This video clip is only 50 seconds long (starting at 6:08), yet it clearly reveals in two points the utter delusion of Christianity:


SS: “Because I know that in believing in God, you have to suspend a lot of logic in believing in God. But when you did this movie, you talked to a lot of people about God. Have you ever just talked to God and asked God what does he think?”

[Audience applause]

SS: “Because when you think about it, God will talk to you Bill. It will be deep.”

BM: “But the question is, did he answer you?”

SS: “He answered me. He absolutely answered me.”

BM: “Then we should call Bellevue.”

SS: “No, we don’t need to call Bellevue.”

BM: “That’s just a voice in your…”

SS: “No, it’s not just a voice.”

The first point of delusion is this: “you have to suspend a lot of logic in believing in God.” Any rational person looks at that statement and says, “that is not faith, that is delusion.” If God were real, you would not have to suspend logic. If God were real, evidence and logic would tell you that God is real. The only time you have to “suspend logic” is when you are trying to force yourself to believe in something that is false, ridiculous or imaginary.

The second point of delusion, and Maher makes this obvious with his Bellevue reference, is the part about “asking God.” The idea that you can “talk to God” and that “God will answer you” is pure, concentrated delusion. How do we know that it is delusion? Here are the two simplest indicators:

1) There is no consistency amongst people who claim to hear God’s voice. Some hear God tell them start planting bombs, others hear God tell them to light themselves on fire, and some hear God tell them to kill their own children. Whenever a person hears voices in his/her head, that is an unmitigated sign of insanity, not the “voice of God”.

2) People who hear “God’s voice” never know any more than anyone else. If an all-powerful, all-knowing creator of the universe were speaking to you, you would be able to say things that are achingly wise and omniscient. That never happens. The people “closest” to God have no more wisdom or knowledge than those “farthest” from God. In most cases, the people “farthest” from God are the wisest and most intelligent amongst us.

It is time for us to follow Maher’s example and start to explicitly call these people out. If you claim to hear “God’s voice”, you belong in Bellevue.