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Christianity &Rationals emodude on 05 May 2007

Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron to ‘prove’ God’s existence live on ABC website May 9th

Is God real?  The Nightline Face Off

This should be fascinating folks. Live on the ABC news now website on May 9th at 2pm ET will be a debate between Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron (of Growing Pains) and the Rational Response Squad. Ray and Kirk make the claim that they can provide proof that the Christian God is real. If you’ve never seen Ray and Kirk in action, check out this YouTube video of ‘The Atheists Nightmare’, and this should give you an idea of the type of mentality we’re dealing with (consequently, see this hilarious rebuttal video). The debate will be televised that evening on Nightline at 11:30 pm ET. Whatever your belief, everyone should enjoy this; certainly more than a re-run of Growing Pains.

Christianity &Rationals emodude on 01 May 2007

Atheists Unite to give blood on National Day of Prayer

AtheistVolunteers.org, in coordination with several Atheist sponsors such as the Rational Response Squad, are encouraging Atheists to go out and give blood on May 3rd, the National Day of Prayer. After you donate, record your donation at AtheistVolunteers.org, and they are keeping track of the number of blood donors vs the number of confirmed prayers answered on National Prayer day. I don’t think the final tallies will be of any big surprise to anyone, but hopefully this can help demonstrate to Christians that prayer is completely ineffective, and if you really want to help out your fellow man, talking to yourself on your knees is not the way to accomplish this. Instead of a National Day of Prayer, we should have a National Day of Blood Donation.

Go to www.givelife.org to find out more about blood donation and to find a donation center near you.