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Christianity &Islam &Judaism Thomas on 29 Oct 2011

Complete religious hypocrisy in the United States

Recently on the whitehouse.gov website there has been a place for people to sign petitions. One petition asked that the phrase “Under God” be removed from the pledge of allegiance, while the other asked to remove “In God we trust” from coins and currency.

Here is the White House response:

Religion in the Public Square

While the President strongly supports every American’s right to religious freedom and the separation of church and state, that does not mean there’s no role for religion in the public square.

Actually, that is exactly what it means. The only way for there to be religious freedom is for the nation to favor no religion or non-religion. The fact that the pledge says “under God” is repulsive to every person who knows that “God” is a completely imaginary being worshiped by delusional adults and foisted upon innocent children.

Religion hurts America. Religion should be banned from the public square. This video explains the reality of the situation:

Christianity &Islam &Judaism Thomas on 23 Oct 2011

A good comment, and a reason why no thinking person can believe in God

This argument was made by DPK in a comment on this thread:

I have friends that I communicate with on a professional discussion forum who are devout Christians.

A while back their youngest child became seriously ill, and they took to the boards begging for people to pray for him. The exchange went something like:

“Our 8 year old Timmy is in the hospital with pneumonia. His fever is very high and the doctors are very concerned. Please everyone… pray for him.”

Of course all the other devout Christians started praying, adding them to their prayer groups and offering up special requests to god on Timmy’s behalf.

Next day the message was, “Timmy is worse today, his fever spiked at 104 last night, and they had to put him in a cooling blanket to bring his fever down. Today the doctors are changing his antibiotics in the hope they can better fight the infection. PLEASE, pray HARDER!”

And, of course, the faithful responded with promises to redouble their praying activities.

That night, “The prayers WORKED!!! Timmy’s fever is down to 101 and he is asking for something to eat. He is getting better!!! Thank you all and PRAISE GOD!”

What the hell?

When I hear these kind of stories I always picture St.Peter coming to god and saying… “Little Timmy is circling the drain, Lord. He’s got pneumonia and is spiking a dangerous fever. Some prayers are coming in for him.”

God repiles, “I KNOW Peter, who do you think GAVE him pneumonia?? Now, how many prayers have their been?

Peter: “958, so far Lord. Seems like a lot of people care about little Timmy.”

God: “Pffft… if that’s all, Timmy’s worm food. I’m going to make him worse. Tell you what, if the prayers top 2000, I’ll make him better. Otherwise, tough shit for Timmy…. hahahaha”

Peter: “Ok, I’ll text you if we hit 2000. By the way, there’s this orphanage on fire in South America… 200 kids are trapped inside.”

God:… “50,000… I don’t wanna hear about it until the prayers hit 50k dude. Don’t waste my time….”

The stupidity of people who believe that God answers prayers defies imagination. How can any intelligent person believe something that is so obviously ridiculous?

Christianity &Islam &Judaism Thomas on 21 Oct 2011

Newt Gingrich Says No Atheists in the White House

Here is how a majority of Americans look at the world:

They are looking at the world through insane-colored glasses. Gingrich asks: “How can you have judgment if you have no faith? How can I trust you with power if you don’t pray?” The only way to believe in prayer is to be completely delusional, as demonstrated here:

Politics &Rationals Thomas on 13 Oct 2011

Are Atheists Really That Tainted?

Here’s a story that, in any other context, would defy belief – the American Cancer Society has turned down a $500,000 donation because it comes from atheists. There does not seem to be any other explanation for the behavior of the ACS:

Is Atheist Money Too Controversial for the American Cancer Society?

I’ll say this clearly, right up front: The American Cancer Society did not explicitly reject a massive donation offer from a non-theistic organization on the basis of it being a non-theistic organization.

