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Christianity &Rationals Thomas on 02 Feb 2010 12:30 am

You will want to avoid St. Anthony hospital in Oklahoma City

Visit their Web site: St. Anthony. The opening screen right now says, “Do you believe in the power of prayer?” Clicking on that page takes you to sharetheprayer.tv where it says, “We believe in the power of prayer”, and that is a registered trademark. Also: “See how the Power of Prayer is making a difference every day. Click the images to see their stories.”

This is shocking because, as scientifically trained doctors, any physician practicing under the notion that “prayer works” is completely delusional and probably violating the Hippocratic Oath. The simple fact is that Prayer is rank superstition, nothing more. These two videos will help you to understand the reality of the situation:

23 Responses to “You will want to avoid St. Anthony hospital in Oklahoma City”

  1. on 02 Feb 2010 at 1:15 pm 1.Curmudgeon said …

    LOL, my personal physician and even my kids pediatrician were/are Christian. My children’s physicians always prayed for the child before treating. I would rather my MD believe in the ultimate healer than thinking he is the ultimate healer.

    BTW, we are all healthy and enjoy fine medical care.

  2. on 02 Feb 2010 at 6:46 pm 2.why said …

    Why even get medical care, Curmudgeon? Obviously your doctor has nothing to do with healing your children since he isn’t the ‘ultimate healer’. Take that logic one step further. Prayer is all you need to get healed. Who needs a physician when you have direct access to the ‘ultimate healer’?

  3. on 02 Feb 2010 at 8:29 pm 3.Curmudgeon said …

    Why? Because medicine, physicians and knowledge are gifts from God. C’mon, stop with the ridiculous stereotyping as if Christians don’t live in the same world as you.

  4. on 02 Feb 2010 at 10:19 pm 4.Questioner said …

    > Because medicine, physicians and knowledge are gifts from God.

    Why didn’t God bestow these gifts 2,000 years ago? Why hasn’t he bestowed a cure for all cancers now, rather than letting millions suffer and die waiting for science to discover the cure?

  5. on 03 Feb 2010 at 1:17 am 5.Curmudgeon said …

    I would say two reasons

    1. Man sinned and brought death into the world, Disease and death here are to stay in this world.
    2. We are not here to live forever and all have their time to die.

    I didn’t bestow the gift of a car to my child until he was 18. I didn’t give to him when he was 5. He couldn’t handle it.

  6. on 03 Feb 2010 at 2:55 am 6.Questioner said …

    > I didn’t bestow the gift of a car to my child until he was 18. I didn’t give to him when he was 5. He couldn’t handle it.

    You also did not infect your son with smallpox, polio, cancer, malaria, etc., etc. and watch him suffer and die millions of times over and over again. Why not?

  7. on 03 Feb 2010 at 3:20 am 7.Curmudgeon said …

    Sure didn’t, I hope you haven’t done that to yours. Did you? Of course if my son decided to strike out on his own and infect himself I would provide a cure if I could just like God did with Jesus sacrifice at Calvary.

    That is love that would one lay down his life for another.

  8. on 03 Feb 2010 at 3:55 am 8.Questioner said …

    > Of course if my son decided to strike out on his own and infect himself I would provide a cure

    Strangely, your God provides no such cure for cancer (kills millions per year today), malaria (kills millions per year today), etc. Why might that be?

  9. on 03 Feb 2010 at 7:25 am 9.Severin said …

    “1. Man sinned and brought death into the world, Disease and death here are to stay in this world.”

    Man sinned:
    – Worked on Sabbath
    – Some women did not marry as virgins
    – People worshiped idoles (golden calf eyc)
    – They spreyed blood of animals on the wrong corner of a temple when giving offerings to this dirty and primitive god
    – Some of them were had sex before marriage
    – Some of them did not obey parents
    – Some of them were homosexuals (what is today proven to be GENETICALLY ruled), etc, etc

    And your god decided the punishment for all these “sins” is death! Fine and gentle god!

    And just HOW man brought deseases to this world?

  10. on 03 Feb 2010 at 1:00 pm 10.curmudgeon said …

    “Why might that be?”

