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Christianity &Islam Thomas on 03 Mar 2010

Yet another way that religion causes war and destruction

This article shows yet another way that religion causes war and destruction. Religion does this by turning something completely natural into something evil:

Sex Against War – We’d all be safer if guys like Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab got laid occasionally

Any criminologist will confirm that the great bulk of crime in America is committed by unmarried young men. The best way to turn a criminal away from crime is for him to get hitched to a woman and become a father (though there’s surely a strong cause/effect conflation in that one).

The underwear bomber appears to have been just another lonely, horny, frustrated young man feeling bitter and disconnected — the perfect victim for an ideology that promises to make him a hero with all the admiring female attention he could want. If young men are designed by evolution to be obsessed with sex, like dogs in heat, you’ve got to wonder what kinds of destructive energies are created and compounded by ideologies telling them these feelings are shameful — feelings common to both Islamic and Christian fundamentalism.

The article goes on:

“deprivation of body pleasure throughout life—but particularly during the formative periods of infancy, childhood, and adolescence—is very closely related to the amount of warfare and interpersonal violence.” Cultures that don’t interfere in the physical bonding between mother and child or prohibit the expression of adolescent sexuality show far lower levels of violence—both between individuals and between societies.

Why does religion feel the need to demonize sex?

Christianity &Islam &Rationals Thomas on 02 Mar 2010

Religion is in its death throes

AC Grayling – Religion in its ‘death throes’:

This thread from the forum is also relevant:

Catholics come home. A sign of desperation?

I saw a slick, polished commercial on TV yesterday, essentially calling for all Catholics who have left the church to come back and re-discover their “home”.

Christianity Thomas on 01 Mar 2010

Christians – understand that your religion is all made up

This video shows a priest talking about Hell, and rejecting it:

Of course he can reject it – it’s a made up place.

What is funny is the fact that he understands that Hell is make believe, but doesn’t take it the obvious step further. If he did, he would understand that all of religion is make believe. God is imaginary.

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