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Islam Thomas on 20 Apr 2010 12:11 am

The insanity of Islam, again

It doesn’t get any more insane than this. The message: “If you don’t do what we like, we will kill you”:

Radical Islamic Web site takes on ‘South Park’

The posting on Revolutionmuslim.com says: “We have to warn Matt and Trey that what they are doing is stupid and they will probably wind up like Theo Van Gogh for airing this show. This is not a threat, but a warning of the reality of what will likely happen to them.”

It is not clear what the founding fathers were thinking when they came up with the first part of the first amendment. If they could see what “religion” stands for today, they would never have included it. Religion has become a safe harbor for insanity.

3 Responses to “The insanity of Islam, again”

  1. on 21 Apr 2010 at 8:12 am 1.mike said …

    and again…

  2. on 21 Apr 2010 at 4:22 pm 2.Burebista said …

    I’m grateful for the sanity of Christians and the founders who used it for the basis of our nation. Radical Islam is a real threat to the world. Kudos for these guys for not taking the easy targets (Christians of course) and taking on the the violent elements.

  3. on 21 Apr 2010 at 9:05 pm 3.dan68131 said …

    Loose paraphrase from Sam Harris: I believe the term “terrorist” should be abolished in favor of the word “believers”. After all, Christians and Islamists alike are cut from the same cloth. Neither is ‘insane’ at all! Both are simply following their faith out to its total perfection. Both are very logical and rational in the implementation of their belief systems. Both systems are built on non-provable tenets that require a suspension of the need for evidence. The guys who flew the planes into the WTC in 2001 weren’t insane in any sense of the word…quite the opposite, they carried out a rational well-thought out plan based soley on their faith. Terrorists, as we like to call them, are true believers following their faith with courage, that although there is no evidence now, surely they will be proven correct when they meet their maker. Thank you Sam Harris.

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