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Christianity Johnson on 17 Aug 2008 06:01 pm

Book review – “For God’s Sake”

A book review of “For God’s Sake” by Dr Lee Marsden:

Religious Right ‘threat to world peace’


The book, For God’s Sake, argues that the religious core values of Middle America have potentially disastrous consequences for both the United States and the planet. For example: the Christian Right “seeks to prevent any resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict on anything other than Israeli terms”. Utterances by presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama fit “exactly with the Christian Right agenda and effectively destroys prospects of a peaceful resolution of the conflict”.

Both candidates have been equally aggressive towards Iran, Dr Marsden says, and conservative evangelicals are disproportionately represented in the US military and private security contractors. “This presents a problem in terms of cultural sensitivity and Muslim perceptions of the US military being a Christian army engaged in a crusade against Islam.”

The Christian Right movement has also been behind the Bush administration’s anti-abortion, anti-gay, pro-nuclear family stance, he adds.

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