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Christianity Thomas on 08 Oct 2009

Sean Hannity is a “devout Christian” who knows nothing about Christianity

A hilarious interchange between Michael Moore and Sean Hannity:

Hannity vs. Moore on ‘Capitalism: A Love Story’

Some hilarious quotes that demonstrate the idiocy of “American Christianity”:

MOORE: I’m a religious fanatic? Yes, I am, actually. I believe that when Jesus said that you’re to love your neighbor…

HANNITY: As yourself.

MOORE: … as yourself, you’re to love your enemy. Do you love your enemy?

HANNITY: I don’t hate you, by the way.

MOORE: Do you love your enemy, though?

HANNITY: Yes, I do.

MOORE: You do?


MOORE: So you love Al Qaeda, then.

HANNITY: No, I don’t love them. I love them in the sense that I want to destroy them.

MOORE: I don’t think that’s the love Jesus was talking about.


HANNITY: I want them to see — they want to go see Allah, I’m all in favor of giving them a first class ticket if — if they don’t respect human life and dignity.


HANNITY: Because I think you’re an unapologetic socialist, however you want to describe yourself. Fair?

MOORE: Christian.

HANNITY: I’m a Christian.

MOORE: Yeah, well…

HANNITY: But we have different views on the economic system.

MOORE: Well, no, but I believe in what Jesus said that…


MOORE: You — well, are you Catholic?

HANNITY: I’m Catholic.

MOORE: Really? Did you go to mass on Sunday?

HANNITY: Every Sunday. I went to…


MOORE: You went to mass this past Sunday?


MOORE: What was the sermon about? Do you remember the Gospel?

HANNITY: It was about Michael Moore and capitalism.

MOORE: No, no, come on. You didn’t go! You didn’t go!


HANNITY: I go every Sunday, I go every Sunday.

MOORE: Well, so, do you remember the Gospel this past Sunday?

HANNITY: I don’t remember the Gospel this past Sunday.

MOORE: It was just two days ago.

Since Moore is religious, he gets caught in his own trap as well:

HANNITY: So here’s my question. If you really believe this lecture you’re giving me on religion.


HANNITY: And you have all this money. And you have other rich, influential friends that perhaps agree with you.


HANNITY: And you don’t like capitalism.

MOORE: Mm-hmm.

HANNITY: When I saw those people in your movie being evicted, and it — I didn’t like it either, but we have a different view.


HANNITY: Why don’t you just take your money and donate? Why don’t you start an organization to help people in that situation?

If they are both “Christians”, why don’t they give up everything and follow Jesus? Like this:

Christianity &Islam &Judaism Thomas on 08 Oct 2009

The distribution of religions in the United States


One Nation, Under God

Christianity &Islam Thomas on 07 Oct 2009

How Americans treat people of different religions

An interesting study by ABC news: ” How Muslims Are Treated In USA”

Christianity Thomas on 06 Oct 2009

Possibly the best email received by WWGHA

Between this folder…

Mailbag – new

And this folder…

Mailbag – old

…WWGHA has received thousands of emails. And this single video has over 780,000 comments:

Out of all of those emails and comments, this one may be the best:

Answers [#1881]

It opens with this:

Based upon your questions filled with logical fallacies
and inadequate knowledge of biblical texts, as well as your lack of knowledge in the realm of scientific research, I must inform you that you are the most retarded, ignorant, good for nothing pieces of s**t that walk on the face of this planet.

And it only gets better.

Christianity Thomas on 05 Oct 2009

Catholics firmly believe in prayers of intercession – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

Catholics firmly believe that God reaches out of heaven to heal dying people. So much so that they formally investigate healings when they happen. Case in point:

Catholic Church investigates inexplicable healing of dying man

He appeared to be within hours of dying.

But what happened next is going to lead to a formal investigation by the Catholic Church to determine if the spiritual intervention of an Irish-French monk, Columba Marmion who died in 1923, was responsible for a medical miracle.

