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Christianity &Islam &Judaism &Rationals &Science Thomas on 02 Jun 2010

The ultimate answer to the “science doesn’t know everything” line

The ultimate answer to the “science doesn’t know everything” line:

Deserves to be played twice.

This little video from Feynman is relevant:

Christianity &Islam Thomas on 01 Jun 2010

How to deny reality – something Christians and Muslims do constantly

A great article:

Living in denial: Why sensible people reject the truth

HEARD the latest? The swine flu pandemic was a hoax: scientists, governments and the World Health Organization cooked it up in a vast conspiracy so that vaccine companies could make money.

Never mind that the flu fulfilled every scientific condition for a pandemic, that thousands died, or that declaring a pandemic didn’t provide huge scope for profiteering. A group of obscure European politicians concocted this conspiracy theory, and it is now doing the rounds even in educated circles.

This depressing tale is the latest incarnation of denialism, the systematic rejection of a body of science in favour of make-believe. There’s a lot of it about, attacking evolution, global warming, tobacco research, HIV, vaccines – and now, it seems, flu. But why does it happen? What motivates people to retreat from the real world into denial?

For more information on religious delusion watch this video:

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