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Christianity &Islam &Judaism Thomas on 04 Nov 2010 12:43 am

How churches rob their members blind, all in the name of “god”

It’s just disgusting what churches do their members, and it is amazing that their members have no common sense:

Ed Young Goes After Access to Bank Accounts of Church Members from FBCJax Watchdog on Vimeo.

You might as well give your money to the jug of milk:

19 Responses to “How churches rob their members blind, all in the name of “god””

  1. on 04 Nov 2010 at 12:13 pm 1.Horatio said …

    So, how is this different from giving you banking information to Ebay, Paypal, Amazon and your local power company? It is easier than remembering to write a check.

    I know Ed Young to be a very honest man, much more than the companies I mention. On top of this he is right, the first 10% belongs to God. Oh and most importantly, it is voluntary so how does he rob blind?

    So silly!

  2. on 05 Nov 2010 at 2:33 am 2.Anonymous said …

    Horatio you are joking right? God is imaginary. Therefore “the first 10% belongs to God” is false. That’s where the robbery occurs.

  3. on 05 Nov 2010 at 12:34 pm 3.Horatio said …

    “God is imaginary.”

    You don’t say? Well, I always up to seeking new knowledge, but alas I usually find such intrepid statements end up being short-sighted opinion. So, please….bring me some solid proof and I will gladly side with you on this one.

  4. on 05 Nov 2010 at 1:20 pm 4.MrQ said …

    What a group of sheeple. Openly and shamelessly fleecing the flock. This winner, Ed, wants to have the good lord provide him with an intelligently designed Mercedes Benz. Easy pickings.

    What is this BS about

    he is right, the first 10% belongs to God.

    God owns everything; god designed everything – tape worms, viruses, parasites included. 100% belongs to god, doesn’t it? Help me understand your complex ideas. I just don’t have common sense like you and your sister.

    bring me some solid proof and I will gladly side with you on this one.

    No you won’t. You and the extended family have god and are all running with it. None of you are able to honestly change your mind.

    Remember the old days, Hor. You NEED Jesus to provide you forgiveness for your past actions. You CAN’T change, you CAN’T learn, you are a person who is unable to live a moderate life, unable to make a wise decision as is demonstrated by your slavish devotion to an imaginary friend. BTW, I can’t disprove anyone’s imaginary friend such as god, the tooth fairy, unicorns, Zeus, Odin, Ra…it’s a long list, but you get it, right?

  5. on 05 Nov 2010 at 3:19 pm 5.Xenon said …

    “God is imaginary. Therefore “the first 10% belongs to God” is false”

    The atheists often make this claim and then never back it up. If these brilliant minds would only provide the proof to back this allegation I would come to their side. Clocks running, put up Anonymous. I feel a fallacy of digression coming.

    If the true problem here is an empty life you can have God in your life to fulfill your life. Simply humbly ask Him into your life and he will. God resists the prideful but accepts the humble.

  6. on 05 Nov 2010 at 8:32 pm 6.john said …

    i’m an atheist but i have to say, why should’nt people be able to give tiger money to any organisation they want? It’s up to them surely, however misguided it may sometimes seem.

  7. on 05 Nov 2010 at 10:20 pm 7.Severin said …

    3 Horatio
    “So, please….bring me some solid proof…”

    In comments to “18 Responses to “The insanity of Christian protesters” YOU said:

    ““Now atheist compare natural death to a woman choosing to bring death by force”

    By recognizing “natural death” YOU denied existance of god.
    Now tell us: is there god, or not?

    If there is god, then EVERYTHING is god’s will, and we are not responsible for whatever we do.
    If there is no god… there is no god!

  8. on 05 Nov 2010 at 11:37 pm 8.Hell Yeah said …

    “If these brilliant minds would only provide the proof to back this allegation I would come to their side.”

