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Christianity Johnson on 11 Jul 2008

More on Todd Bentley

If you watched the ABC Frontline story on Todd Bentley (see previous post), it came out that there was not a single documented healing that took place. And of course, no amputees were healed. Look at the people in the audience of these videos and ask, “why are they there?”

Christianity Johnson on 09 Jul 2008

Can Todd Bentley heal amputees?

Here is the latest Christian healer:

Thousands Flock to Revival in Search of Miracles

From the article:

[Bill] Wise flew from Seattle with his daughter, Caelyn, in hopes that [Todd] Bentley would be able to help his child where modern medicine has failed.

Like so many here, Wise believes Bentley has a special connection with God.

“He is very close with the Lord,” Wise said. “He has actively and passionately pursued God. My daughter needs a miracle.”

Tens of thousands of others like Wise are making a pilgrimage to this small city in central Florida in hopes of finding a miracle…

Can Todd Bentley heal amputees? Certainly not. Can he heal anyone? Ditto.

The larger question: How do we teach people to understand this, and to abandon superstition?

Rationals Johnson on 09 Jul 2008

Where we came from

This Carl Sagan evolution animation explains where we came from:

Christianity Johnson on 09 Jul 2008

Why religion is evil

Women ‘vow to raise kids for holy war’

From the article:

HUNDREDS of Islamist women gathered at the radical Red Mosque in Pakistani capital today and vowed to raise their children for holy war, days after a suicide bomber killed 18 people after a similar rally…

Christianity Johnson on 08 Jul 2008

Debate between writer Christopher Hitchens and Oxford University professor Alister McGrath on the role of religious belief in the modern world

The full debate:

Poison or Cure? Religious Belief in the Modern World

Christianity &Islam Johnson on 08 Jul 2008

Muslim prayer rooms

Suddenly, prayer rooms are “essential” at work

“This sudden push for prayer rooms has been created by Islamic activists and taken up opportunistically by Christians. It won’t be long now before prayer rooms are mandatory and employers become further beholden to the never-ending demands of religionists.”

Christianity &Science Johnson on 07 Jul 2008

Science education in Louisiana

Louisiana is set to eliminate evolution from its science classrooms, as described in these two articles:

Cutting-edge, ’supplemental science’ comes to Louisiana

Science education endangered in Louisiana

Here’s a quick debate from “Anderson Cooper 360” on the subject:

Anderson asks: “The battle over what children should be taught in school has been raging for nearly a century now. The question is, Is there room for compromise? Joining us now to talk about it is Robert Boston of Americans United for Separation of Church and State and Sharmane Yost of the Family Research Council. Robert, let me start with you. Polls show that nearly half of the American public believes that people didn’t evolved from lower life forms, but were created in our present form by God. If so many people think that, shouldn’t we at leas be discussing it in a science class?”

Robert Boston: “I think we really need to look at not what polls show, but what the scientific evidence shows. We wouldn’t want to teach something in the classroom that is factually incorrect simply because some people believe that it is so. We really have to look at the science…”

Christianity &Rationals Johnson on 07 Jul 2008

Thoughts on “In God We Trust”

The basic arguments against “In God We Trust” on the currency:

“In God We Trust” must go

For example: “How do you suppose American Christians would feel about using currency on which “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is the greatest) was printed?”

Christianity Johnson on 06 Jul 2008

McCain unites with the religious right

Here is the article from Time:

Christian Conservatives Uniting Behind McCain

From the article

At a meeting Tuesday in Denver, about 100 conservative Christian leaders from around the country agreed to unite behind the candidacy of John McCain, a politician they have long distrusted, marking the latest in a string of movements that bode well for McCain’s general election prospects among the Republican base.

“Collectively we feel that he will support and advance those moral values that we hold much greater than Obama, who in our view will decimate moral values,” said Mat Staver, the chairman of Liberty Counsel, a legal advocacy group, who previously supported Mike Huckabee’s candidacy.

Here is commentary on the article, pointing out that this is the Radical Religious Right that is supporting McCain:

McCain’s Outreach to the Radical Religious Right

From the article:

None of these religious extremists is a household name, and it’s unlikely we’ll hear anything about how radical these McCain supporters are. I’d like to know if McCain agrees that (a) encouraging kids to read Harry Potter promotes witchcraft; (b) public schools ought to lead daily prayers and teach creationism; (c) God wants followers who work to defeat Obama. McCain has some radical new friends with an extremist (far from “conservative”) agenda for America. Will the media tell us what these McCain supporters believe, and why they want to elect McCain?

Christianity Johnson on 06 Jul 2008

Carl Sagan on God and Gods

Christianity Johnson on 06 Jul 2008

More on Muslims and dogs

Sniffer dogs to wear ‘Muslim’ bootees

“Police sniffer dogs will have to wear bootees when searching the homes of Muslims so as not to cause offence…”

Christianity Johnson on 06 Jul 2008

Scientology’s Crushing Defeat

An interesting behind-the-scenes look at Scientology:

Scientology’s Crushing Defeat

From the article:

When a judge decided during pretrial motions that documents describing confidential Scientology beliefs should be put in a file open to the public, 1,500 Scientologists swamped the court clerk’s office to keep anyone else from requesting them. The next day, the judge resealed those records. But an L.A. Times reporter managed to get past the crush of Scientologists and copy the file. Newspapers around the country had a field day with what the Times reported: the documents showed that high-level Scientologists are taught that each human contains the souls of alien creatures banished to Earth 75 million years ago by a galactic overlord named Xenu.

Scientology’s process of “dianetics,” developed by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard over a period beginning in the late 1940s, was supposed to rid the body of those alien creatures. But Lawrence Wollersheim, who had defected from Scientology after serving 11 years and making about $50,000 in payments, claimed that the organization’s pricey rituals instead had made him insane and drove him to the brink of suicide. He filed suit in 1980, and six years later his trial was a sensation. Still the most expensive civil trial in L.A. court history, [This was true even in 2002, post-Simpson—T.O.] it made headlines almost daily in the spring and summer of 1986 as Scientologists jammed the courtroom and protested outside of it, complaining that their religious freedoms were being trampled on. For many in the public, reports of the trial gave them their first detailed description of Scientology, which today counts such celebrities as John Travolta and Tom Cruise among its members. Travolta himself made a visit to the trial that May which was widely reported.

Christianity Johnson on 06 Jul 2008

Bush edits out Jefferson’s religious views


Bush Edits Out Jefferson’s Religious Views

See also:

Jefferson Bible reveals Founding Father’s view of God, faith

Christianity Johnson on 06 Jul 2008

Why religion is evil

Saudi man, woman face flogging for research work

Christianity Johnson on 03 Jul 2008

Gasoline prayers

Further proof that prayer doesn’t work: It’s called The Pray at the Pump Movement:

Group Asks for Divine Intervention to Ease Oil Prices

This is the admission that prayer does not work:

Twyman, who prompted the first national campaign aimed at getting African Americans to become organ donors, has moved on to more active participation to lower gas prices than eliciting the help of God through prayer.

“I think we have just entered a new phase. We were in the prayerful phase, but now we’re going into a more activist phase, because we feel that whole faith without works is dead,” Twyman told reporters.

You need “works” with “faith” because “faith doesn’t work”.

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