Here’s another fantastic article by Sam Harris in the LATimes

God’s dupes

Sam weighs in on the recent announcement from the American Humanist Association regarding Representative Pete Stark (D-CA) ‘coming out’ as the first openly nontheistic member of Congress.

Representative Stark deserves a round of applause from atheists countrywide. Such a move is tantamount to career suicide, yet he has the bravery to come forward and will go down in history for it, deservedly.

I’m quite sure that nobody on that bus with Rosa Parks back in December of 1955 thought she was going to make one bit of difference to race relations in this country; yet we all know how that turned out. While I’m quite aware that the plight of atheists isn’t quite so dramatic as those of African-Americans in the mid 1900’s, the fact remains that it only takes one brave person to stand up against tyranny to spark a revolution. I am hoping, as I believe many other are, that this move can begin a new era in this country in which the choke hold that the religious organizations have on our politics and politicians begins to loosen, and eventually disappears.