    I don’t like to repeat but because man brought sin into the world and consequently the earth is cursed.

    Then again have friends and family who have been cured of cancer, a blessing I don’t take for granted. But who wants to live forever in this world.

  11. on 03 Feb 2010 at 3:50 pm 11.Cass said …

    Excuse me, this is not related to this topic i don’t think i have anothe way of submitting this to the God is Imaginary people and i am also not entirely sure if this may have been listed already in all of the ”proofs”. If it has been discussed already i apologize for bringing it up again, i have not searched through all of the numerous proofs yet but if not i offer my insight:

    If God were real, and the jews were supposed to be God’s chosen people then why did God let the holcaust happen and let so many of his chosen people be exterminated?. If they were so precious so many millions wouldn’t had to die needlessly. That’s a big contradiction, and for some thing that is supposed to be an omnisceant entity it sure has an awful lot of contradictions and cannot keep up with itself. I’m open for discussion, i can readily listen to someone who’s view are different than mine and accept them. I’m not trying to change anyone, but it doesn’t hurt to think or share insights. I’m not getting into any immature arguments, and i will not be putting up with name calling or personal defamtion especially over a computer with another human being i don’t know. It’s retarded. I do not expect anyone to believe what i believe either, but i don’t see why if people who did believe really didn’t doubt deep down inside they would not have to work so hard to convince everyoen around them, they would know God was real and it would not matter if the rest of world believed it or not cause they already had it proven to them. I already know God is not real, it has been proven to me through my own experiences and i could careless if any one else knows that God is actually imaginary or not, cause i know, and that’s all that matters. I’m convinced and i don’t doubt, now there is any one who can have an open discussion with different views and perfectly accept another human being different than us without really agreeing with them?. If so, i’m all open to listen to their views and also share my views, but if it’s not going to be equal i am not wasting my time.

  12. on 03 Feb 2010 at 4:01 pm 12.Cass said …

    This is for Curmudgeon Feel free to email me, i am not going to hide ;)

    Well geez, If you say you believe in one thing and you contradict yourself you are a coward. If you are so sure ultimately that God is the ultimate healer why do u dare enjoy medicare?, you should have nothing to worry about?, And if God were real medicare shouldn’t even exist, but yet it does, why isn’t God healing people, if god were real, we wouldn’t need medicare, cause the world would be filled full of muslims, christians, and hindus just like you who repeat everything said to them like parrots on a preacher’s shoulder without thinking and you can’t think for yourself cause you have so many hand ready made excuses from your religion, you don’t need to think, that’s why theirs Jesus, Jesus and the preachers and the pope will think for you

    So next time you are close to death or someone you love is, you will cowardously pray to god out of Fear and yet go back to sources of medication and of course doctors cause it’s too much to risk depending solely on God to heal you, cause deep down you know it’s not real and that’s all that matters just because people all over the world believe it makes you feel safe u think how can millions be wrong?, So you can go on being phony in your little churches cause all of you people fear deep down and worry and you know inside so it doesn’t matter what you say on the outside verbally. You’ll never admit it, cause you have to convince your community and your family and the rest of the world, and everyone’s just copying each other not really knowing, so have fun living in your ilussion. And anyone who comes along to threaten it, you’ll just throw them out of your bubble even though there are millions of people who don’t believe in God, you’ll just ignore reality, and even though there are people suffering all around you and even yourself you’ll just go on blocking out what’s real and ignoring reality, and that’s real healthy, so go have fun with your ilussion.

  13. on 03 Feb 2010 at 4:04 pm 13.Cass said …

    God dag from Sweden :)

