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Christianity Thomas on 13 Aug 2010 12:15 am

“Why I am no longer a Christian”

An intelligent explanation of why someone stops being a Christian:

6 Responses to ““Why I am no longer a Christian””

  1. on 13 Aug 2010 at 6:23 am 1.Sister Chromatid said …

    Excellent explanation– clear and honest.

  2. on 13 Aug 2010 at 9:41 pm 2.Alex said …

    I am not going to sit here and bash you for the decision that you have made for your life. I do however want to ask you, what is your contribution to society other than to be pessimistic and negative? Christian’s believe in God because a lot of them have seen proof. Some are lost and looking to believe. Either way, a lot of good comes of belief in God. People connect in a very caring and useful way. You claim that there is a scientific explanation for how rainbows appear… Well no kidding, there has to be a reason for them to appear the way they do. What is your rebuttle for the fact that God created that scientific way for a rainbow to appear? There is a balance to the way the world works. All we are proving with “science” is the method/method’s in which our planet works the way it does…And that it is too amazing and complicated for it to just have happened. I mean come on… Evolution?? Why do monkey’s live and die as monkey’s today? I can only tell you that History may prove that Poeple may have looked much differently over the last 100,000 years, but let’s consider the fact that we have changed the world, thus changing the way we look and the way our bones and bodies grow. For instance, We no longer sleep on Hard stone cave floors. There is an easy one for you. I believe in evolution to the extent that as the world has changed, so have we. There just isn’t enough scientific evidence for me to even consider that this wasn’t all created by a higher power. In my case GOD. Science can not prove to me That we evolved or that our Solar System was created by a big explosion. There are endless numbers of Solar Systems in Outer Space. They all work in different ways and for us to believe they were all created by “explosions” would be asinine. To each his own, but your blog/video proves nothing.

  3. on 13 Aug 2010 at 11:55 pm 3.Severin said …

    2 Alex
    “I do however want to ask you, what is your contribution to society other than to be pessimistic and negative?”

    Where did you see pesimistic or negative atheist?

    Please read ACG’s previous posts to see what is pesimism and negativism! Nothing is good enough for him in he society he is living with.
    I do not know for ALL other atheists, but most of those I personally know are very optimistic and very positive people.
    I am, personally, very far of any pesimism and negativism! On the contrary: I am very optimistic person. Maybe even naively optimistic: I trust people, I trust in human race to became more clever…and guess what: human race prooved my optimism! Things are bad, but much better than they were in past: at least we don’t have slavery any more! No tubeculosis, no small-pox, we have better food, live longer,… better!

    What I do for society is, in the first place: I am, and I always was, responsible for myself and for my family.
    I also taught my daugter to be self-responsible, and she is! Society never had to help me or my family.
    You may think it is not much, but it IS a lot!
    If all people were like me, world would be much nicer place.

    If it does not satisfy you, I helped, and I still do help people a lot. Not asking for their religion, of course. I give some money, not much, because I do not have much, but I help people whenever necessary, directly, and not only to my relatives or friends. For example I give free math and chemistry lessons to young people without taking money from them money. I never ask for their nationality or their religion.
    It makes me really happy when some of my students get an „A“ or a „B“ on his/her exam.

    It makes me very sad when I see someone justifying killing of children by „saving“ them from „undecent lives“ with their parents and sending them to heaven.
    Dash them (or: put them on sabres…!) to sand them to heaven! Does not look like love!

    I do not want o have anything with such an evil god.

  4. on 14 Aug 2010 at 12:58 pm 4.VeridicusX said …

    Alex #2

    “Christian’s believe in God because a lot of them have seen proof.”

    This statement is a contradiction (and therefore false). If you have proof you have no need of belief – by definition.
    Also, “Without faith it is impossible to please God.” [See also Rom 8:24 and Heb 11:1]

    Faith means belief without proof, unsupported by the facts and logic and in contempt of reasoned evidence.

