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Christianity Thomas on 23 Feb 2013

Dan Fink states that God is imaginary

Great editorial by Dan Fink in which he admits that God is imaginary:

Fink: God is not so easily explained

How does he admit that God is imaginary? By admitting that the Bible is a book of myth:

The philosopher Paul Ricoeur suggests that there are three stages in a progressive approach to faith and holy texts. First we believe on a literal level. Then, as we learn more about science and history, our sacred “myths” are broken. But later still, as we reach maturity, we can once again embrace our traditions’ stories – precisely as myths, which define and bring beauty to our world. As Ricoeur puts it, “Beyond the desert of criticism, we wish to be called again.”

If the Bible is myth then God is imaginary. Then Fink goes one step further and invents his own god:

Neither the fire and brimstone fundamentalists nor the strident atheists believe in my God, who is the source of both science and the spirit. She is a lot more complicated and ambiguous than many would like. She does not speak in one voice or language. What she asks of me is not always clear. My calling, as a person of progressive faith, is to learn and live this.

What form of insanity is this? The reason why “what she asks of me is not always clear” is because it is the sound of insanity.

Christianity Thomas on 11 Feb 2013

How Christians rationalize their delusion

As we read this story, we witness a Christian rationalizing his delusion:

Of God, Darwin and creation

But enough pert answers and beating around the bush. Let’s cut to the chase.

The Bible says one thing and the theory of natural selection says something else. How can I or anyone believe both?

To be blunt, I can’t. I don’t believe the biblical account of creation.

I can’t believe, not because of my science background, but because the Bible doesn’t say one thing.

It says two. Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 offer two contradictory creation stories. Since the two different stories cannot both be believed, I rely on my God-given gifts of perception and reason for the facts.

I don’t believe the biblical accounts of creation, but I do believe IN them. A story that is not factual, can still show us truth.

Why is this rationalization? Because this pastor is admitting that the Bible’s creation story is nothing but a myth. Meaning it was written by ignorant men, like every other myth. Meaning that the God described is mythological. Meaning that God is imaginary.

The stories of creation teach us that all things find their source in God, that we are made in God’s image, and that creation is very good. We needn’t believe the facts of the stories to believe IN the truth they carry. Facts are to be seen, measured and tested.

The truth, like the Creator, is a person, not a thing to be grasped, but someone with whom to form a relationship — Jesus Christ, the Way, the Truth and the Life.

He fails to see that the entire Bible is myth. You cannot “form a relationship” with a mythological being. It is embarrassing to think about this man, and billions like him, having their “realtionships” with their imaginary friends. How can adults behave in such a ridiculous way?