  14. on 03 Feb 2010 at 4:19 pm 14.Cass said …

    I would like to share with my fellow atheists that the other day i actually had someone tell me ”oh how logical you think”….i guess they were jealous cause they don’t have to capacity to think and explore different possibilities anymore. And when people who believe in God especially Christians come upon Atheists, oh we’re exaggerated to be the worst people in the world because we don’t want to go along with it. Time is running out for Christians and any type of God itself, because i do feel that in the next ten years it won’t even matter anymore the older generations will be gone like the 70 year old people who lived in in the 30’s and 40’s and the way of life they remember will be far gone. The newer generations will be born in a new era where now atheism is on the rise and growing and there’s nothing any one can do to stop thinking from thinking rationally for themselves. I also find that a lot but not all study my words here lovies i observe a handful of American christians but not everyone in America who is christian is like this, but still a lot want to portray to the image that they are a happy go lucky person flowing with God, they have their community where everyone knows everyone’s business in their Chruch ecclesia, nothing goes wrong for them at all even though they cant make ends meet in middle class suburbia and who doesn’t have money problems and struggles especially these days??? and their elderly community of course are firm believers in god cause they are close to Death and its time ”to reprent” cause who knows what could happen after death it is unknown? they get scared so there is a big group of people amassed together in their ilussion they are very affectionaly close almost like a Cult family it’s also kind of like a Gang mentality too, the gang has to protect and support their family and persecute any one who threatens what gang stands for…and any one who does threaten their ilussion sometimes they violenty protest and ignore them and sometimes ppl will go so far as to be a mercenary for their religion and verbally attack people to defend their Schizophrenia and reality coping issues they think ”God” will help them defame any atheist and they are put here in the path of Atheists to cause a stirring or spread God’s will but we all know so help me if you don’t believe you’re not so readily welcomed with their open arms but it’s alright to sit in church and pretend every church day, pretend to be someone they know they’re not. And anyone who knows it’s all a sad little game and a big phony social play put on, should be excluded cause those people threaten christianity, and when christianity is threatened christians feel they are threatened.

  15. on 03 Feb 2010 at 4:48 pm 15.Xenon said …

    “I already know God is not real, it has been proven to me through my own experiences and i could careless if any one else knows”

    Cass you are all over the place so I just pulled this out. You KNOW God is not real? So this means you know 100% of everything there is to know in order to make this conclusion? I know for certain He is real so how do those two ideas co-exist?

  16. on 03 Feb 2010 at 8:09 pm 16.Cass said …

    Why don’t you email me dear?. It is easy for me to talk these topics because i have no anger inside of me, even if i were before you now i would still be very friendly and you would find it out that i was not speaking down to you in a debasive tone. For religious people, you are all taught in your religions to be divided against everything even to be divided against your own selves in your personal nature.

    So to your mindset nothing can co-exist, only your ego can be, and whatever reflects your ego. There is always divison, god and the rejection of god/satan, a muslim and a christian, black and white, good and bad, evil and good, atheist and theist How can they co-exist you ask?????

    Are we not co-existing now dear?, Can you look out your window where ever yo are and feel humans surrounding you, you cannot escape them and we will never be able to escape other humans we are surrounded by each other all we have is each other and we are co existing everyday are we not?, im sure there is someone in your workplace or your school or down your street who would not agree with you and yet you co-exist we all live on the planet, There are billions of people in the world now and the world’s still fine, some people want to kill each other cause other people don’t believe what they want to believe. Some people don’t want to kill anyone and are just happy quietly believing what they want and that’s fine it doesn’t really matter what anyone believes as long as you have love in your heart. It’s the institutionalized idea that’s been given to you by religion to divide you from everyone else and to divide from your own self, but in basic human nature you are still humane enough to share the planet?, and if u didnt have that idea you wouldn’t have a loathing for another human at all, it is the religions that divide you against everything and give you these ideas

    The mindset people have been ushered into is to be for a religion obviously and if you’re for something you will be forced to be against something, and someone will be against you, then naturally you will have to be in oppossition and fight.

    And if God is real to you, then that is fine, but instead of negating and fighting and trying to convince everyone through logic or words or scriptures what i don’t understand is if people claim to know the joy of God inside of them by their own personal psychological experience maybe you do feel there’s something great in you, i wouldn’t doubt you at all, i too feel that way but i refuse to align myself with repulsive anti-humanitarian religions that sacrifice everyday humans for humanity and pitting humans againts each other. To me god is love, love is the closest thing we can get to divineright now in this life, that is why jesus says god is love ”Whosoever dwelleth in god dwelleth in love and god in him” god is not an anthropomorphic man diety to me, perhaps your form of spirituality is how jesus says the kindgom of god dwells inside you