Because Andersen didn’t die. He made a recovery that at first sight seems to defy medicine and logic.

The canonical investigation of Andersen’s healing could lead to the canonization of the monk as a saint.

On June 30 last year, Andersen suddenly developed a high fever and complained of a pain in his leg. The next day, the pain became unbearable.

“I remember them putting me in the ambulance, but after that I lost consciousness for two weeks,” Andersen said, describing it as an awful darkness.

So, Catholics, why won’t God heal amputees?

Christianity &Politics Thomas on 02 Oct 2009

Science finds a fossil. Ray Comfort (representing Christianity in general) refutes it.

News of the fossil find:

Oldest “Human” Skeleton Refutes “Missing Link”

Scientists today announced the discovery of the oldest fossil skeleton of a human ancestor. The find reveals that our forebears underwent a previously unknown stage of evolution more than a million years before Lucy, the iconic early human ancestor specimen that walked the Earth 3.2 million years ago.

Ray Comfort’s rebuttal:

Hot evolution news!

How does Ray know that this fossil is false?

They say Ardi is 4.4 million years old and you believe them. I don’t have that sort of faith. I need hard evidence, and I have it in Christianity. I know where we came from (on the highest Authority), I know why we are here and I know where I am going after death.

No one needs to misrepresent the findings of these learned Berkeley folks. No one needs to because they don’t have any empirical evidence.

What causes Ray Comfort (representing Christianity in general) to disbelieve the “4.4 million years old” estimate? He says, “because they don’t have any empirical evidence.” Has he looked at the evidence?

How does Ray Comfort (representing Christianity in general) decide when to keep and when to discard scientific evidence? Does he believe that the bones do exist but are dated incorrectly? If so, why does he believe the bones exist? What evidence would he accept related to dating? Or does he believe that the earth is as old as the Bible says, making 4.4 million years in age an impossibility?

What other parts of science does Ray Comfort (representing Christianity in general) reject whole cloth? Why? Why does Ray Comfort (representing Christianity in general) accept other parts of science (for example, the parts that produce microwave ovens and Internet connections and automobiles) without question?

Why can’t Ray Comfort (representing Christianity in general) see that all of science interconnects? So the part that produces microwave ovens also detects microwave background radiation and therefore, with other interconnecting branches of science, establishes things like the age of the universe and the age of bones?

Christianity Thomas on 01 Oct 2009

According to Glenn Beck, atheists are to blame for all of America’s problems

According to Glenn Beck, atheists are to blame for all of America’s problems:

Islam Thomas on 01 Oct 2009

Islam is repulsive in its desire to kill people

Example 1:

Death penalty for women who fake virginity

Example 2:

Indonesia’s New Stoning Law Raises Concern for Christians

Example 3:

Pakistani Public Opinion – Growing Concerns about Extremism

The new poll finds broad support for harsh punishments: 78% favor death for those who leave Islam; 80% favor whippings and cutting off hands for crimes like theft and robbery; and 83% favor stoning adulterers.

Christianity &Islam Thomas on 01 Oct 2009

God won’t heal this amputee, or help her get a job…

Double-amputee is unable to get job, health insurance – Woman forced to use emergency rooms for costly treatment

As if being a double-amputee wasn’t enough of a challenge, Moore, 21, has battled a host of other birth defects, including an upside-down kidney and a blocked urethra, the tube to her bladder, making her susceptible to kidney infections.

What’s making her struggle even tougher, though, is the fact she can’t find a job.

Which means she can’t get health care insurance. Which means she doesn’t have a primary care physician.

So when Moore gets sick — which is often — her only recourse is to spend hours waiting in hospital emergency rooms for a doctor to see her.

Amazing irony at the end of the article:

“I always have to look at it like tomorrow will bring something else. God has always taken care of me,” she said. “I know that this is not going to be like it is forever.”

Note to Ms. Moore: God is imaginary

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