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Christianity Thomas on 28 Oct 2010

The insanity of Christian protesters

A man confronts Christian protesters:

Husband confronts abortion protesters

What Happened When I Yelled Back at the “Christians” Calling My Wife a Murderer

Across a crowded street, two people with “God Is Pro-Life!” signs and pictures of torn-up fetuses managed to drive the blade in even deeper. Again, I was left trying to console the inconsolable, feeling even more helpless this time, because I wasn’t allowed into surgery with her.

If there were a “god”, which there isn’t, it is certain that he is not “pro-life”. Anyone can understand that simply by looking at statistics like these:

Miscarriage Statistics

There are about 4.4 million confirmed pregnancies in the U.S. every year.

900,000 to 1 million of those end in pregnancy losses EVERY year.

More than 500,000 pregnancies each year end in miscarriage (occurring during the first 20 weeks).

Approximately 26,000 end in stillbirth (considered stillbirth after 20 weeks)

Approximately 19,000 end in infant death during the first month.

Approximately 39,000 end in infant death during the first year.

Approximately 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage; some estimates are as high as 1 in 3. If you include loss that occurs before a positive pregnancy test, some estimate that 40% of all conceptions result in loss.

No one in their right mind would claim “god” to be “Pro-life” given those statistics.

Christianity &Islam &Judaism Thomas on 27 Oct 2010

So sad it makes you want to cry – the disaster of religious education

From the video’s description:

Clip from the documentary ‘Dispatches – In God’s Name’ about the growing fundamentalist Christian lobby in the UK. Originally broadcast in May 2008.

Watching it is heartbreaking. What a waste.

Christianity &Islam &Judaism Thomas on 26 Oct 2010

God is a myth

Would you like to confirm for yourself that God is a myth? This will help:

“God is a Myth”

So will this web site:

God is a myth!

I am a former Pentecostal evangelist turned atheist. I have decided to write a blog where I share my ideas regarding the biblical God and other myths.

Christianity Thomas on 21 Oct 2010

5 Things You Won’t Believe Aren’t In the Bible

If you know the history of Christmas at all, you know that the common image of Santa (sleigh, reindeer, etc.) got invented and popularized in the early 1800s. No one had heard about Rudolf, however, until a department store invented him in the 1930s. The same kind of thing happened with Frosty. They just got added onto the Christmas snowball because people liked them. It’s all a nonsense story anyway – why not embellish it?

Turns out the same thing happened with the Bible…

5 Things You Won’t Believe Aren’t In the Bible

#5 Angels
#4 The Devil Is Red and Has Horns, a Pitchfork and Goat Legs
#3 The Holy Grail
#2 The Antichrist
#1 Hell: Everything Other Than the Fire

Really. It’s all made up.

What’s even more amazing is that people completely and willfully ignore the stuff that really is in the Bible, as seen here:

Watch as a Christian comes to terms with reality in this forum exchange:

different perspective of “recognize we all ignore Jesus”

Would you like to learn how to abandon nonsense mythology and live your life in the real world? Here are two sites that can help:

Why won’t God heal amputees?

God is imaginary

Christianity &Islam &Judaism Thomas on 19 Oct 2010

The insanity and homophobia of religion is actually killing people

It is so very, very sad what religion is doing to innocent members of our societies:

Speech by city councilman Joel Burns of Fort Worth, Texas

It is sad, and also horrifying. Here, in the 21st century, in modern America, we as a society are subjected to the disgusting, violent, bigoted behaviors of Christians everywhere we go. To the point where many members of our society feel that suicide is the only way to gain relief. All of it is happening in the name of a “God of love”.

And Islam is worse. Read this article to see the insanity of religion amplified by rampant fundamentalism:

Middle East: The Clash Of The Fundamentalists

The Sunnis are backed by their religious head, Saudi Arabia lead by the Wahhabist conservative regime (Wahhabism is a particular orientation within Salafism). The Shiaas are influenced by their Shiaa-Iconic regime, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Mullahs regime that launched “The Shiaa Revival” with its Iranian Revolution three decades ago. Iran is now accused of imposing its political and religious agenda on non-Iranian Shiaas, causing conflict in their own countries, and also influencing Sunnis as well. Throughout the Arabian Gulf countries, one phenomenon is found: Imams are loudly swearing to – both inside and outside their mosques – the fundamental basics of the Shiaa tradition. At the same time, many books have recently been released that are against the Shiaa tradition.Those books are freely available to the public. An analyst from the region told me in confidence that this phenomenon is a “Wahabist invasion of the Gulf countries”. The Sunnis have started to call the Shiaas as rawafid (Rejectionists and perhaps dissidents) The Shiaa have started to call the Sunni as Nawasib (Have intentional hostility against Imam Ali).These words are derogatory, stereotypical, and highly provocative.