    Instead of arguing, fighting?, and time is ticking away we may die any moment anything could happen, and we are getting older with each passing day, Why don’t people take their joy of God and spread it to everyone regardless if they will come across someone who doesn’t like them. Don’t let your religion stop you from being human especially towards other humans, whatever joy you may experience as your own personal experience which is yours instead of trying to rationalize with people especially on a computer when there’s a world out there and yeah every one may be diffreent and you will get spiritually persecuted, whatever joy you feel why not try to be love in action and then you wont have to tell everyone and argue with people that you believe in god or try to convince them through words maybe they could experience some peace, or some warmth from you and maybe you could comfort people and take their pains away despite and maybe that can be your spiritual expression, if you know Love and you have such love then spread it and it wont matter if they will persecute u make fun of you or even not believe you, who cares, its real to you and thats all that matters, ppl forget what human love is, but what am i saying is i am against the religions and their anthropomorphical version of god, i think ppl are taught too muhc to be divided against each other and that can cripple ppl more than they think. We get these ideas from religions. Drop the religions and their ideas, and keep whatever experience you have inside of you, that may call God.

  17. on 03 Feb 2010 at 8:22 pm 17.Cass said …

    But people cant love, they are taught to hate to seperate to divide and where ever you go will not see Love and the repression of love in this world is the entire problem and if you do love youwill get killed and persecutred just like your jesus but it is a risk to take and if u are truly religious, really religious not sitting in a church and reading a book, you will take these these risks, your jesus knew he could die he knew the black that exists inside humans, he was aware and yet he loved and was killed, buddha has experienced the same and youwill experience the same if you try and i have experienced the same, people of the heart are always made fun of by society and persecuted. Did Dr.king not die?, did mahatma ghandi not get killed?, co existing was too much for people, it was scaring them, so they did the only thing they were taught they destroyed, they destroy themselves, their naturalness, their individual intelligence by joining organized religion, The world cannot think in love terms and cannot think in ”whole” or as you just said cannot think in ” co exist”, it thinks only in dividing and analzying and once you analyze everything is dead, u can dissect dead bodies, and so religions dissect humans in the same way until we are dead phenemenon there is no life flowing in us, no love no life, they have divided us not accepted us and told us to fight against ourselves and each other and this world is what you see now, though we co exist it revolves around money, strife and everyone has a shrunken heart the only people fighting wars in the world belong to religions, if the religions weren’t here there would be no war and even though ppl are fighting in certain sectionalized places the rest of the world is fine and we are all co existing just fine, and if there were no religions and ppl knew god all would be good still too because without the religon no one would be against anything they wouldnt be given ideas to seperate and to fight and to divide.

    Unless people enjoy killing each other, which i think they do.

  18. on 03 Feb 2010 at 8:29 pm 18.Cass said …

    In order to discuss with me i may be too multi-dimensional im not here to fight, to argue to deem myself right or you wrong, to convince you of droppin religion, these are just my ideas. You will have to answer me from your own self, not what christianity thinks and says against my ideas, once your start answering from your own self you’ll start be really religious then every one will flock to you and you can have that joy you say you know that’s inside you spreading around then the forms of so called discussions you are used to won’t even matter you will realize you wasted your time and everyone is too,do you think if jesus were here today he’d be locked up in a palatial cathedral with worth millions and millions of dollars surrounded by opulence and wealth dressing in silk garments and flashy crowns just sitting and hording money while half the world is starving?

    No, Jesus would be constantly with the sick and the poor.

    Your pope is not real and your pope and his institutions are killing your human ness, your love, he is phony, he cannot be compared to great spiritual masters such as jesus or buddha, your preachers and priests are given you an ego and identity you say u are a child of god but then u identify yourself as christian u say every one is a child of god then u label someone as black or asian or muslim or hispanic, the world has given u these ideas and given u the ego, if you are a child of god, none of those labeling would matter and even if people are hostile with you, that’s your fault becaues you are so over flowing with love and joy you have so much to share, you wouldnt have time to waste in aruging, fighting, because your true religiousness would have blossomed.

