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Christianity &Judaism &Rationals Johnson on 26 May 2009

Bigotry against atheists is normal

Imagine if someone on a national TV show slandered blacks or Jews or women like this:

Yet if he slanders atheists, no problem. The host laughs.

Christianity Johnson on 25 May 2009

VenomFangX waits for God to open a door as he moves on to bigger and better things

VenomFangX is best known at WWGHA for his rebuttal to the Ten Questions Video. He announced this weekend that he is leaving YouTube because of death threats that, apparently, his God cannot protect him against:

Shawn is giving his channel to a new personality who, apparently, is better able to handle death threats. This is the first video the new channel owner:

Christianity Johnson on 14 May 2009

Is Christianity good for the world?

Is Christianity good for the world? Christopher Hitchens and
Pastor Douglas Wilson:

COLLISION – 13 min VIMEO Exclusive Sneak Peek from Collision Movie on Vimeo.

Christianity Johnson on 07 May 2009

Religion explains nothing

Here is a fascinating little video that demonstrates just how little religion explains about the origin of the universe. Neither God nor Allah nor Ra nor any other god created our universe:

Here is where our universe did come from: Where did our universe come from?

Christianity &Islam &Rationals &Science Johnson on 05 May 2009

Reconfirmed again – Praying for sick people has no effect

Every rational person knows that “praying” to help a sick person is meaningless superstition, no different than offering the sick person a lucky horseshoe. But now scientists have confirmed it yet again:

It’s official: praying for sick people doesn’t help

Every few years, a group based at Hertford College at Oxford puts together a statistical analysis of all the studies conducted to date that have looked at whether praying for sick people helps them get better (or at least stay alive).

The latest has just been published, and it contains something pretty radically new in their conclusions: the evidence is now so clear cut that they think that no more studies should be done. The book is shut. Praying for sick people simply doesn’t work.

Also interesting is the fact that a study that had previously shown a positive effect of prayer on in-vitro fertilization success rates has now been exposed as a fraudulent study:

The Columbia University ‘Miracle’ Story

PRAYER HAS NO EFFECT. If you are religious, you need to accept reality. Talking to an imaginary being in the sky makes you look like an idiot. This page will help:

Proof #2 – Statistically analyze prayer

Christianity Johnson on 04 May 2009

The danger of religion – How Christians brainwash children

From the description: “Two Creationists take home-schooled kids on a tour of a natural history museum filling their minds with Young Earth Creationist Bullshit.”

Islam Johnson on 01 May 2009

The insanity of Islam

This NatGeo documentary is called “Inside Mecca”. It is about 45 minutes long, and in that time it exposes many of the insanities of the Islamic faith. Here is part one:

At 1:20 – Mecca is a city where only Muslims are allowed. So we have an entire city based on religious discrimination.

Around 2:00 – All Muslims face the Kaaba when praying. The Kaaba lies in the center of Mecca. “Beneath its cover, the Kaaba is a simple stone building that stands fifty feet high. Inside its golden doors is an unadorned room. According to one Muslim tradition, the Kaaba was built by Adam, based on a cosmic plan handed down by God, and then rebuilt by Abraham after the great flood. On its southeast corner, framed in silver, rests something called the Black Stone. Some believe that it fell from the heavens and was one of the building stones used by Abraham. Many pilgrims try to touch or kiss the stone.”

“Adam” is imaginary, as is God and the “flood”, so this is all ridiculous.

It gets stranger and stranger as it goes along. Here is Part 2 and one excerpt:

At 5:30 – “The next day, the pilgrims continue to the Plain of Arafat. This is the most important day of the Hajj, a day of reckoning, one on one, with God. Then they return to Mina to perform a ritual stoning of Satan that continues for two more days…”

Since God is imaginary, and so is Satan, reckoning one-on-one with “God” and stoning “Satan” are both ridiculous…

How do millions of people become this deluded?