17 Nov 2010 at 2:16 pm 5.Lightning Boy said …

    The key here is this supposed tolerance. The left ( all atheist as well) routinely criticize the right (most Christians) for their supposed intolerance. If this guy quoted by Boz spoke of Gays, Blacks or Muslims in such a way he would be deemed a bigot.

  6. on 14 Dec 2010 at 12:48 am 6.Believer said …

    God is love. Not the worldly love that demands something in return. Unconditional, 100% self for others love. We are incapable of showing this kind of love on our own. It requires the Holy Spirit to dwell in us and guide us.

    Christianity is supernatural; anything less is just religion. It requires faith. First to believe in God, then to believe God. God made you and you are special and precious to Him. Just look at your fingerprints. No one has ever had or will ever have the same ones as you. Scientists cannot explain it but they do acknowlege it. God also gave us free will, and He will not force your decision, nor will He physically show himself to you, or you would not need faith. That is why you are here on the Earth, to make a decision. You can either accept Jesus, in faith, and have eternal life with God, or you can reject Jesus and have eternal life without God.

    You have nothing to lose by accepting Jesus and everything to lose if you don’t. God is offering this free gift of salvation. It cannot be earned. You just need to accept it.

    All that I ask is for you to pray for the truth to be revealed. God promises that all who earnestly seek Him shall find Him. You just need to ask.


  7. on 14 Dec 2010 at 2:46 am 7.Burebista said …

    The Atheist:

    “My biggest concern is to stop you from voting, responding to polls and reproducing as a Christian,”

    Imagine how the atheist would react if a individual of faith made such a statement about them? The hate manifested by these atheist fanatics is quite disturbing. Why do these people teach such hate?

  8. on 14 Dec 2010 at 8:08 am 8.Severin said …

    3 Boz
    “This is why we can never let ourselves become an atheist/communist nation.”

    Is it why no one of you theists really follows Jesus’ commands?
    Because he was the earliest communist known?
    You all “love” him, but are far of fulfilling his “communist” suggestions.

    Just imagine: you have to love prostitutes and thieves, you have to give all you have to poors, you have to hate your parents, you have to turn another cheek…who REALLY does it?

    I don’t, but I am neither a believer nor a communist.

  9. on 14 Dec 2010 at 10:17 am 9.rael said …

    The christian

    ” i will ensure that my views and beliefs are promoted and enshrined in the political/ legal systems as far as possible” ” my views/ beliefs are more important than any other because I belong to the only group that is right – the rest of humanity is wrong and will be damned for it”” I will ensure as far as possible that others share my beliefs, including the indoctrination of young children wherever possible””I will not listen to the views of others or take into account thier beliefs, since they must be wrong – god is on MY side”

  10. on 14 Dec 2010 at 1:52 pm 10.Boz said …


    That is not a good attitude. You need to look at you values here, make assessments and consider incorporating some change. At least your are not attempting to shutdown the freedom of expression of the atheist. However, strive to be better not status quo.

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