  19. on 03 Feb 2010 at 8:29 pm 19.Xenon said …

    “And if God is real to you, then that is fine, but instead of negating and fighting and trying to convince everyone”

    Cass, I think you misread the intent of the blog. Thomas is attempting to convince and manipulate others into believing there is no God. I see no scripture or fighting only discussion. Relax.

    You did a lot of typing and for that I am grateful. However you never did answer the question. Here it is again.

    “You KNOW God is not real? So this means you know 100% of everything there is to know in order to come to this conclusion? I know for certain He is real so how do those two ideas co-exist?” They cannot both be true.
    Why don’t I email you? lol, I don’t think I want to get into that my love.

  20. on 03 Feb 2010 at 8:32 pm 20.Cass said …

    oh i meant that’s their fault and their problem for being filled with hate not your fault/problem that they are hostile, my english may be not be so great sorry.

  21. on 03 Feb 2010 at 8:46 pm 21.Cass said …

    Did you not read anything i just said?, re- read it, Yes you are right, it is not fit for this blog, if you cannot fight and if you cannot argue you dont want to deal with it, you dont know what to say to what i have said that is why u dont want to email me and that’s fine. i’m not talking about God and your religious god, i dont believe in that god, i am tlaking about love, There is no god, but there is love, and u may experience god as some guy talking to you or u may think its an actual person described in the bible, but i do not think that, i know that is a fairy tale, but love is real and to me love is god and if you cannot understand that then u dont really understand jesus either christians thinks god has a fatherly love for you, when they say god is love, but god is love means that love itself is god, but u wont understand that probaly and this is in no way being too detrimental to the blog because im still bashing religion and im still just like Thomas refusing the acceptance of the bibical and religious gods, but would thomas be against love?, is love imaginary? im sure thomas has a mother, family and people he loves and im sure you do too, God is imaginary, but love is not.

    Let me rephrase myself what i have said may be too over your head and people who think like you will have trouble understanding, and you can go ahead and laugh at me, who cares?

    No i never said i knew everything, i dont know everthing, but i do know the religious god is not real because people created it when the created the religion attached to it. You religouis people think u know everthing so that is why u assume d from my statement i was inferring i did too, after all…..every so called question and all knowledge can be supposedly found in the bible and the koran but most of the stories make no sense and contradict themselves all the time

    Your talking god through the burninh bush is not real,

    I understand that the bible uses alot of metaphors and parables but they are just stories and metaphors and fiction.

    But love is not imaginary. And if god is not love to you and if god is your religious form of talking god talking through a burning bush and other magaical fairy tales with its own gender

    What i am saying is still supporting atheism, cause there is no god.

    God is imaginary. To you god is a persona and to me god is not a person god is love, and love is not imaginary even if it is just chemicals to some we are all affected by it and we have all some experience of these chemcials.

    Anyone can email me for some open discussions, if you still dont understand there is nothing i can do but im just glad i got to share my views, if you have something u want to share with me just email me i cant be coming back onto the site and tracking stuff.

  22. on 03 Feb 2010 at 8:56 pm 22.Cass said …

    Is there not some form compassion for ppl on this atheist blog trying to un crack the shells of religious ppl who are blocking themselves from the rest of humanity and crippling human growth like the guy who wrote the proofs said, yes he is very much anti religious and says religion is fruitless what i am saying is contradictory to religion and it is good that it is. The more people wake up out of their fairy tales the more people can see the real in front of them, and that’s real humans all around them and we are co existing already only your mind with your religion thinks your seperated and divided and that’s your individual problem that u experience your religious god is hurting every thing in this world it is even hurting love, and it is destryoing much. Maybe you yourself don’t destroy but the ideas and the religions are, and it doesn’t matter because soon you will see no one canhelp it, Religion will diminish and everyone can pray to their form of god but people won’t even care any more and everything will be okay, people are growing out of religion really fast so the end of religion is coming.

  23. on 22 Mar 2010 at 10:30 pm 23.Rikki said …

    I totally agree with you, Cass! Love is god! Course I still consider that to be a religious concept. At least how I see it. and I am a Heartarian: a follower of Love.

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