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Christianity &Islam Thomas on 15 Feb 2010 12:25 am

Religious insanity may be related to brain damage

Have you ever talked to an evangelical Christian, a devout Muslim or a devoted New Age follower and thought, “this person must have brain damage?” Perhaps they do:

A Holy Hole in Your Head?

Religious thinking has been tied to various brain regions before, but a new study moves things a big step forward. By measuring indicators of religiosity in brain-cancer patients before and after surgery to remove their tumors, a team of researchers in Italy has found that damage to a specific region of the brain (the posterior parietal cortex) can increase a person’s feelings of “self-transcendence,” or the feeling of being connected to others and to the universe.

Finding God In The Brain

Researchers report in a new study today that they have found regions of the brain that seem to impact a person’s level of spirituality.

All the gooey emotionalism, the constant talk about the blood of Jesus Christ, the creepy desire to convert others, and the incessant reading of the Bible without ever seeing its huge, gaping flaws – maybe it is all related to brain damage as well.

Admit it – This sermon sounds totally insane to any normal person:

Brain damage would be a logical explanation.

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