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Christianity &Islam &Judaism Thomas on 27 Jan 2011

One of these articles is wrong

The first article contains good news:

Few Millennials Interested in Religion, Study Finds

An apathetic attitude towards religious and spiritual matters is common among members of this generation, according to The Millennials by Thom Rainer, president and CEO of LifeWay Christian Research, and his son Jess, a Millennial born in 1985. Members of this generation are likely to care less about spiritual matters than those from previous generations, the Rainers wrote.

Nearly two-thirds (65 percent) of this generation rarely or never attend religious services, according to the survey conducted by LifeWay on 1,200 Millennials. And spiritual matters was ranked sixth, below friends and education, in a list based on an open-ended question on what is important to respondents.

“The [Baby] Boomers began the decline [in caring about religion] right after the Builder generation. Then came Gen X where it decreased again. And the Millennials are even less so (religious),” Thom Rainer explained to The Christian Post.

Also: “An astounding 70 percent of Millennials agree that American churches are irrelevant today.”

This article indicates that religion, even in America, is in steep decline and is on the way out.

The flip side is this:

‘Believers’ gene’ will spread religion , says academic

Prof Rowthorn wrote: “The more devout people are, the more children they are likely to have.” Some religious sects had fertility rates three or four times the general population, he noted. If people in these groups only married within them, he said “ultra-high fertility groups would rapidly outgrow the rest of the population and soon become a majority”.

For example, the Amish in the US had grown from 123,000 in 1991 to 249,000 in 2010, and were forecast to increase to 44 million by 2150 if past trends continued.

If this were going to happen, wouldn’t it have already happened over the previous thousands of years?

Christianity &Islam &Judaism Thomas on 26 Jan 2011

Religious people can ascribe anything good to God, but conveniently ignore all the bad. This can only be done through delusion.

Here is a good example of how Religious people can ascribe anything to God:

God was behind Big Bang, universe no accident: Pope

“In the beauty of the world, in its mystery, in its greatness and in its rationality … we can only let ourselves be guided toward God, creator of heaven and earth,” he said.

Note how the Pope completely ignores all suffering, disease, disaster (hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, etc.), famine, etc. in making this statement. If a god created beautiful things, he also created every repulsive thing as well. Why did he create 10,000 diseases? But the Pope conveniently ignores reality to make his statement.

Of course there is no evidence for God, no evidence that a god created anything, and the Bible is consistently wrong about every aspect of creation it mentions. There is also the fact that most of what the Bible contains – Noah’s ark, the garden of Eden, Jesus’s resurrection, etc. – is pure myth.

And there is the fact that the Pope has never read the Bible:

Pretty safe to say the Pope is completely wrong about the creation of the universe.

Christianity &Rationals Thomas on 24 Jan 2011

Attack on atheists found in “A Prairie Home Companion”

If you were listening to “A Prairie Home Companion” this weekend on NPR (the January 22, 2001 show), you noticed an attack on Atheist values at the beginning of the second half. The song is called, “Please Help Me, I’m Falling” and the last verse goes like this:

Please help me I’m Lutheran, we’re supposed to be true.
Not shack up with strangers, like Atheists do.
It’s terribly tasteless, and also not right.
But now that we’ve fallen, may I stay the night.
But now that we’ve fallen, may I stay the night.

The second line is an attack on atheist values, and an inaccurate one at that. Here is an indication of reality:

Atheism & Divorce: Divorce Rates for Atheists are Among the Lowest in America

Conservative Christians of all types, evangelical as well as Catholic, tend to link their conservative brand of their religion with proper moral behavior. By far the most popular context is marriage: they claim that a good, solid marriage is only possible when people acknowledge conservative Christianity’s claims about the nature of marriage and gender roles. So why is it that Christian marriages, and especially conservative Christian marriages, end in divorce more often than atheist marriages?

The fact is that atheists, being in general more rational than their religious counterparts, are much more likely to remain crime-free, to honor their marriage vows, etc.

You can listen to the song yourself by going to the show archive:

January 22, 2010 // Show # 1274

The song is at the top of Segment #3

Christianity Thomas on 21 Jan 2011

Dominionists – the most insane Christians, and also the most powerful

One definition of dominionism is found at the beginning of this video:

The defining concept of dominionism is that Christians alone are biblically mandated to occupy all secular institutions until Christ returns, or in other words, to take control of sinful, secular society.

Another definition of Dominionism:

Dominion Theology is a grouping of theological systems with the common belief that the law of God – as codified in the Bible – should exclusively govern society, to the exclusion of secular law, a view also known as theonomy. As of 2010 the most prominent modern formulation of Dominion Theology is Christian Reconstructionism, founded by R. J. Rushdoony in the 1970s. Reconstructionists themselves use the word dominionism to refer to their belief that Christians alone should control civil government, conducting it according to Biblical law.

