The blog took a bit of a summer vacation, but we’ll try and get things going strong again.

We’ll start off with this new article by Sam Harris, where he weighs in on the various absurd rituals and sacrifices abound in the world’s religions, both past and present.  Of course Jesus’ sacrifice and the partaking of communion are not spared in the article.  Communion is discussed in chapter 21 of this book, and after you take a moment to read both these articles, I want every Christian to understand one thing very clearly.  When you partake in communion, you are participating in ritualistic human cannibalism (the ‘ritualistic’ part of that statement can even be disputed when you read Sam’s response).  There’s just no sugar-coating this.  Oh sure, your priest, pastor or reverend will offer all kinds of ‘nicer’ explanations as to why you must eat Jesus’ body and drink his blood, but the simple fact remains that this is cannibalism by it’s very definition.  And when you explore further into the history of cannibalism in religions, you’ll begin to realize that Christianity should not get a free pass on this disgusting concept just because it’s popular.  The idea that you must eat your Savior and drink his blood for salvation is simply grotesque, ridiculous, barbaric and has no place in the modern civilized world.