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Christianity &Science Thomas on 28 Mar 2011

The peak of Christian delusion used to power a dating site

You have to see this one to believe it. They have taken Christian delusion and used to power a dating site:

Some of the amazing quotes from this ad:

Find God’s match for you at ChristianMingle.com

As though this omnipotent “God” couldn’t do it himself, without the need for this for-profit web site to accomplish his plan.

Sometimes we wait for God to make the next move, when God is saying it’s your time to act, to make the next move.

The website is here: Christianmingle.com

You control who you interact with and how much you share about yourself. Trust God and your God-given instincts to guide you through this experience.

If you can “trust God”, why go through all the BS of dating and dating sites? Why not let him pick your mate for you? There’s an easy answer to this question: Because God is imaginary.

Also, if God were involved in Christian marriages, why do most Christian marriages end in divorce?

Christianity &Islam &Judaism Thomas on 22 Mar 2011

The problem with religion…

The problem with religion… is that religious people want to cram religion down every throat. Case in point:

GOP House Judiciary Committee Votes to Put ‘In God We Trust’ on All 9,000 Federal Buildings – What Will That Cost?

Just four months ago the tea party Republicans won control of the House by campaigning on reducing the deficit and promising to focus on “Jobs, jobs, jobs.” But in the 12 weeks since they officially took over, what they have shown is that, despite their new “tea party” branding, this current batch is no different from the GOP pols who ran Congress in the Bush and Gingrich eras.

Like typical politicians, the tea party Republicans have not even bothered to deliver on their campaign promises. They have done nothing to create jobs — they haven’t even held a hearing on employment.

Predictable, but depressing.

Christianity &Islam &Judaism &Rationals Thomas on 21 Mar 2011

The problem with people who ask those who are sick and dying to convert to religion

Christopher Hitchens has been fighting cancer. Here are his observations on those in the religious community who have asked him to convert to their religion because of his illness:

Why would a rational person start believing in imaginary beings, superstitions like prayer, stories of imaginary fairylands like heaven, etc. as part of the process of dying? The fact that someone is dying does not change rational thought – it does not cause you to start believing in the imaginary.

Christianity &Islam &Judaism Thomas on 17 Mar 2011

How amazing is God’s Forgiveness? Not very.

How amazing is God’s Forgiveness? Not very:

“Think about it – it doesn’t make any sense at all”. Truly.

Nothing about religion makes any sense, as seen here:

Advice God

Christianity Thomas on 13 Mar 2011

The Christian God needs a lesson in strategic planning or he doesn’t exist

This is a popular thread from the forums:

The Christian God needs a lesson in strategic planning or he doesn’t exist

One of the strongest arguments against the Christian God is the “argument from hiddenness”. If God allegedly loves us, wants us to believe in him, wants to redeem us, wants to have a relationship with us, and wants us to follow his commands, the fact that he is invisible, unverifiable, and uncommunicative (other than a hodgepodge of ancient texts and subjective internal voices) is illogical and a strong indictment against his existence.

There is no need for anyone not to be a believer. There is no need for any religion to exist other than Christianity. There is no need for the myriad of sects, denominations, subdenominations, and “cults” to exist either. There is no need for any disagreements among Christians regarding any doctrine. If God communicated clearly, no one would be confused about anything whatsoever.

The funniest thing about the “argument from hiddenness” is the fact that anyone would suggest it. Didn’t God write the Bible? Didn’t God flood the entire planet and then create rainbows to remind us of that flood? Didn’t God send his son to earth? Doesn’t God answer prayers today? Christians believe all of these things, and then in the same breath claim that God must remain hidden. The delusion is palpable:

Christianity Thomas on 10 Mar 2011

A comment from a former Christian about Christian Dominionists

The following comment appeared in this thread about Christian Dominionists:

sonofapreacherman said …

My father is an ordained minister in the Assemblies of God. Let me tell you right here and right now: These Palinesque people are 100% serious! They all believe with every fiber of their being that Jesus Christ is Lord and that “every knee shall bow” — and if you don’t find that to be creepier than the wide, tapping stance of Larry Craig, you must be one of them!

The Bible, the Christian faith, and the Assemblies of God utterly destroyed my youth. I was deprived of any normalcy whatsoever throughout my entire childhood. I grew up living in abject fear of a burning hell and the imminent Second Coming of Jesus Christ. What if I slipped up and committed some small transgression only moments before the skies parted and the Great Rapture suddenly took place? One shall be taken and the other one left.

Surviving seven years of Terrible Tribulations seemed to be improbable at best. Surely I’d be doomed to burn forever in the unholy fires of hottest hell unless I could muster the courage to be publicly beheaded by the followers of the evil AntiChrist! I spent the first 20+ years of my life whispering nonstop prayers of repentance and faith lest I find myself caught in the vicious snares of Satan himself.

That is the type of shat-bit insanity which ruled my days and haunted my nights for far too long. I was not allowed to think for myself nor to question authority. I was taught only to trust and obey for there was no other way. It was a hard-core, God-blighted, miserable existence based on the fantastical tales of sheep-herding dolts and the delirious ramblings of imprisoned, self-proclaimed prophets.

I was completely immersed in this cultish religion from the very moment I was born, and it took me two decades before I could even begin to break away from the pervasive, mind-twisting, brain-washing grip of the Assemblies of God. Many years have since passed, and my parents are still active in the church today. I, on the other hand, am more certain than ever that, when my parents die, they will simply be dead. I am confident today that there is no god and that there is no life after death. For this I am thankful. It didn’t come easy.

Make no mistake: The Borg-like Dominionists are a dangerous lot. Give them an inch and they’ll just take over. The delusional arrogance of this self-righteous lot knows no bounds. They’re willfully ignorant, slyer than foxes and more persistent than a family of woodpeckers on crack!

The history of Assemblies of God:

On Dominionists:

Christianity &Islam &Judaism Thomas on 08 Mar 2011

A classic that is well worth repeating – “What if you’re wrong?”

“What if you’re wrong?”

This is a favorite question of Christians and Muslims, but they never ask the questions of themselves:

If Christians and Muslims did ask the question of themselves, they would immediately understand that they are delusional. That is why they cannot ask the question of themselves and think about it with any sort of depth.

If you are a Christian or a Muslim and you are willing to think introspectively, this video can help:

Christianity Thomas on 03 Mar 2011

You DO NOT Have A Personal Relationship With Jesus Christ

This is an in-your-face kind of video, but he speaks the truth. Christians do not have “A Personal Relationship With Jesus Christ”. It is not possible to have a relationship with an imaginary being who is invisible, silent and undetectable in any way:

But Christians insist that they can have a personal relationship with this imaginary creature. In the following video she talks about “one-on-one quality time with God”. As you listen to this women, you can hear the delusion. There is a “god” who can be ignored, and a “satan” who can’t be ignored – who is working to “steal your time with god”. If this “god” actually existed, wouldn’t he simply say something to keep the conversation going?

Christianity &Islam &Judaism &Rationals Thomas on 01 Mar 2011

High School Atheists Are Organizing — Why Are Schools Pushing Back?

High School Atheists Are Organizing — Why Are Schools Pushing Back?

High school student Brian Lisco just wanted to form a student club. A senior at Stephen Austin High School in the Houston suburbs, Lisco wanted to meet with like-minded students; students who shared common interests, who could talk about ideas they found interesting, who could give one another support.

But his efforts were consistently thwarted by the administration at his high school. His requests to form a club were stalled for months, and obstacle after obstacle was put in his path.


Because the group he wanted to start was an atheist group.

His story is being repeated, with variations, around the country.