The behavior makes us look imbecilic as a species, and leads the author to predict all-out war:

Without intervention, the clash of these three fundamentalists will lead to an all-out religious war, on par with the Christian Crusades centuries ago, but fought with today’s ever more deadly weapons.

All in the name of a “God of peace”.

An intelligent person can come to only one conclusion: Religion is insanity. That is the only word that can be used to describe it. Manny will argue that it is “only the extremists who do these things”, but what is happening with homophobia in America, and the sectarian strife in the Middle East, is not caused by extremists – these are mainline activities by the rank and file, fully and publicly encouraged by religious leaders.

If you are a Christian or a Muslim, please consider an alternative. Abandon these ridiculous religions, their disgusting leaders and their imaginary, ridiculous “gods”. Here are two sites that can help you overcome religious delusion:

Why won’t God heal amputees?

God is imaginary

Christianity &Islam &Judaism Thomas on 15 Oct 2010

Bill Maher opposes the Mosque at ground zero, along with all mosques, churches and synagogues

Bill Maher opposes the Mosque at ground zero, along with all mosques, churches and synagogues. Hear what he has to say with Jay Leno:

The question left unanswered is: why do billions of people want to “worship” imaginary people and retell ridiculous stories created by goat hearders from thousands of years ago?

Christianity Thomas on 13 Oct 2010

With almighty God in his heaven looking on, the Catholic church harbors pedophiles

Set phasers to rage. Documentary by the BBC on Sex Crimes and the Vatican:

This is the behavior of some of the most devout – of those who should be most connected to their God, most knowledgeable of hell, and therefore the most moral amongst Christians.

Christianity &Islam &Judaism Thomas on 12 Oct 2010

Can science decide morals?

John Horgan’s Cross-Check in SciAm questions Sam Harris’ new book:

Be wary of the righteous rationalist: We should reject Sam Harris’s claim that science can be a moral guidepost

I part company with him when he argues in his new book The Moral Landscape (Free Press, 2010)—which comes fortified with blurbs from Steven Pinker, Richard Dawkins and other antireligious scientific luminaries—that science can take religion’s place as the supreme arbiter of moral “truth”. “There are right and wrong answers to moral questions,” Harris asserts, “just as there are right and wrong answers to questions of physics.” Questions about morality, he explains, are really questions about human happiness or “well-being,” and these questions can be empirically resolved, just as questions about diet and disease can be.

Christianity &Rationals Thomas on 09 Oct 2010

Christians and Atheists talking together

A Christian posted a message to Atheists on Reddit this week:

A Christian Minister’s take on Reddit

Then he wrote about his experience:

Things I learned from “A Christian Minister’s take on Reddit” yesterday

His observation: “Christians and atheists can have a civil discussion.”

Christianity Thomas on 07 Oct 2010

Glenn Beck shows us how disgusting Christians really are

Every sane and rational person understands the problem with Glenn Beck:

Glenn Beck Mocks Fire Victims, Reaches New Depths of Awfulness

That’s right. A matter of days after losing everything they owned, including their home, their pets, family photographs — everything — and all because of a delinquent $75 fee, Gene Cranick and his family were excoriated, scolded and teased by multimillionaire celebrity televangelist Glenn Beck in front of a radio audience estimated at upwards of 10 million listeners.

Glenn Beck is disgusting to any sane and rational person.

But the larger problem is his audience, made up of 10 million Christians. The only reason anyone knows about Glenn Beck is because of the 10 million Christians who wallow in Beck’s disgusting behavior and celebrate it. This is the true face of Christianity in America today, and it is truly disgusting.

Why would anyone want to be associated with such a disgusting group? If you would like to end the disgust in your personal life, here are two sites that can help you:

Why won’t God heal amputees?