That was not the stated reason given for rejecting a matching offer of $250,000 from the Foundation Beyond Belief and the Todd Stiefel Foundation to sponsor a national team in the upcoming Relay for Life. (An offer that, as a matching offer, was likely to bring in a total of half a million dollars for the American Cancer Society.) Nobody at the ACS has ever said, in words, “We don’t want our organization to be associated with atheists. It’s too controversial. We don’t want atheist money.” And when asked if this was the case, they have denied it.

It’s just difficult to reach any other conclusion. In the place of clear explanations, there has been an ongoing series of evasions, imprecisions, conflicting answers, moved goalposts, apathy, and even hostility…

It’s a fascinating story of the ACS turning down a $500,000 donation, apparently because the donation comes from atheists who want to be recognized for their good works. As the article points out:

And in case you’re thinking, “Why do those mean old atheists have to pick on the American Cancer Society? Why are they publicly embarrassing such a noble organization? Why do they have to make it all about them?” ask yourself this: If this were happening with any other organization — if it were a Jewish charitable foundation, an African-American one, an LGBT one, that had tried to give the American Cancer Society a $250,000 matching offer and had gotten shot down — would you be responding the same way? Would you be mad at the Jews, the African Americans, the queers, for calling attention to it? Or would you be writing enraged letters to the ACS, saying, “WTF? My aunt has cancer, I donate $500 a year to the American Cancer Society — and you’re turning down $500,000 because the money comes from a segment of society that some people don’t like?”

Are atheists really that tainted?

Christianity &Islam &Judaism Thomas on 10 Oct 2011

These two things are related – they show that religion is broken

These two things are related – they show that religion is broken. The first one is a cartoon:

The scientific method vs. the creationist method

In the scientific method, a scientist starts with facts and uses them to draw conclusions. In the creationist method, a creationist starts with Biblical nonsense and tries to find any facts that happen to match the nonsense by coincidence.

The problem is, that exact same process is how the religious arrive at their version of morality, as demonstrated here:

Morality vs. religion

“Morality is doing right no matter what you are told. Religion is doing what you are told no matter what is right.” Thus the religious end up with a Bible that advocates slavery, murder, misogyny, etc. and a group of religious people try to defend that kind of nonsense.

Religion is bankrupt. Any thinking person can see that. The site WhyWontGodHealAmputees can help you understand how bankrupt religion is.

Christianity Thomas on 05 Oct 2011

An Episcopal priest asks: “Do we really live like Christians?”

It is painfully obvious to any intelligent person that American “Christians” are as un-Christ-like as a can be, but it is refreshing to see a priest pointing it out:

Tom Ehrich asks if we really live like Christians

What if America truly were a Christian nation?

We wouldn’t be taking votes on who gets medical care, or who gets to live, or who gets to learn, or whose rights matter more, or whose race or religion can’t be allowed to breathe freely. For Jesus gave healing to all who asked, defended the lives of sinners, taught all who were eager to learn, welcomed all to his circle — even outcasts, lepers and children. He had no regard for his own tradition’s finely tuned boundaries.

We wouldn’t be loading great wealth onto the already wealthy, but rather would be asking them to follow the lead of biblical tax collector Zacchaeus and to give away half of what they have.

We wouldn’t need as many lawyers, because generosity would trump tax-reduction strategies, parables would trump rules, property would be shared as needed and people would be forgiving — not suing — each other….

So true! This video puts a finer point on it:

Christianity &Islam &Judaism Thomas on 02 Oct 2011

You CAN trust science. You CANNOT trust religion.

A video with a simple message: You CAN trust science. You CANNOT trust religion.

Why can you trust science? Because it has a track record that has produced thousands of solid advancements that are undeniable. Just look around you: electricity, computers, advanced medicines, medical imaging, automobiles, airplanes, space flight, GPS, television, skyscrapers, etc. Science is so obvious, so visible, so ubiquitous that it is impossible to deny. Everywhere you look and everything you touch today bears the effects of science.

Why can’t you trust religion? Because it clearly doesn’t work in a vast majority of cases. Religion leads us to things like this and this and this. For more information on the problems with religion please see GodIsImaginary.com.