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Christianity &Islam &Judaism Thomas on 29 Oct 2012

If you believe in God, you have to explain this…

Let’s imagine that you believe in God. You believe God is up in heaven, watching us, answering our prayers, punishing people who do evil, etc. If this is what you believe, then you have to explain what God is doing in this situation:

Deeply Religious Newburgh Man Crushed By Falling Crucifix, Loses Leg

David Jimenez believed his devotion to a crucifix was responsible for his wife being cured of cancer. Well, the crucifix fell on him, crushing one of his legs.

And as CBS 2’s John Slattery reported Friday, the leg had to be amputated.

Jimenez sees tragic irony in losing his leg to a crucifix he had prayed to. The crucifix had been outside the Church of St. Patrick in Newburgh. For months, the 45-year-old pizza worker would stop and pray at the crucifix, that his wife would be cured of ovarian cancer.

And she was.

“David attributed the cure to his devotion to that cross,” Jimenez attorney Kevin Kitson said.

Because of that, Jimenez said, he got permission to clean the crucifix, which was long-neglected. But in doing so, the statue dislodged and toppled onto him.

The religious person has to explain first why God would allow the statue to topple on a devoted Christian who was cleaning the statue. Then the religious person has to explain why God won’t heal amputees. The whole situation is like an anti-God movie trailer.

What does an intelligent, rational person understand? That God is imaginary and the cancer cure, the toppling statue and the amputated limb are all random events. Why would anyone want to believe in a God who intentionally damages people? Or a God who selectively ignores the prayers of all amputees? It is so easy to see that there is no God. Even if there were to be one, the only thing we could conclude is that he is an insane monster.

Christianity Thomas on 27 Oct 2012

The insanity of religion – forcing their beliefs upon others

Every intelligent, rational person understands that God is imaginary – God is as imaginary as Rudolf the red nose reindeer or Jack’s beanstalk. And yet, here in the most powerful nation on earth, we still include “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance. Now there is a new challenge to this long-standing practice:

Massachusetts Supreme Court Will Hear Case to Stop Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in Public Schools

This one is so simple to understand. If the Pledge was changed to say “under Allah”, the Christians would all be howling with rage. They would instantly understand the problem that intelligent people have with being forced to say “under God”.

This situation demonstrates one of the big problems with religion: Religious people want to force their bizarre, delusional beliefs upon everyone else. Why do they feel this compulsive need?

Christianity Thomas on 23 Oct 2012

The Insanity of Religion – Secret Mormon Rituals

The insanity of religion is on display in full force in this hidden camera footage from inside a Mormon temple:

Why does any sane person participate in these insane rituals?

Christianity Thomas on 20 Oct 2012

The insanity of religion – crushing the civil rights of others

This is a speech in front of the Springfield City Council, where they are debating a gay rights bill (Council Bill 2012-226)

Good evening, my name is the Reverend Dr. Phil Snider. I was born and raised in Springfield, Missouri. And I stand before you this evening in support of this ordinance.

I worry about the future of our city. Any accurate reading of the bible should make it clear that gay rights goes against the plain truth of the word of god. As one preacher warns, man and overstepping the boundary lines god has drawn by making special rights for gays and lesbians has taken another step in the direction of inviting the judgment of god upon our land.

This step of gay rights is but another stepping stone toward the immorality and lawlessness that will be characteristic of the last days.

This ordinance represents a denial of all that we believe in and no one should force it on us. It’s not that we don’t care about homosexuals. But it’s that our rights will be taken away, and unchristian views will be forced on us and our children. For we would be forced to go against our personal morals. Outside government agents are endeavoring to disturb god’s established order. It is not in line with the bible – do not let people lead you astray.

The liberals leading this movement do not believe in the bible any longer. But every good, substantial, bible believing, intelligent, orthodox christian can read the word of god and know what is happening is not of god. When you run into conflict with god’s established order you have trouble. You do not produce harmony. You produce destruction and trouble and our city is in the greatest danger that it has have ever been in, in its history. The reason is that we have gotten away from the bible of our forefathers.

You see the right of segregation I’m sorry, hold on.

The right of segregation… is clearly established by the holy scriptures, both by precept and example.

I’m sorry I brought the wrong notes with me this evening. I borrowed my argument from the wrong century. It turns out what I’ve been reading to you this whole time are direct quotes from white preachers from the 1950’s and 1960’s, all in support of racial segregation. All I have done is simply taken out the phrase racial integration and substituted with the phrase gay rights.

I guess the arguments I’ve been hearing around Springfield lately sounded so similar to these that I got them confused. I hope you will not make the same mistake. I hope you will stand on the right side of history. Thank you.

The quotes he uses are amazing in their ignorance and bigotry. This is how religion, and the belief in an imaginary God, is used to crush the civil rights of other people.

The description of the video:

City council heard from the public as they debated a new rule adding LGBT people to the list of minorities protected from discrimination.

This other link (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnuwFx0mpns) has 45 minutes of people who are actually arguing against the bill and comparing gay people to rapists and pedophiles.

This second video contains a parade of insanity.

Christianity &Islam Thomas on 11 Oct 2012

Proof of Heaven?

An American doctor named Eben Alexander (described as a “Harvard-educated neurosurgeon”) went into a coma, went to heaven and then came back to earth so that he can write a book and promote it. The title of his book is “Proof of Heaven”, as described here:

Afterlife exists says top brain surgeon

Dr. Alexander says:

I’ve spent decades as a neurosurgeon at some of the most prestigous medical institutions in our country. I know that many of my peers hold as I myself did to the theory that the brain, and in particular the cortex, generates consciousness and that we live in a universe devoid of any kind of emotion, much less the unconditional love that I now know God and the universe have toward us.

So the universe has unconditional love for us? This is the same universe that presents us with hurricanes, volcanoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, monsoons, tornadoes, forest fires, etc.? What a strange sort of love. Billions of people arrive on this planet only to experience utter misery – where is the love?

And strangely, this misery is overcome by what? By human science and human engineering, not by the universe. Science and engineering give us food, housing and medical care that take away the misery to some degree, at least in the developed world. If it were not for human science and human engineering, we would still be living in dark, wet caves and dying at age 30, like any other animal.

Is one man’s hallucination a “proof of heaven”? Not to an intelligent person. Why was the doctor supplied with nothing in heaven that acts as actual proof? Why did he not return to earth with the cure for cancer or the ability to predict events in the future – something that would act as actual proof? Because his experience was a hallucination. The fact that he cannot accept this simple explanation, and is instead making money from a book about his hallucination, is telling.

Christianity Thomas on 06 Oct 2012

The insanity of Christian Republicans

To any intelligent person, this article and video are so depressing…

Tea Party Rep. Paul Broun: Evolution and Big Bang Are “Lies Straight From the Pit Of Hell.” Why Yes, He Serves On the House Science Committee With Todd Akin

At a speech delivered recently to the Liberty Baptist Church Sportsman’s Banquet (for those of you calculating at home: Liberty + Baptist + Church + Sportsman = Quadruple Conservative), Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA), a member of the House Committee on Science and Technology and a freaking medical doctor, went on a rant about how science is the work of the devil. Which makes his House committee appointment the work of the devil, too? Is he like a secret agent from God sent to spy on the House Committee on Hedonism and Satan-Worship? We’re not sure.

“All that stuff I was taught about evolution and embryology and the Big Bang Theory, all that is lies straight from the pit of Hell. And it’s lies to try to keep me and all the folks who were taught that from understanding that they need a savior.”

You can see Broun make the statement in this video:

How can this incredible level of ignorance exist in any human being, much less in an important elected official?