A worst-case-scenario picture of dominionism is painted in this article:

The Threat From Within: Dominionists Taking Over America

The inherent danger of religious fundamentalism should be self-evident in America, and it is not a stretch to imagine Inquisition-type crusades occurring in America, and with the bible as a guide, no-one is safe. Many of the extremist Christians repudiate the peaceful teachings of Jesus and revert to Old Testament-style laws that are so severe, that if allowed to gain a foothold will result in a bloodbath that extremist Muslims would envy. The bible’s Old Testament is rife with stories of genocide and destruction that is reminiscent of Nazi Germany. It is advisable to remember that most Germans were caught up in the wave of anti-Semitism that claimed the lives of 6 million Jews and caused World War II. Religious zeal is worse than nationalistic fervor, and seemingly peaceful, tolerant people can be swept up in a killing frenzy; especially if people believe the murder is commanded or condoned by god.

Americans cannot be complacent by letting these Dominionists proceed in their attempts at theocracy. The anti-immigrant mindset that many Republican legislators embrace is the impetus for revoking the 14th Amendment, and the proponents are primarily fundamentalist Christians. The homophobes in the Republican Party who advocate for extermination of gays are Christian extremists and serve as legislators, governors, and state representatives in every state in the Union. Liberals, scientists, feminists, and atheists are all targets of fundamentalist Christians who base their hate on the bible’s Stone Age decrees.

This article contains a prediction:

Christian Domininionsts to take over the world by 2032

Christians are projected to take over the world by 2032, according to a book called Megashift by James Rutz.

The Christians that Rutz describes appear to be Christian dominionists, a new “army” of born again super-Christians who are supposedly endowed with supernatural powers, such as their ability to raise the dead. They are reportedly increasing in number by 8% per year, especially in Africa, India, China and Southeast Asia.

As part of this explosion in the “new Christianity,” non-Western missionaries are outnumbering Western missionaries. Africa, for instance, was declared the “Church of the Future” at the 2010 Lausanne Conference which embraces the principles of Christian dominionism, a sect of Christianity which seeks to take over the global culture in order to create a “Kingdom of God” where non-believers and “the wrong kind of Christians” will be “displaced” and “toppled” from various institutions.

Christianity &Islam &Judaism Thomas on 18 Jan 2011

God chooses Miss America, negating all the prayers of all other contestants as well as the free will of the judges. The pageant is all part of God’s Plan.

Here is a photo of Miss America on the night she won the pageant:

Miss America Organization’s Photos – Miss America 2011 Teresa Scanlan

If you believe that the photo is a fake, you can see the original on Facebook:

Miss America Organization’s Photos – Miss America 2011 Teresa Scanlan

The comments on the photo are things like:

Jennifer Broas- Amazing shot, giving glory to her Saviour!

Jill Bennett Bearden- Love, love this picture!!!!

Darcy Neveu- Let His light shine :)

Kristina Mason- Love this pic! Praise God!!

Sarah Salazar- Man. I love her even more now. Praise Jesus!!

Veronica Ayers Ward- God Bless You!!

Karey Fletcher- great picture. you can do all things through God! AMEN

Looking at Teresa Scanlan’s blog we find:

Miss America is Here: Why Am I Competing?

When I found pageantry, I realized that God had prepared me for this competition by creating me to love diversity, and here was the place I could use the talents He had given me.

I was reading 2 Timothy and chose chapter 2, verse 15 as particularly applicable to me. It reads: “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth.” As I thought about that verse and how it applied to me, I wrote the following prayer:

Dear God, please help me to be a diligent servant not only today but from here on out. Give me the strength and wisdom to accurately handle your word of truth and the diligence and perseverance necessary to be a worker who is not ashamed. I wish to be a shining light for you, a glowing example of who you are, and a grain of salt in a tasteless world. Whether or not this is achieved through a position, crown, title, or job, please place me exactly where you need me to be an effective ambassador for you. I am clay in your hands, your humble servant, willing to do whatever you wish for me in your perfect plan. I love you so much and thank you for blessing me so tremendously and bestowing such outstanding opportunity on me. My greatest wish is to exemplify your love through my words and actions in order to bring others to you.
Your Loving Daughter, Teresa

That night I won the title of Miss Nebraska. From that, I know that this is exactly where God wants me to be, and He has a plan for each and every day of my life, not only this year, but every year.

Why am I competing in the Miss America competition over the next ten days? Because God has placed me in this position to show His love.

Teresa prayed, and she won that very night. God “has a plan for each and every day of my life, not only this year, but every year.”

It is all part of God’s plan. So the winner of the Miss America Pageant was chosen by God. The free will of the judges was taken away and they were forced to vote in a way pleasing to God to fulfill his plan. All prayers by any other contestants were pointless and were denied, since they were all praying outside the plan. The thousands of other girls who lost at various stages in the local and state pageant systems suffered the same fate. And the millions of ugly girls who were completely excluded from the process, of course, suffered as well.

Apparently Teresa completely missed the verse in 1 Timothy chapter 2 that says:

Also that women should adorn themselves modestly and sensibly in seemly apparel, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or costly attire but by good deeds, as befits women who profess religion. Let a woman learn in silence with all submissiveness. I permit no woman to teach or to have authority over men; she is to keep silent.