God is imaginary

Christianity &Islam &Judaism Thomas on 07 Oct 2010

The inherant stupdity of religion and the religious in the modern world

The Unbelievable Truth: Why America has become a nation of religious know-nothings

The age of the Earth, the existence of billions of galaxies, the detailed confirmation of evolutionary biology, including our demonstrated close kinship to chimpanzees and indeed all other mammals – all these discoveries and many more have taken their toll on any literal understanding of the holy texts. Scholarship about the history of those texts has also made it more and more obvious that they are imperfect human artifacts with a long history of revision and adjustment, not eternal and unchanging gifts from God.

So what’s a religion to do? There are two main tactics….

Islam Thomas on 06 Oct 2010

The insanity of Islam continues

British schools where girls must wear the Islamic veil

Islamic schools have introduced uniform policies which force girls to wear the burka or a full headscarf and veil known as the niqab.

Moderate followers of Islam said yesterday that enforcement of the veil was a “dangerous precedent” and that children attending such schools were being “brainwashed”.

The Sunday Telegraph has established that three UK institutions have introduced a compulsory veil policy when girls are walking to or from school.

Christianity Thomas on 05 Oct 2010

Are Christians killing gay kids? Yes, absolutely.

Much has been made recently of the abuse gay teens are receiving from their peers in school, to the point where gay teens are commuting suicide, or the abuse leads to death. Why is this happening? Because of the Christian hatred for homosexuality derived from the Bible.

Are Christian attitudes causing these deaths? Yes, Absolutely:

Are Christians actively working to destroy the lives of people because of their sexuality? Yes, Absolutely:

American Family Association

Gay Sex is Terrorism!

Value Voter Recap: We’re All Tea Partiers Now (Including God)

Not surprisingly, all the talk about individual liberty being at the core of our national identity did not extend to the freedom of gay and lesbian Americans to pursue happiness by marrying the person they love. Several speakers exhorted attendees to help mobilize conservative voters in Iowa to turn out for upcoming retention elections and vote against Iowa Supreme Court justices who ruled that denying gay couples the freedom to marriage violated the state’s constitution. The American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer, who insisted that there is no confusion about what is right in the sight of God and what is evil in the sight of God, said that politicians who support, defend, and promote “counterfeits” to marriage (which include not only marriage equality but also civil unions and domestic partnerships) are doing something evil and deserve condemnation.

This behavior is obvious insanity. Christian hatred is the direct cause of these deaths.

Are you a casual Christian who is beginning to understand that the Christian faith breeds insanity? Would you like to break free of this insanity? Here are two sites that can help you:

Why won’t God heal amputees?

God is imaginary

Christianity &Islam &Judaism &Rationals Thomas on 02 Oct 2010

The reason why atheists and all other rational people care about religion

The article starts with a simple question: “If someone wants to believe in something completely ridiculous such as religion, why should atheists care?”

Atheism 101: Why do atheists care about religion?

The answer is simple:

As a point of fact, religions are dangerous. People use religion to justify the most absurdly cruel acts and attitudes. Few will argue that religion was the principle motivator for the 911 attacks.

And 9/11 is just the tip of the iceberg.

If people just believed ridiculous mythologies and didn’t act on those beliefs, atheists wouldn’t have a problem and probably wouldn’t spend any amount of time refuting the ridiculous ideas of religion. If I run into a crazy person telling me that Elvis is still alive or that Martians inserted an anal probe in his or her butt, I don’t sit down with the person and go over the logical problems with his or her beliefs. But then again, these people aren’t out there making laws based on their beliefs either. Nor is there a significant voter block trying to push politicians for more Elvis based laws. These Elvis believers aren’t stealing tax payer money in the form of tax-exempt statuses or trying to define marriage as having to be preformed by Elvis impersonators.

Religion produces vile behavior. Then the religious want their behaviors turned into laws that affect everyone.

Christianity Thomas on 01 Oct 2010

An interesting way to fight Westboro Baptist Church

Are you sane? Do you disapprove of the actions of Westboro Baptist Church? This is a proposal for fighting back:

I hope this may help some of you since I see it asked so often: How EVERYONE can retaliate against the Westboro Baptist Church from the comfort of your home