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Christianity Johnson on 20 Aug 2008 01:42 am

Amazing CNN Stats: 57% of Americans believe in divine medical intervention

The statistics in this article are simply amazing:

Survey: Many believe in divine intervention

More than half of randomly surveyed adults — 57 percent — said God’s intervention could save a family member even if physicians declared that treatment would be futile. And nearly three-quarters said patients have a right to demand that treatment continue.

When asked to imagine their own relatives being gravely ill or injured, nearly 20 percent of doctors and other medical workers said God could reverse a hopeless outcome.

The obvious question any rational person would ask is simple. If God is performing medical miracles on earth, then why won’t God heal amputees?

What does the fact that God refuses to heal amputees tell us about God?

If you are a Christian and you would like to understand why the amputee question is so important, this article will help:

Why is the question “Why won’t God heal amputees?” so important?

You may also want to watch this video. The title is, “Proving that Prayer is a superstition”:

One Response to “Amazing CNN Stats: 57% of Americans believe in divine medical intervention”

  1. on 20 Aug 2008 at 3:35 am 1.Pasta Lover said …

    Anecdotes and coincidence are powerful evidence to willfully uncritical believers.

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