    Please read a summary of the Theory of Evolution. You seem to be particularly clueless on this subject. (You do realize that pontificating on a subject you know little to nothing about is a form of dishonesty due to your misrepresentations?)

    “Either way, a lot of good comes of belief in God.”

    What someone believes or does not believe has no bearing on what is objectively true.
    If something is true what you believe about it has no bearing on it whatsoever. But if something is false and you believe it to be true, belief is only serving to deceive.

    The purpose of faith, therefore, is to deceive.

    “… our planet works the way it does…And that it is too amazing and complicated for it to just have happened. …”

    This is simply flawed reasoning.

    If the Universe is too complicated to have just happened and you propose a god as an answer. How is it that this god is not too complicated to “have just happened”?

    If complexity or sophistication needs a cause, then so does your god. (Your god is supposedly complicated enough to have conceived and created the universe).

    Perhaps this god was created by an even greater one and so on ad infinitum?

    “There just isn’t enough scientific evidence for me to even consider that this wasn’t all created by a higher power. In my case GOD.”

    This is flawed reasoning again.

    There is no scientific evidence in support of any gods – by definition. Your belief in a “higher power” is simply a baseless assertion unsupported by the facts and logic and held in contempt of reasoned evidence.

    Believing things that you are told and telling yourself that something is true in the absence of verifiable reasoned evidence is not only gullibility, but personal and intellectual dishonesty.
    You don’t know that this is the case, therefore you have no reason for making the baseless assertion.

    What is even worse, practicing this type of dishonesty and gullibility has negative real world consequences for the innocent, such as the child “witch” burnings in Africa, which is currently an ongoing problem.

  5. on 18 Aug 2010 at 7:21 am 5.israel said …

    I just happen to be lookin around saw this site. The guy who wrote this is nuts. And maybe hates god for whatever reason, maybe cuz he didn’t answer his prayer about cancer. Even if we all prayed cancer aoway it wouldn’t work cuz we be testing the lord if he existed. With god we can do great things he loves u just much as he loves me. The whole point of this site is proof if he really exsites. In me he does very much. In you of course he does not because u are lost and have not discover him yet. So instead of looking for him, u tried to dis proof him. That’s ok the bible talks about those who do not believe. With out the holy spirt u can’t truly read and understand the bible. Ps jesus is not a lier :P god bless

  6. on 19 Aug 2010 at 12:27 pm 6.GoodGodHeDoesn'tExist said …

    According to Rabi Moshe Sharon Palaestine was used by The Romans after the the Bar Kokhba rebellion in the 2nd century CE

    (wiki…) not during christian period and certainly not during The Bronze Age. You completely lacking in proper understanding

    of The Big Bang. The philosophical arguement that the univese always existed is at best laughable for better grasp of Big

    Bang Theory without any mathematical effort go to doctorasshole.com this page quick and complete. Also as bio major as you know the mechanism for all the mutation type is not known. I can tell you in brief that point mutations are caused by the rare enol form all the bases due to keto-enol tauterism oscilation reaction since these enol base form pair-up opposite order therefore on third mitosis you have a point mutation in one cell line. With little orgo you could show an arrow mechanism for the point mutation. But for gene duplication the mechanism is lacking the most get is evidence in molecular evolution that it does occur but no mechanism. Many atheist think that if you classicify different mutation types or show some evidence that one of types in fact happened you’ve shown a mechanism; nothing could further from the truth. Could you imagine a test in college that asked for every mutation mechanism, what would teacher say about these answers; you get F for stupidity? Of course a teacher would not ask for the mechanism of every mutation since it is an unknown but let us not miss the point. What atheists should do rather than blab about stupidity is to go into the lab and find these remaining mechanisms; who ever does this will have his/her reward (Noble prize…) on earth. But as for The Big Bang start by going doctorasshole.com and read what’s there before it’s gone.

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