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Christianity &Islam Thomas on 10 Aug 2009

Can living things come from non-living matter?

A Christian poses this question in the forum:

So, I woke up the other morning with the thought that living things don’t come from non-living things. This has been standard science since Louis Pasteur convinced us back in the 19th century. I believe this. Spontaneous generation is not science. Living things coming from non-living things has never been observed and has never been reproduced in any of the great laboratories of the world. And believe me there are plenty of scientists working on it. However, the atheist and the evolutionist want me to believe that the source of life is non-living matter. But I say again, that belief is not scientific. Science is observable. Science is reproducible. A living thing coming forth from non-living matter has never been observed nor reproduced. And somehow some of the same people who believe that living things came from non-living matter think I am delusional for believing in God. The thing about blind spots is that you don’t see ’em.

See this thread for a discussion:

God vs. Spontaneous Generation

Christianity &Islam Thomas on 10 Aug 2009

Coming out as an Atheist

Out, atheist and American

In much of the American South and Midwest church membership and religious faith are assumed. (In my hometown of San Francisco, as in Manhattan, faith is more apt to evoke surprise.) People have often never met an admitted atheist. “Literally people think that we do have horns, or that we’re mean, or that we do not have kids,” said a Kansan. Even in a city like Atlanta, some people feel religious pressure. Ed Buckner, president of American Atheists, said the Atlanta Freethought Association has members who “never saw any need [to gather with others] until they came to Atlanta – and people behind you in line in the grocery store say ‘Do you know Jesus?’ And your boss asks what church you attend.”

Christianity Thomas on 10 Aug 2009

The stupidity of creationism

Fascinating development: Creationists trolls are created by college classes that REQUIRE them to post nonsense on forums:

So that’s where some of our trolls come from…

Here’s the solution to this problem – knowledge:

An Index to Creationist Claims

Christianity Thomas on 09 Aug 2009

A thread on TED from the forum

See what happens when you reason about Christianity with honesty?

It is discussing this TED talk:

Christianity &Islam Thomas on 08 Aug 2009

Should we believe in belief?

We must not preserve the myth of God – it was a useful crutch, but we’ve outgrown it

I am confident that those who believe in belief are wrong. That is, we no more need to preserve the myth of God in order to preserve a just and stable society than we needed to cling to the Gold Standard to keep our currency sound. It was a useful crutch, but we’ve outgrown it. Denmark, according to a recent study, is the sanest, healthiest, happiest, most crime-free nation in the world, and by and large the Danes simply ignore the God issue. We should certainly hope that those who believe in belief are wrong, because belief is waning fast, and the props are beginning to buckle.

Christianity Thomas on 07 Aug 2009

Richard Dawkins interviews Wendy Wright (Creationist)

Christianity Thomas on 05 Aug 2009

God’s love

What Christians believe:

God’s Love from exile444 on Vimeo.

Christianity Thomas on 04 Aug 2009

How newspapers pander to Christians

This article appeared on the front page of a major metropolitan newspaper yesterday (The Raleigh News and Observer). The front page:

Bible school explains God’s bounty in nature

Typical quote:

The children learned the story of creation and how God gave Adam a garden to tend and keep. So, on the first day of Bible school, each child got a flowerpot to take home to care for.

The newspaper fails to mention that God is imaginary and so is Adam and Eden. It is an amazing example of pandering.

Christianity Thomas on 03 Aug 2009

Why do Christians think they are the only ones going to Heaven?

What Christians believe:

Why do Christians think they are the only ones going to Heaven?

With all the religions in the world, Christianity has one thing that none of the other religious systems can claim, Christians have a risen Savior and he has all power to save any who would come to him in faith!

Lee Strobel explains:

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