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Christianity &Rationals Thomas on 30 Nov 2009 12:10 am

It’s true – Atheists are far less likely to divorce than Christians

How can this be true – Atheists are far less likely to divorce than Christians:

Atheism & Divorce: Divorce Rates for Atheists are Among the Lowest in America

The Barna Research Group, an evangelical Christian organization that does surveys and research to better understand what Christians believe and how they behave, studied divorce rates in America in 1999 and found surprising evidence that divorce is far lower among atheists than among conservative Christians — exactly the opposite of what they were probably expecting.

The highest divorce rates are in the Bible Belt: “Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama and Oklahoma round out the Top Five in frequency of divorce…the divorce rates in these conservative states are roughly 50 percent above the national average” of 4.2/1000 people.

How can atheists beat Christans when Christians have all their supposed “family values” and their supposed “obedience to God” and their supposed “answered prayers” and their supposed “God” – all of which should be keeping their marriages far stronger and far more intact than the marriages of unwashed heathens?

Could it be that their “family values” and “obedience to God” and “answered prayers” and their “God” are all imaginary?

Also noted:

The difference in divorce rates is particularly interesting given the fact that the Christians getting divorced in the highest numbers are among the same Christians who are most likely to raise an alarm about the state of marriage in society. They also tend to be the same Christians who want to deny gays the right to marry on the assumption that gay marriage is a “threat” to the institution of marriage. If marriage is in any danger in America, perhaps the threat comes from the unstable marriages of conservative Christians, not the relationships of gays or the marriages of godless atheists.

6 Responses to “It’s true – Atheists are far less likely to divorce than Christians”

  1. on 30 Nov 2009 at 5:59 am 1.Ben said …

    Is it possible that atheists tend to get married less because they don’t feel coerced into committing to relationships they don’t fully embrace for straightforward interpersonal reasons (like the relationship is actually healthy and works)? Hence, of the atheist population that is married, they would be less likely to find reasons to split? Or do atheists get married in the same proportions to believers?


  2. on 30 Nov 2009 at 10:26 pm 2.knowledge said …

    Atheists are quite possibly almost as bad as homosexuals. Its funny, because both will go to hell. the only difference is that a gay might see it cumming, where as the atheist thinks he will turn into a tree, like an ent or some shit idk. AND THATS HORSE SHIT!!! MOTHERFUCKER

  3. on 30 Nov 2009 at 10:46 pm 3.Lou said …

    Christians are just like everyone else. They sometimes get divorced and often it is BEFORE they become Christians. Then there are Christians who are only Christian by name. Credit to the Barna who didn’t skew the results. An atheist would have hidden such information.

    Let me add, opposition to gay marriage is not just a “CHRISTIAN” issue. Visit the site belwow. I have even see atheist against abortion as well!


  4. on 30 Nov 2009 at 10:48 pm 4.Lou said …

    I forgot to add. Divorce is permissible in some cases according to scripture.

  5. on 01 Dec 2009 at 2:54 pm 5.chris said …

    This question is easy yet tricky, i feel that by what i know and have read that, the reason non believers can stay married is temptation is less likely to affect your marriage than a christians, reasons….. If 2 people are devoted to God then it is Satan who comes and tries to break what God has brought together. Satan was Gods right hand man in heaven, thus Satan is jealous of anything God can do better.

  6. on 03 Dec 2009 at 12:10 am 6.Vitta said …

    What cases in the bible permit divorce other than those dealing with familial relations? (i.e. cousins divorcing on the grounds that they are cousins).

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