Sam’s on a roll lately. This time, it’s this article in Newsweek featuring a debate between himself and Pastor Rick Warren, author of the book ‘A Purpose-Driven Life’ (See Chapter 8 for some comments on this book). One fascinating item to note on page 3, in response to Rick Warren’s claim that ‘One of the great evidences of God is answered prayer’, Sam uses the amputee example again (he used this example and gave this site a mention in ‘Letter to a Christian Nation’) as a type of prayer that never gets answered. Rick, not surprisingly, provides no explanation for this.

And neither has any other Christian. Yes, many have provided excuses, but no one has provided a valid, Scripture-based explanation, because there isn’t one. There are far more verses where Jesus explains the power of prayer than any verses that discuss its limitations (if there are any). Think you have a valid explanation? Visit the forum and share it with us.

In the meantime, read through the debate and let us know your thoughts, including who you think emerged victorious.