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Christianity &Islam Thomas on 11 Jan 2010

So very true, but why? Why don’t Christians love their neighbors?

Click here to see an painfully true T-shirt:

Love Thy Neighbor T-shirt

In giant letters it says, “LOVE THY NEIGHBOR”. But when you zoom in to read between the lines, it lists all the exclusions:

LOVE THY NEIGHBOR unless he/she is gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, liberal, muslim, new age, atheist, buddhist, hindu, jewish, mormon, wiccan, too fat, too thin, homeless, an alcoholic, a drug addict, a rapper

an unwed mother, a pregnant teen, has sex before marriage… has blue hair, a mohawk, body piercings, black nail polish, different beliefs…

As a general rule, fundamentalist and evangelical Christians can be incredibly intolerant and unloving of anyone who does not believe what they believe, in defiance to what Christ teaches (e.g. love your enemy).

How do Christians live with the hypocracy? Why do they not actually listen to their teacher?

This video is relevant – “Why does every intelligent Christian disobey Jesus?”:

Christianity &Islam Thomas on 11 Jan 2010

An interview with Nicholas Wade, author of The Faith Instinct

An interview with Nicholas Wade, author of The Faith Instinct. You can play it in the background while you do other things:

Science Saturday: Religiosity’s Phylogeny (Razib Khan & Nicholas Wade)

Table of Contents:

Science Saturday: Religiosity’s Phylogeny
Is religion like language? (07:08)
Nicholas defends his view of religion as an adaptation (10:28)
Communal dancing, primitive gods (11:39)
The creation of Christianity (09:27)
A surprising hypothesis about the birth of Islam (07:24)
Faith and the future (05:02)

Christianity Thomas on 10 Jan 2010

438 AD – The Christians destroy the nude scultures on the Parthenon

This video illustrates the history of the Parthenon. The video has been set to start at the point, in 438 AD, where Christians destroy all of the nude statues on the Parthenon. You can rewind to the beginning if you would like to see the whole history:

Christianity Thomas on 08 Jan 2010

Why do Christians believe in God?

You can learn something about why Christians believe in God in this post:

Christians: why do you believe?

The question:

How do you reconcile the Bible as the word of god with the various inconsistencies, such as the punishments prescribed for sinners and the creation story conflicting with science, given the fact that certain doctrines, such as original sin require that the Bible be read as literal, not as metaphorical.

How do you get around the problem of the logical inconsistencies inherent in attributing god the traits that he is cited as having in the Bible, e.g omnipotence (the classic paradox of can something be so powerful that it can create a rock it can’t lift) or Epicurus’ problem of evil.

So…anyone care to help me out here and explain this to me? I just genuinely don’t understand.

The answers are interesting.

Christianity &Islam &Rationals Thomas on 08 Jan 2010

The Reddit interview with Christopher Hitchens

There is a table of contents to the questions in this post:

Here are all the questions with direct links to each response.

Christianity Thomas on 08 Jan 2010

What happens when you believe the Bible

A school hands out permission forms to 6th and 7th graders for a field trip. The Field trip is scheduled to visit the “Rocks and Mineral Festival” at a local Fossil Discovery Center. Here is the response from a Christian parent, written on the form:


Note: Just to let you know it is not that we don’t believe in things like that, it is just misleading when you speak about it being billions of years old, when we all know that the world is only about 6,000 years old. So why would I pay so that you can misslead my children, your world is just a revolving, our’s has a start and an end. God created the world. He created animals and man all in the same week. It was also Adam who named all the animals, they will do the essay ‘Rock and Minerals’ but it will not be 5 pages long, and about billions of years, it’ll be according to the Bible.

Why isn’t this child abuse, teaching your children such nonsense?

Why do some Christians believe exactly the same thing, but other Christians reject it, and they are both considered Christians?

Christianity Thomas on 07 Jan 2010

The insanity of Christianity leads to death

A pathetic story brought to you by Christian evangelicals and their disgusting prejudices:

Americans’ Role Seen in Uganda Anti-Gay Push

Last March, three American evangelical Christians, whose teachings about “curing” homosexuals have been widely discredited in the United States, arrived here in Uganda’s capital to give a series of talks.

The theme of the event, according to Stephen Langa, its Ugandan organizer, was “the gay agenda — that whole hidden and dark agenda” — and the threat homosexuals posed to Bible-based values and the traditional African family.

