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Christianity &Islam Thomas on 05 Mar 2010 12:35 am

The idiocy and hypocrisy of religion

No comment is really necessary – simply scan the articles:

1) CBS affiliate CBS13 reports that Roy Ashburn, a married, Republican state senator from Southern California WITH A HISTORY OF OPPOSING GAY RIGHTS was arrested for allegedly driving drunk after leaving a gay bar with another man in the car.

2) Vatican hit by gay sex scandal

Meanwhile, here is the kind of crap that the religious broadcast to deny basic civil rights to human beings of the homosexual persuasion:

Gay Marriage Tied To Beastiality, Incest, Pedophilia In Conservative Media

3 Responses to “The idiocy and hypocrisy of religion”

  1. on 06 Mar 2010 at 7:52 am 1.David said …

    It is terrible the way Christians treat gay people. Christians put gay people through Hell here on Earth then tell them their God is going to send them to another Hell when they die! No wonder some Gay Christians commit suicide, try to “convert” to be straight, have secret gay sex, have self-hatred, etc.

  2. on 06 Mar 2010 at 1:19 pm 2.Al said …

    “try to “convert” to be straight, have secret gay sex, have self-hatred, etc.”

    No matter that many gay people do not want to be gay. Atheist want to force a gay to be gay rather than helping those who want out of the lifestyle. Got to keep you numbers in the fraternity up for the political activism right David?

    Oh, just to stay on topic. Marriage is defined as a union between man and woman. Nobody has a “Right” to marriage under the constitution. Keep the government out of their bedrooms.

  3. on 13 Jul 2010 at 11:43 pm 3.TruthSeeker said …

    Since Marriage is supposed to be from the bible… why does anyone else marry anyways?

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