    You are the one claiming at invisible being exists. You are the one that needs to prove it exists. By believing in bullshit that can’t be proven, and then tell someone else to prove it wrong? Come on now, use some common sense. Do you believe in aliens, big foot, the lotness monster, etc? Prove they don’t exist then. How about Harry Potter or Frodo? Or Zeus and Ra? Or Superman? Let’s hear how you would prove they don’t exist. LOL

  9. on 07 Nov 2010 at 6:54 am 9.Subtle said …

    To the person who runs this sight, to answer your question, “why won’t God heal amputees?” I think this is a short-sighted question, the simple answer is pretty clearly written in the only place you appear to have not looked, “God is in the heavens and he does whatever he wants.” He wears this universe like you wear a piece of clothing, and you are asking why he doesn’t act like a genie in a bottle.

    In response to this post specifically, there are numerous people who call themselves Christians, but are not out there for anything other than their own self-interests and their own glory. So what, that’s nothing new. And, what does that have to do with the existence of God?

    There are several parts of this site and the others linked to this that seem to ignore that there were several witnesses to the only thing that really is hard to wrap our heads around. I mean really, if Christ died and then came back from the dead then I would be inclined to believe that he may actually be telling the truth about being the Son of God, and about being the propitiation for our sins. But, this site and others repeatedly state a blatant lie, that there is no evidence for this when there is; there is an overwhelming amount of evidence for it. Over 500 witnesses saw him appear after his death, in the town where the tomb was empty. There are numerous testimonies from eyewitnesses who did not want to admit that Christ was the Son of God, and in general when a person tells you something that is damaging to themselves it is usually an indication they are telling the truth.

    Or, maybe you believe that the disciples took the body, let’s remember how brave they were…and you want people to believe that they, after acting so cowardly, went to a grave to rob the body when it was under the guard of the Roman soldiers, who realistically would have slaughtered them with little effort if they had tried this. In fact, they scattered when He was crucified. It was not until after He came back from the dead that they suddenly had a change of heart and were quite fine, when given the choice between recanting or death, to chose death; so why the change of heart? If you are saying that there isn’t any evidence for any of this, then you haven’t looked. I could go on but this post is already quite long and I don’t want to be rude, but to echo the words of a previous comment, what are you so angry about.

    If you don’t believe in God or Christ, fine. But, why is it so important to that other people not believe? And, if you are going to put things up that fly in the face of historical facts why don’t you base it on something more than made up statistics and commonplace gossip. I can say things like: Archeologists have found numerous copies of New Testament writings that date back to the time when Christ was crucified and shortly thereafter and they actually match up with the current versions of the Bible in circulation today, and you can go check this and verify it is true. I can also say that of all of these copies of various texts, no one has found a single shred of evidence to indicate that any part of the resurrection was a hoax.

    Had this been a UFO sighting, Big Foot, the Loch Ness monster, Harry Potter, Frodo, Zeus, Ra, or Superman we would all believe it beyond a shadow of a doubt, but for some reason we don’t like the idea that there is a God and Christ did die for our sins and we will all, one day, stand before Him. If you want to check my facts go ahead, there is a historical basis for this you don’t have to take this all on faith.

  10. on 07 Nov 2010 at 10:05 am 10.Mike said …


    I agree. There is a lot missing on this site (and similar sites).

    I am an atheist and I recently decided to look for comradeship. This site and several others simply have it all wrong. They quote the Bible and try to convince believers that the Bible is wrong. I become equally disenchanted when I see believes try to point to “proof” of God. Both perspectives are equal wastes of time. There can’t be physical proof of God because God is supernatural. Anyone who points to physical “proof” has, by definition, come up with a NATURAL phenomenon – which CAN’T be God.

    People who try to DISPROVE God are equally silly because believers don’t NEED proof to believe in God – that’s why they call it “belief” and not fact.

    I decided that it’s a good idea to “propagate”
    atheism when President Bush told us that he’d talked with his good buddy, God, and God said his attack on Iraq was a good idea.

    The place to start this “propagation of the fact” is to try to understand why believers believe as they do. And there are some VERY GOOD reasons.

    Primarily, believers are children of believers. All their lives they’ve been told to ignore logic and to love God with their hearts. HUGE emotional weight is brought to bear from almost every quarter – parents, schools, clergy, etc. All their lives they’ve been taught to fight all “impure thoughts” – any fleeting doubt, any crack in faith is beat down before it can gain any roots.