This video on God’s Plan is helpful:

Helpful chapter: Chapter 15 – Why is God so sexist?

Christianity Thomas on 17 Jan 2011

The utter embarrassment that is the Christian Bible

This short clip makes it clear how embarrassing the Bible is to any thinking adult:

The natural Christian reaction to this sort of situation is to say, “The Old Testament does not apply to me.” Which is of course ridiculous on several levels:

  1. It is supposedly the same “god” in the both the old and new testaments. If he is absurd in one, why “worship him” in the other?
  2. Christians will use the old testament when they choose to. They will quote the Ten Commandments or demand the death of gays, both from the old testament, and then a minute later claim the old testament does not apply
  3. The old testament is disgusting, yet Christians carry around a book that contains that disgusting material.

This video helps to understand how embarrassing and ridiculous the Bible is:

Christianity Thomas on 14 Jan 2011

A fundamental problem with the Christian belief in prayer

Why do Christians believe in prayer? How can they possibly believe in it given the reality seen in this image:


Anyone who takes even a moment to observe reality sees this problem immediately. How can Christians so blithely ignore it? How can anyone who believes in prayer be taken seriously?

Christianity Thomas on 13 Jan 2011

Door To Door Atheists Give Mormons A Taste Of Their Own Medicine

What comes around goes around:

Door To Door Atheists Give Mormons A Taste Of Their Own Knock-Knock Medicine

Documentary filmmaker and very Australian man John Safran was sick and tired of Mormons banging on his door. (Is this something that happens in Australia? Or is he just pissed off on behalf of all Salt Lake City residents? It is never fully explained.) Anyway, he bought himself a button down and tie, a ticket to Utah, and began his crusade as a door-to-door atheist.

Why would Christians, Mormons or Muslims be offended by this? But apparently they are quite offended.

Rationals Thomas on 12 Jan 2011

The 25 Most Influential Living Atheists

The 25 Most Influential Living Atheists

To make it on SuperScholar’s list of influential living atheists, an atheist can’t merely disbelieve in God but also must actively encourage others to disbelieve in God. But even that isn’t enough to make our list. Bill Maher and Penn & Teller, for instance, use their prominence as entertainers to promote atheism. But they do so mainly as popularists, not as scholars attempting to make a considered case against theism and for atheism.

Thus, to make it on our list, an atheist needs not only to be actively promoting atheism but also to do so as scholars in scholarly forums – this is, after all, SuperScholar! All the names below fit that bill. They are notable scholars in their own right and they use their scholarship to promote atheism explicitly or to promote forms of thought that make belief in God untenable.

1. Richard Dawkins
2. Sam Harris
3. Christopher Hitchens
4. Daniel Dennett
5. Stephen Hawking
6. Steven Pinker
7. Michael Shermer
8. Peter Singer
9. Steven Weinberg
10. Paul Kurtz

Christianity &Islam &Judaism &Rationals Thomas on 10 Jan 2011

The disgusting way that those who believe in gods treat others

This video makes a number of points, but one of the most important is toward the end, where it describes the disgusting way that religious groups treat others:

Irregardless of whether gods do or do not exist, this disgusting behavior would naturally cause some people to reject religion. Combine it with the fact that there is no evidence that any god exists, and you understand why so many people reject religion.

The strange question is this: why do so many people accept religion, despite the disgusting behavior and the lack of evidence? Another question: why do many who believe in gods then fall into such disgusting behaviors?

Christianity &Science Thomas on 06 Jan 2011

A fifth column of insanity

This is a Christian named Frank Schaeffer speaking:

The Mainstream culture does not take stock of the fact that we have within our culture a subculture which is literally a fifth column of insanity, which is bred from birth, through home school, Christian school, evangelical college, whatever, to reject facts as a matter of faith.

“Can Christianity be rescued from Christians?”

What is a fifth column? A Fifth column is “a group of people who clandestinely undermine a larger group such as a nation from within, to help an external enemy.”

Christianity Thomas on 04 Jan 2011

When does Christianity finally reach the breaking point?

It seems that, as Christian fundamentalists become more and more entrenched, they should eventually reach a breaking point. Here is one place where they are getting close:

“E Pluribus Unum” irks congressional conservatives

The culture wars have a new battlefield, thanks to a letter this week from the Congressional Prayer Caucus to President Obama. To the religious right, the motto “E Pluribus Unum,” which has been part of the fabric of American democracy since it was emblazened on the national seal in 1782, has become a controversial, anti-God statement.

And another:

Enraptured by the Second Coming

From her Subaru, a car painted as white as the fourth horse of Revelation, Allison Warden proclaims that Jesus shall return May 21….

If you’re on the left-behind list, get ready for some real disappointment. On Oct. 21, five months after the believers vanish into the sky, the entire planet will be engulfed in the cleansing fires of heaven.

Of course nothing will happen on May 21. Her belief is a type of insanity.

Why is a person who is afflicted with this level of insanity able to get media coverage? Because there are millions of others who are just as insane.

If you are a casual Christian who is tired of the insanity, try this – It will help you break free: GodIsImaginary.com