For three days, according to participants and audio recordings, thousands of Ugandans, including police officers, teachers and national politicians, listened raptly to the Americans, who were presented as experts on homosexuality. The visitors discussed how to make gay people straight, how gay men often sodomized teenage boys and how “the gay movement is an evil institution” whose goal is “to defeat the marriage-based society and replace it with a culture of sexual promiscuity.”

Now the three Americans are finding themselves on the defensive, saying they had no intention of helping stoke the kind of anger that could lead to what came next: a bill to impose a death sentence for homosexual behavior.

Christianity Thomas on 07 Jan 2010

The insanity of Christianity leads to death, part 2

Born-again Baldwin Gets ‘Fanatical’ On Reality Show

Stephen Baldwin takes his faith so seriously, he’d watch his own daughter die in the name of religion.

Why would a parent teach such nonsense to a child?

Christianity Thomas on 06 Jan 2010

The forgiveness offered by Jesus Christ – Tiger Woods edition

Brit Hume and Bill O’Reilly talk about Christian forgiveness:

True or false?

Christianity &Islam &Rationals Thomas on 06 Jan 2010

An excited newbie atheist son writes to his theist father.

This is a great thread in the forum:

Excited Newbie attempts to share the wealth with his dad! Wow!

Dad goes into attack mode, then son responds. It is worth reading.

Christianity &Islam &Rationals Thomas on 06 Jan 2010

Comparing two completely different world views – theism vs. atheism

For this comparison, here is the starting point (in the form of a comic):

An open letter to religious people; You are idiots and I hate you

Here are responses from two sides:

1) Atheist response


2) Theist response

One of the responses:

The comic writer (?) poses some arguments as if the answers were self-evident and proved religion wrong, when some of the worlds greatest minds have wrestled with them. Despite the variety of beliefs – Kierkegaard, Levinas, Zizek, Vatissimo, Derrida, Girard, Dostoevsky, whoever – plenty of others have engaged with these questions in great depth, and are worth reading, even if you disagree.

It seems to me that the author has a superficial understanding of philosophy and religion, and a bad temper. His generalisations of what “religion” is about does not fit most religions, and does not even fit with many of the various Christian groups.

Clearly the author is trying to be patronising, but his arguments are so simplistic I find it hard to take seriously.

Who is right?

Christianity Thomas on 05 Jan 2010

Is this really how Christians think?

Here is a video titled, “ATHEISTS: How To Make Their Heads Explode”. The question is, is this really how Christians think?

The fact is that we do not yet know how the universe was created. Scientists have not figured it out yet. Which is not surprising – 50 years ago no one knew what the structure of DNA was or how it functioned. Today we do. In a decade or three scientists will understand how the universe was created.

Creating an imaginary man in the sky does not explain how the universe was created. Just like creating an imaginary man in the sky – sun gods – did not explain how the sun rises every morning, or – rain gods – what causes the rain.

Even sillier is to then attach imaginary attributes to this imaginary man in the sky like, “Homosexuals are evil and should be killed” or “Women must wear head to toe burquas.”

The universe shows zero evidence for the existence of any god. This video can help Christians understand this fact of life:

Christianity Thomas on 04 Jan 2010

Erik Prince (CEO of Blackwater) described as a Christian Crusader

An interview about the defense contracting firm called Blackwater (now called Xe Services ):

Blackwater: Private Army In The News Again

TERRY GROSS: What do you think people mean when they describe Erik Prince, the head of Blackwater, as a Christian crusader? What has he done that might fit that description?

JEREMY SCAHILL: Well, the first time that that term officially came to the public light was in the form of these affidavits in terms of coming from people from within the company. And the description that they offer is that Erik Prince actually encouraged a climate where people were using – regularly using racist terms like Haji to describe Iraqis or other Muslims, and that there were operations where Blackwater men were encouraged to go night hunting in helicopters with night vision goggles and they were essentially shooting Iraqis for sport.

The Department of Justice has a filing in the criminal case against Blackwater where they say that some Blackwater operatives viewed the killing of Iraqis as – innocent Iraqis – as payback for 9/11. And you also have a culture at Blackwater where Erik Prince himself, my understanding is, has given speeches to people about the epic crusade that they’re on and has in fact used that term himself – the term crusade.

So it would be the combination of encouraging an environment where racist terms are being used to describe innocent Iraqis, where they’re night hunting, where they’re celebrating their kills, as they’re called, and just the general tone for the operations that’s set in Iraq and Afghanistan.

More on the Blackwater Christian Crusade:

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