    Secondly, psychology plays a very important part. Atheists don’t like to deal with the fact that the vast majority of humans believe in God – except to maintain that they’re all stupid. In fact there are good, natural reasons for such a belief. The natural universe is so incredibly complex and intricate – from the motion of galaxies to the structure of DNA – how COULD this be an accident. Only in the last couple generations (a mere anthropological heartbeat) have human STARTED to come to grips with the HUGE expanses of time in which the “miracle” of natural selection can actually make sense. The advance of science and the general understanding of science by humankind has resulted is a corresponding increase in atheism.

    Thirdly, language itself is, in my opinion, the father of God. I love the opening line of the Book of John: “In the beginning was the word,… and the word was God.” You see, just as you can’t have left with no right, up with no down, a beginning with no end; you can’t have a speaker with no listener. These two concepts are the two halves of language. They’re what language is made of. Add to that the fact that words are forever flowing through the minds of all people. Therefore all people have two individuals in their heads at all times – a speaker and a listener. Also, because of language, all things have a name. We quite naturally call one of these individuals, “God”. God is ALWAYS listening. God knows EVERYTHING you’re thinking. God can speak to you at any time.

    What’s harder to accept is that BOTH of these individuals is really YOU. It’s an almost magical illusion.

    Lastly, let me tell you about a photo I saw recently. It was all black with white dots here and there and a barely noticeable band of brown through the photo. At a point in this band was a tiny blue dot. This was a picture taken from beyond the edge of the solar system. It was a photo of earth. There was some text with it (which I can’t find anywhere). It asked how the fragile inhabitants of this insignificant dot among trillions and trillions of dots could possibly be so arrogant as to believe that the fantasies of some nomadic herders near the dawn of their civilization could possibly be of any real importance in this infinite vastness which these herders could not come close to understanding.

    Militant atheists think they’re going to change things by saying that theists are not only stupid but evil. While religion has been used by countless evildoers to further evil ends, religion, for the most part has been a comfort to people. God, to most, means Love. Although often misused this equivalence has given Love to millions who might never have experienced it on their own. Religion means community. This equivalence is so prevalent that finding a sense of community is often impossible without a religious framework.(Maybe that’s why so many atheists are so militant rather than being more accommodating to their fellow humans. :-)

    In summary minds are changing and more minds need to change. NOBODY changes their minds in the face of confrontation. People’s views only polarize. Change will only be accomplished through understanding – not bluster.

    The big problem with “God equals Love” is that too often people don’t understand that Love is just as easy without God. If we want people to abandon useless fantasies, we must demonstrate that doing so will not represent a nett loss in their lives, but rather a huge gain – a gain in love for your fellow human beings.

  11. on 07 Nov 2010 at 7:33 pm 11.XYZ said …

    The robbery here is the same as the robbery of someone who sells a service and then skips town. Example: person promises to replace your roof, takes your money and never does the work. There is no heaven and God is imaginary, so any promise the preacher makes is a lie. That’s the robbery.

  12. on 07 Nov 2010 at 7:59 pm 12.Lou said …

    “There is no heaven and God is imaginary,”

    How do you know?

  13. on 08 Nov 2010 at 12:46 am 13.Anonymous said …

    > How do you know?

    Ask God to appear. The fact that he doesn’t proves that he doesn’t exist. Everyone knows that. Watch this video and you will understand:


  14. on 08 Nov 2010 at 9:22 am 14.damien said …


    that’s just the discussion I was hoping to find – much more positive and thoughtful than so much of the combatitive posts on this site

