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Christianity &Islam &Judaism Thomas on 29 Jun 2011

Science does NOT require faith – contrary to what many Christians and Muslims believe

“This video challenges the claim that a belief in science requires equal faith to the belief in a god”:

Christianity Thomas on 22 Jun 2011

The definition of a “Cafeteria Christian”

In this forum thread, a “Cafeteria Christian” writes in to describe his beliefs:

All or nothing

The first response explains how his beliefs really work:

In short, you’re openly a cafeteria christian.


If you’re picking and choosing which parts of the bible to follow, you’re not actually following the bible. You’re following your own sense of morality, and using the bible to back up those beliefs.

The amazing thing about a “Cafeteria Christian” is the fact that he believes himself to be a Christian, simply by ignoring everything in Christianity that is distasteful, wrong, uncomfortable, evil or stupid.

Christianity &Islam Thomas on 13 Jun 2011

“God’s Will” rejects a baby born of fertility treatments

Yet another problem with religion – it reinforces stupidity and technophobia:

Unhappy at the prospect of grandparenthood

My husband and I are finally pregnant. It’s been a long and physically and emotionally taxing road, but it’s well worth it, and we are so relieved and SO thrilled.

The only damper is that my parents weren’t in contact much through this whole process, mustered surprisingly little joy when they heard the news, and have finally revealed that it’s because they don’t believe in infertility treatments. They don’t believe it’s “God’s will,” and they would have preferred if we had adopted a naturally born child.

The problem with this logic is obvious to any thinking person: If fertility treatments are not “God’s will”, then neither is any other medical treatment. If “God” were going to heal someone, he would do it himself, so all medical technology goes against “God’s Will”.

See also: Proof #34 – Examine your health insurance policy

Christianity Thomas on 04 Jun 2011

Ricky Gervais on Noah’s Ark

A different way to think about Noah’s Ark:

How could anyone believe this story? Even if you assume that it’s allegory, how could anyone worship a being this bizarre?

Christianity &Islam &Judaism &Science Thomas on 01 Jun 2011

The right way to say grace at dinner

One of the most beautiful replies I’ve ever heard from an atheist

I was out to dinner with some friends, some from the lab I work in and some I didn’t know. Long story short, when the food arrived, someone perked up and asked if we should say grace. I kept my thoughts to myself and decided I would not join, but my friend interjected. (He’s a genius with electronics and one hell of a thinker).

I can’t remember word for word but I’ll paraphrase to the best of my abilities.

“If you think we should be thankful, then I suggest we each thank the hands of the cooks that put together this delicious food on our table. To the farmers that work throughout the year to feed not only their families but their fellow citizens. To the suppliers that work day and night to make sure the food gets to us safely and efficiently. That’s the real miracle we should be thankful for. It’s never made sense to me that people fleetingly thank the real contributors of a meal, and then give all the credit to something that had no part in it.”

There was no argument afterwards, just the nod of heads in the silent acknowledgment that something very wise had been said.