    thank you

  15. on 13 Nov 2010 at 9:33 am 15.Jacob james said …

    You are all wrong, God is love, God loves all of you, and strives for a realtionship with you, he is very much real, and it saddens me that you all would go so far out of your way to try and prove that he doesnt. In truth i just typed out a 30 paragraph essay explaning to everyone who reads this blog, why I think God is real, and why he loves you, And i accidently clicked something and it was instantly deleted. But thats life we take it one step at a time, I advise you all to actually read the bible, and try and get something out of it, I have been a christian for the 16 years that I have been alive, i have seen many maricles, and experianced Gods love. I contenue to read the bible and strive to understand him better, as well as understand why we are here. I am a Christian, a republican, and an american, I love my country and the God who allowes us to still have it! The time right now is 1:26 Am so im going to bed, I will pray for the people who wrote this website as well as the people who have read it and will read it! God loves you all, you are his creation, as are all the things of this earth, But you are his masterpiece, his grand finale! you are the work of art by the greatest artist in existance! And Jesus Christ Died for you, so that you might one day find the truth and come to him to spend eternity in heaven! Christianity is about faith not science, you cant prove God does exist and you cant prove he doesnt, because it is not a question of facts and science, but one of love and faith, Something everyone finds in their heart and must answer themselves.

  16. on 04 Dec 2010 at 5:12 am 16.catt said …

    “There is no heaven and God is imaginary,”

    How do you know?”

    The same way I will never say there’s fairy and that there’s fairy land.
    Because there’s no way to measure such thing, there’s nothing to observe, except in fairy-tales.

    Prove to me there’s a god and there’s a heaven. And just pretend that I believe there’s a creator for a sec, prove to me that it’s the bible god. And no , personal experiences doesn’t count because I can simply tell you that I have a personal relationship with Allo Fairy and that he comes to my dream every night.
    If you can experience something but can not demonstrate the same thing to others, then the thing you have experienced only exists within you.

  17. on 04 Dec 2010 at 4:44 pm 17.Dutch said …


    You argument is a fallacy. Do you have anything to offer of real value to solidify your position? We are not discussing fairies, we are discussing God.

  18. on 04 Dec 2010 at 5:51 pm 18.Anti-Theist said …

    As atheists we have no, and have never claimed to have anything to offer pertaining to the existence of deities. Theist are burdened with the responsibility of evidence because, and I don’t quite expect that you’ll get this, they are the ones making the claim that something exists; atheist only reject your claims due to lack of before mentioned evidence. It is not Catt’s responsibility to disprove your dilution, but your dilutions need to exist in order to convince the skeptic.

  19. on 04 Dec 2010 at 10:10 pm 19.Lynda said …

    Mike, your observation regarding the earth in comparison to the universe shown in the photo is exactly the reason I firmly believe their is a superior entity out there. Call it God or Susie-q, doesn’t matter. It is ridiculous for humans to believe that WE are the most superior….or the ONLY. Now, I agree with opinions that much in the bible is simply the interpretation of men who did not have benefit if the knowledge we have today. But, on the other side of that is the fact that they “guessed” correctly about so many things that were not actually discovered, or proven until centuries later. I suspect there is much more to be “discovered” or ” proven” in centuries to come. Maybe, this things you want to call fantasy are actually facts that we’ve yet to discover…or rediscover. Take stone age drawings, for example. How do they so accurately depict modern aircraft and/or spacecraft? Did they know something that became forgotten and has now been rediscovered? There are many examples like this that defy explanation of you assume that we are the ultimate of intelligent beings or that those of us living today are the most advanced, most informed of our species. It just doesn’t wash. Does that mean Jesus was, literally, of virgin birth? No. But the manner in which he came to be is not relevant to the message he brought. Simply put, it doesn’t matter what the leaders of old testament times believed about “God” and what “God” wants from us or does for us. Jesus says that, to “God”, the important thing is that we do not worship, rely or or put our faith in manmade “Gods”. If we do, we WILL be let down. And, that we love and care for others as much as we love and care for ourselves. Otherwise, we lie, cheat, steal & kill and generally make life miserable for everyone. So, it boils down to this. You don’t have to believe that events described in the bible were “miracles” to believe that these events actually happened. You can believe they were simply “coincidences”. You don’t have to believe that Jesus was born of a virgin to believe he actually lived. You can believe, as I do, that the word used to describe his mother is more literally translated as “young maiden”. That doesn’t change the value of the message he carried. And you don’t have to believe that there is intelligence in the universe that is far superior to mankind and that such intelligence is capable of “creating” our earth and it’s inhabitants. You don’t have to believe that. But it would certainly be the epitome of arrogance to presume otherwise.

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